Home Makeup Tutorials Lele Pons Makeup Tutorial by Anwar Jibawi | Vitalist Foundation | COVERGIRL

Lele Pons Makeup Tutorial by Anwar Jibawi | Vitalist Foundation | COVERGIRL

Lele Pons Makeup Tutorial by Anwar Jibawi | Vitalist Foundation | COVERGIRL

all right so today I have Anna and he’s gonna be doing my makeup because it’s some makeup tutorial okay you took me outside what thank you so much this is a makeup tutorial you’re gonna do my makeup okay I’m doing your makeup yeah I thought this was a Q&A not kidding it’s the only way I could have not come I’m not putting makeup on no you’re not you’re doing my makeup on you putting makeup on me okay yes I’m gonna teach you how to make up on the first thing that we have to do and you’re gonna do it all for me okay you’re gonna do it right this is seriously I’m going to do your makeup yes and we’re you do my makeup ready where’s your mom I don’t know my mom not here no no or not the first thing you have to do is get the foundation okay this is a new covergirl vitalist healthy foundation okay so you’re going to put it on with okay not fair in your in your hand your hand and then you in a new you pat it and then you put it on me put and makeup on my hand it’s like a art okay it’s like painting on my eliminate your the canvas I’m a canvas and you’re painting on my face okay okay the sides yeah right right yes dab it dab it okay okay that’s great can we get more makeup please – naked nude palette guys I have no idea what I’m doing right now I am NOT a professional right yes light colors dark color yeah disco topic don’t yeah the blog will happen tap it on the proper here yeah like that oh yes oh why do you want to meet up it’s just down look down look down see we get them the scales that one’s a total tease mascara he’s a little problem right here that’s where the bottom eyelashes don’t move don’t move right there probable to blend browser yes okay so now you need a little brush to open the cheekbones right here okay hmm stay don’t not moving okay so next time we have to do the blush give this with a covergirl trublend blush so this one you just tap it and you just like doing circles around my apples of my teeth do circles around the apples of your cheeks this is the melting pout gel liquid lipstick cool yep fire on your hand pretty color okay good fit not try to meet it and follow the structure of my cup my lips no make that sound yeah okay so now okay I’m ready for you oh my god what oh my god what is it amazing sound okay ready wait I’m done yeah you’re done that’s it you’re done so let’s take until end you’re done lose yourself mirror please Hey good okay thank you covergirl for helping Anwar do my makeup and using your product thank you thank you I’m officially a makeup artist Oh for contact info newsroom


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