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lemonade craze makeup tutorial • DIY lemon earrings • temporary hair dye! (english cc subs)

lemonade craze makeup tutorial • DIY lemon earrings • temporary hair dye! (english cc subs)

Hello everyone, it’s Anzu! I’m here with a makeup I created with Watsons for Maybelline’s new palette. I can say I was inspired by lemonades while creating this. That’s why I have so many lemon accessories.

If you want to see how I made my lemonade earrings, it will be at the end of the video. You can also find links for items in the description! Then, let’s start! I’m starting with applying toner to my clean skin.

For this, I’m using Sparkling Toner from Scinic. This time I’m using the Colorstay Foundation from Revlon. Number 110 suits me. This is a good foundation for oily and mixed skin types. I have a dry skin but after moisturizing good in general, I didn’t have a problem with it.

Instead of using concealer, I ended up building up the foundation on the desired areas with a sponge. It brightened dark spots enough so I didn’t want to use a concealer. I’m applying a transparent powder to the creasing&shiny areas.

I’m using Deborah’s number 281 eyebrow pencils on my brows. After brushing my brows in the right direction, I draw the eyebrows that I desire. I’ll use the Lemonade Craze palette for my eyes. I’m getting the shade Sunnies and applying it to the whole eyelid as a base.

Afterwards I’m switching to the yellow eyeshadow and I spread&blend it on the eyelids. Now I’ll apply the Ice Pop pink on the inner corners of my eyes. I’m mixing these two shades for the under eyes and I start applying from the outer corner.

For the inner under part, I switch to yellow and blend them together. I’m gonna use an eyeliner from Deborah now. I’ll do my usual eyeliner with a thicker part on eyelids and thinner wing to outside. I’ll apply a primer for the mascara right before it, so my lashes will appear more voluminous.

Now I’ll use the mascara from the same series. I’ll use the outer corner of a fake lash that I cut on the outer part of my eyes afterwards. It will extend the length of the eyes so they will look bigger.

Next I’m gonna contour my nose with the powder contour set from Makeup Revolution. I’ll use these shades. I’m contouring the nose with the brown shade. But it looks quite dark at first, so I’m softening the color with the other shade.

To highlight my nose and chin, I will use this shade. For my blush, I’ll go back to the Ice Pop pink. This is quite pigmented and hard to blend on cheeks, so build it up slowly. As the main highlighter, I’m getting the Dragon’s Heart Highlighter.

As you can see it has different shades. For my cheeks I will be using the pinks, and for the nose I will do a second layer with the yellow shades. I’ll also use the pink shade on the outer parts of my nose and blend it out.

I’m using the darkest pink shade on my shoulders, and I’m also applying the first highlighter from the contour palette on top of it. For my lipstick, I’m using Revlon’s number 120 lipstick. This is from the pearl series, so it gives a shimmer more than the pop color.

To add dimension to my lips, I’m going back to these eyeshadows. I’m using the orange on the bottom and top parts of my lip, and using the pink on the middle. Lastly for the makeup, I’ll use a setting spray to finish.

Now I’ll dye my wig’s ends with a temporary hair cream. This is originally for real hair, so don’t worry about using it! I decided to go with pink! It’s a one-day color, and you can easily clean it from hands AND hair by washing.

Now I’ll be showing how I did my earrings with clay. First of all, I’m using a air-dry clay. If it starts getting dry too early in my hands, I just wet it with water to keep sculpting. I shape it into a lemon shape with my hands first.

I’m using this tool pencil with a not-sharp but pointy end, and I’m making the pore texture on the lemon. I’m getting a small piece of clay to shape the leaves now. I’ll be sticking the leaves on the lemon now, and if it’s too dry, I’ll just wet it with water with my fingertips to keep working.

Now I’m going back to the tool to draw the details on the leaves. I’ll have to pierce it for the earring before it dries inside. The material I used was too long for the lemon, so I bent the end with a pair of scissors and cut it.

After it’s completely dry, I’ll start painting the lemon yellow with acyrlic paint. It’s up to you what to use! I had a problem with my green paint, the pigments have sunk to the bottom and it didn’t mix well even if I shook it, so I had to paint a few layers to get the opacity I wanted.

After the paint dries, you just need to connect it to a pair of earrings base! I hope I explained it well and I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked this video, please make sure to comment, like and ofcourse subscribe! Then, I’ll be seeing you in my next video! Bye bye!


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