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KYLIE JENNER INSPIRED MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Natural Smokey Eye + Classic Kylie Lip | Roxette Arisa

KYLIE JENNER INSPIRED MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Natural Smokey Eye + Classic Kylie Lip | Roxette Arisa

hi guys I’m Roxette Arisa and today I’m going to be recreating this kylie jenner inspired makeup look I did do a kendall Jenner inspired makeup look a couple months back and so many people loved it so I thought it was time to do her sister this is the specific look of that I’m going for twins oh she posing like this this look was requested on Twitter actually by gigi hadid in GG didn’t I like that at Space Gray si bon I really love this look especially on Kylie because it’s so soft and neutral especially the I look very soft very natural looking and it would pair really nicely with tons of different lip shade but i do love this specific lip shade that she has on I didn’t have something exactly like the color that she’s wearing so I had to kind of mix and match things to create this one but i honestly think it turned out pretty darn close if you want to learn how to create this color gender inspired makeup tutorial then just keep watching but before we hop into the video make sure to subscribe to my channel so that you always see my videos I do upload twice a week every single week sometimes a little extra like this video i usually upload wednesdays and sundays this is a fun which is crazy but happy friday let’s get ready for the weekend and hop into this kylie jenner makeup tutorial to start off the look we’re going to be priming the face and as you can tell i am breaking out a lot it’s that time of month not fun for my skin so I’m gonna go in with the ua anti-blemish Matt primer this actually have acne treatment in it so I feel good about putting on my skin right now plus it has a matte finish and that’s kind of what Kylie’s skin that looks like in the picture her skin looks very matte so we’re going to apply this all over the face now I like to do my eyebrows first but I have this annoying little pimple right at the start of my eyebrow and in the picture Kylie’s browse our super ingredient so we’re going to conceal that first before we do our brows so I don’t have like a stupid red mark on the borough’s taking the honest – of Beverly Hills concealer which is because i always used to cover blushes I’m just going to go ahead and and mass that baby got to get into the hairs – because it’s really in there ok then i’m going to be filling in my brows with the honest larger beverly hills dipbrow pomade in the shade medium brown and like I said she has a really gradient look to her brows so you want to make sure not to fill in too much at the front of the brow and just make the ends a little bit darker once you’re happy with that you can go ahead and set your brows down with some brow gel i’m using a brow girl bye Tanya crooks and i’m just going to set that down in the picture Kylie has a really distinct line underneath so I just left that their unblended because that is what she kind of has a picture you can see clearly in the picture that there’s a really sharp highlight and it goes almost past where her brow bone actually ends so i’m going to take the cella I release highlighter pencil and had a way for foundation I’m going to go ahead and apply this guy this is the Loreal infallible Pro matte foundation I haven’t used this in a hot minute but her face looks flawless and net so i just pulled this baby out and I’m going to be applying that with the Sigma flat kabuki f80 just to really buff that into the skin and get a very flawless airbrushed finish already know doe eyes our next so i’m going to go ahead and Prime with my Mac soft ochre Paint Pot and literally do is in every single video but it is the only primer that I ever used so that’s why to recreate the I look I really wanted to use in on that palette so i’m going to take the Kat Von D shade + light eye palette there’s a terms of beautiful shades and to start off I you set that timer down I want to take this white shade and almost use it as a brow highlight as well so I’m basically just going to pop this into the eyes all the way from the lash line to the brow bone it looks really crazy right now I know but she has a really bright blue highlight that’s and that white so we’re on the road the blending sure that she uses peachy colored so i’m going to go in with this shade from the cap on D shade and light out it’s called latest and I’m going to blend that into the crease using a fluffy brush this is the sigma e35 don’t be afraid to take it pretty high on this look just because that’s exactly what I lated taking their shade right here which is a nice medium matte brown I’m going to place that on to the crease using a sigma medium sweeper be 54 and then blend upwards so it run seamlessly into RPG transition shade so for this look Kylie has a really dramatic smoked out wing it is dramatic but it’s also soft because it’s not using like a gel liner or a liquid line or anything it’s just using powder I’m going to take this good day right here it’s really nice grades who would use for a smoked out wing because it’s dark enough and these shadows are so pigmented so they’re really good to use if you’re wanting precise pigmentation i’m going to be using the firm of 206 because it’s densely packed so it creates a firmer brush and former bristles that are less likely to be flimsy when you are using them she does have a pretty thick wing so it’s going to be a dramatic wing but like I was saying it is a softer look just because we’re using powders and kind of like a liquid liner or a jetliner I like to go on with a makeup wipe just to sharpen things up will a concealer hello afterwards so don’t worry if your foundation comes off a little I just like to really sharpen up the end of that wing that’s pretty much it for the shadows I know it’s super easy but I love that then we’re going to pop on some lashes I’m be using the coca lashes queen bee of course these aren’t exactly similar to what Kylie’s wearing actually but I really don’t have anything similar I was looking around but I couldn’t find anything in stores near me and I would have had to order online i really wanted to get this video up so I didn’t buy them online or anything these are actually a little bit more balloons than what she has but these are a good length I have things that are less luminous but not long enough so i’m just going to use these for today but if you have anything like Lily lashes or themselves a flutter lashes i know are similar to what she’s wearing hers are not very voluminous but very long i’m going to go ahead and pop on some great lash mascara just on to the top so that we really bind together are real ashes to our false lashes i’m going to highlight with the NARS radiant creamy concealer she doesn’t have like a super highlighted love so I’m just going to leave it right in this inner corner and then of course it up that way yeah yeah to set our concealer down i’m actually going to be going into the tart TARDIS contour palette and using this banana shade right here and just sitting underneath I’m actually just going to use the same brush to set a few other places but i’m not going to set the entire face today just because I don’t want that powdery look she does not look super duper powdery at all so I’m just going to set the places where i normally get oily which is definitely in the t-zone as you can tell but motors and breakouts down here it’s actually a problem I get so crazy down here because whenever i like talking or smiling or laughing precentral down there and a little bit on the chin and that’s pretty much the only places that I’m really going to set the face down with like a powder oh by the way I used carfax walking pattern light just look at the picture it doesn’t really look like she has a crazy contour going on but she does have amazing cheekbones so I’m just going to take a light shade from the tart contour palette shade alrighty and number three and i’m just going to lightly contour the face but i’m not going to bring it down too far because I want it to look as natural as possible just like my cheekbones are pop in there on fleek and it’s all natural I’m also just going to contour my nose with that same exact shade using a more vm 433 brush on the same Sigma f40 brush they used to contour just going to add a little bit of bronze again it doesn’t really look like she has like a super bronze faced in this particular look but she does have a little bit so we’re just going to add a little bit of warmth to the face we’re just going to smoke out the bottom option a little bit because that is what kylie did so digging this same shade from the kat von d and light palette and I’m just gonna run that along the lower lash line with my morphe and 433 this step actually really hopes make your eyes look bigger and I’ve noticed that Kylie does this a lot to where she takes just a matte brown shade and runs along the lower lash line pretty far down actually because if you’re using a light enough color it’s not going to look overdone or too smoky it’s just really going to that’s your eyes and make them pop and of course i’m going to add some mascara to bottom lash line she definitely has this on her bottom lash line okay Kylie honestly has the smallest amount of blood I had ever seen maybe not but like she barely has any blush on and it seems like she keeps the blush very low down it is not like even covering the full apples of her cheeks but it’s also like a very light matte paint so I wanted to try out benefit dandelion from the chief on pallet I’m not sure if this is going to be an exact match but let’s let’s just keep our fingers crossed I think it looks pretty similar to what she has I don’t know exactly what she’s wearing but it is matt is light pink and is a very cycle and again the highlights she has on is actually really subtle I feel like this look for kylie is just so natural but it is beautiful i really like it i’m going to be using the tart exposed highlight on a more fee and 501 brush and I’m just going to dust that along the cheeks and bring it down to the front of the cheekbones because that is kind of the formation that Kylie has going all I’m missing is the same highlighter as my inner corner highlight and you want to keep it very close to your actual I because hers doesn’t go too far out in this look then of course on the tail of the news literally was like I must ask and I’m not about just then ok and the lift is what i’m actually most excited about because i love the lip color she has in the picture let me just pull it up such a beautiful lip color it’s like a perfect deep viewed with a little bit of purple and a little bit of bounce I love this lip color I don’t have anything exactly like this but I did think a little lip cocktail to try to recreate this specific shape no idea what she’s actually wearing but this comes really close so what I’m going to do is take a mixture of mac world and Max trip down lip liners and i’m going to mix those two shades together cut his lips are definitely more rounded than mine and I mean would it even be a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial if I didn’t overdraw my lips I don’t think so so we’re going to overdraw it and round it out at the top so we kind of create the same shape that she has and then i’m going to go over the center of the lips with dose of colors stone at liquid lipstick you want to keep this put right in the middle gonna bump up our lips and give us that really Kylie Jenner esque look loving the finished look of this guy I mean it’s so beautiful because like i was saying at the beginning it’s very neutral it’s very soft but you do get that signature kylie jenner handle it give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and let me know if you guys like when I do these celebrity inspired looks I do love doing them because it kind of puts me outside of my comfort zone Tim would know there’s a lot of stress in this video no and also her hips – it does really expand your creativity i guess because you’re kind of trying to transform yourself a little bit more than usual just a you know in body somebody elses makeup look but i hope you guys enjoyed this look don’t forget to subscribe comment rate like taking an old score here no I’m just kidding but if you ever have any requests you can always send it to me on instagram twitter snapchat pretty much anything on the social media world or you can even just leave a comment down below speaking of all the products that I use in this video will be listed down below as always i usually do that for every video because i know it’s helpful for a lot of you guys if you you know you’re interested in any specific product then that they are always listed down below in the description box remember you are beautiful inside and out i love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye ok now i will suit the heart my own focus doesn’t look too dark to you and my son focus business which are you I don’t know if I’m butchering that if you do it with Kylie Jenner thank you


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