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LGBTQ+ tiktoks that are superstraight-free.

LGBTQ+ tiktoks that are superstraight-free.

blaster blocks to all the homophobes that think that gay people  are going to approach you and try to test your   sexuality simply because you’re you baby you’re  ugly to heterosexual people what the [ __ ] makes   you think that you would be pretty to lgbtq plus  community members when their standards are higher   than heterosexual communities gone sit down my  god someone just told me that you call the vaccine   the culvert vaccine might turn you gay i’m already gay what if it makes me straight  i know how negatives work no i’m doing math   it’s work megan you can’t possibly know if  you’re gay you’re 16 you’re 16.

you’re too   young it’s a phase you can’t you can’t know your  sexuality anyways can you come on over here and   help me change your brother into his lady killer  i love women so much because i’m a boy and i love   women and breaking women’s hearts shirts  um please i cannot believe i caught this   i forgot my rings okay do you  want to get them back can i okay something i will never understand is all the  trans women on this app that get so much hate   like i get i get my fair share of hate and i  don’t even really talk about being trans but   there are women out here trying to fully  better this community and educate people   and all the trevors on the mackenzie’s are  out here like you know what i’m gonna do   i’m gonna write a little hate comment i’m feeling  attacked and insecure and i wish that i looked   like her but i was born a woman oh no how come  she was born a man and she’s prettier than me   oh no let me just write a little hate comment  about it oh no i really want to have sex with her   she’s so hot she has or had a penis my masculinity  is completely threatened a little bit about it hello are you [ __ ] insane we’re just trying  to live our lives oh that’s what we’re doing   if you don’t like it do the little button  thing not interested on to the next one babe mine is almost done i’m so hungry  can i have yours can we exchange actually can i have that no okay thank you yeah baby i’m just kidding thank you so as a gay man i think i have  to acknowledge that i have some privilege   um because i’m up here in my room watching  netflix and um well well my brothers and my dad   are out here blowing snow i was not invited to  this manual labor day so i guess you know what   us gays are lucky i said keep up the great work  you guys are doing amazing nice job so at the   beginning of a pandemic my wife and i moved  into a new house which we renovated entirely   let’s start with the bedroom we broke down  another wall to make it a little bigger and added   this awesome coffee area where we can go get our  morning coffee right when we roll out of bed since   we’re two women and we can get away with this kind  of thing we added a chandelier above the bathtub as you can see we really love playing with  textures and tones and pink my favorite thing   is that sliding barn door and that picture of  us at our wedding now here’s the part where we   really diy but we’re quoting us eight thousand  dollars for a closet and we did this instead   we went on amazon and ordered a bunch of bars  and rods attached it to the wall to give us that   exposed store-like look we then got drawers  and shelving from ikea and now we have this   awesome shoe display and of course we added the  vanity area so we can both sit together and do   our hair and makeup it comes to this topic  a lot of people tend to sugarcoat and that’s   just not me i don’t do [ __ ] like that i don’t  uh get that plastic surgery girl get your hair   long you know what i’m saying wear female clothes  identify as a woman i don’t give a [ __ ] i don’t   have an issue with that what i’m telling you  is you’re still like you know what i’m saying   you were born a man you need to tell people  that not everybody’s going to accept that just   babe do you say you don’t give a [ __ ] but  you do you do you made a video about me i   don’t need to tell anybody what is between my  legs unless i’m going to [ __ ] them sorry but   it’s true i’m so sorry but you don’t need to know  what’s between my legs why does that affect you   and plastic surgery girl i’ve got nothing done  this is natural thank you and i know i was born   a man i i like make that very apparent and  very known i talk about that all the time   all i’m saying is if i have a conversation with  you on the street and i just met you i don’t have   to scream in your face that i’m transgender put  your masculine side then show your feminine side i have never related to something so much and  i just i just i just i just wanna gay silence   being gay is a choice nah it’s definitely not  actually yes it definitely is all right bet show   me it’s a choice then start liking men but i can’t  though okay but why not because i’m only attracted   to women wait but what happened to it being a  choice come on bro being gay is not natural dude   there’s literally 1500 other species that practice  homosexuality don’t even try to use that argument   okay well have you ever tried dating women i  have but i prefer men how do you know that you’re   straight have you ever tried dating men no because  i’m only attracted to women yeah but i thought the   only way to know is by trying dude can you just  stop using my logic against me why does my dog   have his legs crossed like that do you guys think  he’s do you think he’s okay blink if you’re gay okay he’s not okay is no no guys i call the quits hello gender reveal party oh my god it’s a gender  studies professor hello there   before we reveal the sex of the baby the  couple wants to remind everyone gender is   a non-binary construct and will not influence  how the baby is raised am i right yeah yeah hey   i’m so sorry i’m late there was so much traffic  there was like an accident like there was a lot this magician really said trans rights peanut  butter jelly peanut butter jelly peanut butter   j peanut butter what do you what are you doing  that’s not where you go you’re supposed to go what   what’s that peanut butter you say you’re actually  jelly whoa and jelly you’re actually peanut butter   oh man i’m so sorry i violated your privacy  i guess it doesn’t matter what it says on   the jar if it’s got peanut butter in it we  should just show it some goddamn respect and   call it peanut butter because it didn’t  choose the jar let’s recap peanut butter   jelly also peanut butter also jelly but  still peanut butter still jelly if it’s   peanut butter let it pee with peanut butter and  if it’s jelly let it pee with jelly got it okay   explain it to your parents bring back manly men  she walked away through a cheap pocket cigarettes anyone else depressed but you’re like fine   like i’m fine like you don’t have to worry  about me my anxiety is crippling but i’m okay maybe i should talk to someone why are gay  people like little goblins like you can   give them any shiny rock or random trinket  and they’ll be like ah i love this thing   i’m gonna keep it forever let me go put it in my  cave and like scurry home to put it on a bookshelf   you know what you are so right god  made me a man i will never be a woman   and that’s just the facts you thank you for for  bringing that to my attention you’re so right tell   me your best story where you’ve emasculated  a man i’ll go first so it was pre-coveted i post a lot about being gay so i  get a lot of homophobic comments   and i just want to let you all know that at the  end of the day you are spending your free time   sending messages to a gay man that’s a little  gay you want to know what a lesbian sounds like so if you ever hear that just know a lesbian’s  coming for you how the gays communicate   two girls chilling in a hot tub sitting on  each other’s laps because she’s not gay right   she can’t be she’s just really friendly  right does anyone know if she’s gay   i spent the day with my dad is this your  biological dad or that guy you met on grindr   grinder that gay [ __ ] me lesbian couples  be like why is this me and my fiance   i’m roger rabbit i’ll keep the picture  saved in a safe place while i look so   weird oh my god i figured it out i figured  it out okay hear me out imagine if men didn’t wow i know i know so when you feel you’re down  and want to see happiness just ask a straight   man to open your water bottle they love that and  the expression they make right after they’re like   because they want to contain the excitement oh  my god they’re so adorable here’s how i know   that being trans isn’t a choice i am a straight  white sorry i am a straight white i can do this   i’m a straight wife the high five is gay history  yes i will elaborate in 1977 dusty baker hit his   30th home run one of his teammates glenn burke  got so excited that he lifted his hand in the air   and dusty baker didn’t know what to do so they  hit hands this is what started high fives what   makes this gay history is that glenn burke was  the first openly gay major league baseball player   so yeah a gay black man invented the high five  because he was gay he faced discrimination the   los angeles dodgers traded him despite resistance  from his teammates and he eventually quit baseball   because of discrimination he moved to the castro  where he played on a gay softball team he died in   1994 after being infected with hiv but i want to  leave on a happy moment he once told a reporter   that he knew the feeling of giving someone a  high five before anyone else making a crop top what’s something that bothers you about being  gay i’m choosing violence today because i have   a whole ass list and i know i’m not the only  one that thinks this so gay men i’m about to   drag you the obsession with labeling masculine  and feminine needs to [ __ ] stop because gays   love praising masculine men but the gag is they’d  be the most boring [ __ ] one and then y’all turn   around and trash on feminine men talking about  oh that’s too gay we are literally attracted to   men how gay can you get like the fact that the  gay community is so [ __ ] hyper sexualized the   fact that gays simply can’t be friends with each  other and platonic relationships aren’t allowed   like of course they’re allowed in [ __ ] but  like at least personally for me every single   gay friend i’ve ever had they all tried to  sleep with me and i know i’m not the only   one that had that problem before [ __ ] let me  not forget the body shaming and fat phobia the   fact that gays are shallow and they only go for  looks the fact that gays move insanely fast in   relationships like the time frame between the  talking stage and relationship will be like two   weeks and this last one might just be for me but  since there’s so many labels in the gay community   and a lot of labels i don’t identify with like  mask or femme i think that’s [ __ ] stupid   it’s kind of hard to like find your click and  find other people like you in the gay community you


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