Hello, hello, hello as you could read in the title, this video will be on Lingala I’ll try it, but don’t laugh at me. I know that my lingala is not that good but you understand me. Many watch my videos but don’t understand German and ask me ” Eunice, make videos in French !!! ” ” make videos on Lingala ‘ ‘ So that we understand what you are saying.

Now this video will be on Lingala. I will do this makeup look. I have to say, I have to teach myself Lingala because … simple Lingala? I don’t find it easy: D I start with the video in 3..2..1 NO, I’m counting on Lingala 3 .

.. 2 … 1 I’ll say it again, don’t laugh at me, I’ll try it I know I don’t know what colors I will use yet, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll start with my makeup I use makeup from L’Oreal Paris it’s the color .

.. … I can’t see it I don’t use a lot of makeup. I only press twice I press it on my face like that … I don’t know the name in Lingala In German it means “ sponge ” … I don’t know if it’s that correct on Lingala (if it’s that way can say) I see something red out, I do not know why or it looks a lot better but it is the beginning it’s always like that, but it is better This takes time.

if you apply your makeup with this sponge then you have to be passionate * patience Because if you don’t press it in well, it will be stained. I don’t know if it’s a good word, but I have to give it a good impression on your face for it to look nice.

When I put my makeup on, I’ll use concealer I know a lot of people don’t use concealer, but concealer is good for that Face looks a little smaller so it … wait looks just because I don’t know how to say it I don’t take much either I do it here and here with it .

.. This lingala … so bad The places where I put concealer on , shouldn’t look dark It should look lighter in the face My face automatically looks thinner so not thick but thin you know … Now you can see that I’m not as reddish as I was at the beginning.

The concealer and my makeup, which one I use, goes well together but I’m not done yet. Now I take my powder but colorless powder. This is transparent. I don’t take much. I know many people use a lot of powder but I don’t like it when it stains their face That’s why I use very little powder I’ll show you how I do it I put my powder on Then I take .

.. my De … Di …. Deck .. wait Then I take my blanket … De … LID then I do it then I do it here Only in the places where I also used concealer My powder has spread. But is not bad. we carry on. My whole pants are messed up.

Now I ‘m taking a spray from Mac This is a spray for fixing makeup. But first I have to remove my powder what’s left on my face. Now my makeup looks good. It’s not as red as it was at the beginning Now it looks like my own skin okay .

.. now ….. I do fixing spray on my face but not much so that the makeup stays on my face for a long time. It’s good when I go to events, or … I don’t know when you go out and know that I won’t come back quickly but the makeup should stay in place then the spray is good That’s why it’s called fixing spray That means it stays in Face I don’t know why, but my camera keeps getting blurred when I move But it doesn’t matter now .

.. I’ll make the contour so that my face … how should I say so that it doesn’t look like a baby face. So I’m making a couple of dark spots to make my face look a bit narrower I’m making it this way you see? it’s a little darker Do you see how narrow my face looks here? and here it is a little rounder Yes .

. I like it when it is a little narrower that’s why I use it. Now you can see that my face has narrowed. that’s good here too, so it doesn’t look like that now … i’m done with the base of my face now let’s move on to my eyebrows i just use a black brush i prefer to use black paint because it makes my face looks even lighter than if I browned it.

I used to make my eyebrows very thick I liked it when they were a little thicker Now I like it when they are a little thinner so I don’t make them thicker like here. I drew the line like this, how did you understand my natural eyebrow shape? : D Now I take another brush and then I pull it forward with the brush so that it doesn’t look so black at the beginning Yes, like that.

I like it that way, but I’m not done yet. Now I’ll take … It’s like a comb, only for the eyelashes, but also for the eyebrows. Then I only comb my eyebrows at the beginning. You see, it’s a little lighter now I like it when it looks like this because it looks natural when I do it this way Now I’ll do my other eyebrow and then I’ll see you again Okay now I’ve done my eyebrows Now .

.. I’m doing my eye makeup I don’t know yet how to do my makeup But I just look, I look But I think today I use colors like purple and red but yeah we’ll see I start with this eye I use a brown color as a base Now I’ll take another brown color, which is darker than the other brown color.

Now I do it this way like a triangle. Now I take my concealer. I’m doing it on my eye because I’m going to do a Cut Crease If someone asks you if you know what a Cut Crease is, then you can agree because you saw it at Eunice Lu, it doesn’t look the same, but it is not bad see, if you make it before concealer and then colors then uses sees it more clearly from the color one sees better than the eye without concealer .

…? : D Now I take a purple color Then I do it on the places where there is no color on it. You see, here it looks like it was cut with scissors. It looks like a cut that’s why it’s called Cut Crease because if you put concealer on it and then paint on it it will look cleaner.

Now … I’ll go with a different purple color. But it’s darker than the color I used in the beginning. Then I’ll do it up here okay, now I’ll take a pink color and do it here at the beginning okay yeah, that’s how it looks good .

.. right? she says now I take an eyeliner Eyeliner is like a kohl but liquid eyeliner is there to draw a line here so that the eyes look like a cat’s eyes first I draw a line here I don’t like eyeliner with this application for me if it’s too small it means that I can’t draw a clean line with it.

I like another eyeliner, but I can’t find it anymore, it’s just gone. AH, I found it I like this application See, it’s a bit thicker I can work better with this than with the other See you, I’ll draw my line here so.

Where the color ends, I draw my line Oh .. just looks They look different That’s the stupid thing about eyeliner. You have to do it perfectly if it looks different, then it won’t look good it doesn’t matter .

.. I said ” it doesn’t matter ” this is not a lingala that got in my eye AAHH .. Lord in heaven I cry AAAH does woe AAAHH what should I do, oh my god. I’ll get paper, I’ll come I have to be careful. I don’t know, I use makeup a lot / a lot but that’s the first time it got in my eye.

I’ll try again. Okay, I’ll leave it that way because I’m scared. To make the makeup complete, I’ll put false eyelashes on it. I put glue on it. Now you have to wait a moment for it to dry so that it doesn’t come off your eyes.

If I put it right on my eye it would stick out. But if you want it to stick well, then you have to wait 10-15 seconds. You can also do this so that it dries faster I take tweezers and then do it like this.

In the beginning it is a little difficult to apply false eyelashes, but if you’ve got used to it, then it works. But for me now … I don’t know why everything I do is just as if I would. I don’t know how to say it.

I often put makeup on and I never have any problems putting on eyelashes But today it’s like I’ve never done it before WOW … I’ll take that off This makeup makes me a little upset: D It’s a little harder to do at the beginning Gluing on I don’t know why it always goes off But good .

.. Now I try to glue it on with my hand Now it’s good So it works better for me with my hand than with tweezers. Usually tweezers are a help, but for me it’s not: D Now I use mascara Now I use mascara so that my natural and my artificial eyelashes become one because if you don’t put on mascara and someone looks at you from the side, it looks like this.

But when you put mascara on it will look like this What color should I put on? I take this right? because I don’t know … Yes, I’ll take this No, it looks too reddish, doesn’t it ? I don’t know … I’ll wait and see this color .

.. It just looks the same: D No, that doesn’t look good. I wait a look I think the color looks … Does that look good? I don’t know, do I look good? Should I leave it like that? AH, I don’t know I think I’ll leave it that way But I’m still wearing mascara on the bottom because something is missing in my face AH, something is missing in my face, now I also know what * highlighter * highlighter is like .

.. What does glitter mean in Lingala …? Just look because I don’t have the word. This is what it looks like and then you take a brush like that. Do you see what it looks like? So that the face glitters a little here too, on the lip Tada, that’s my makeup look.

If you liked my video, give me a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel That was my video on Lingala I know my Lingala is not like that thank you very much for watching this video! If you got to the end then you are a real sweetheart See you on another video Then I say goodbye


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