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lucy hale’s everyday makeup tutorial | pretty in pink summer makeup

lucy hale’s everyday makeup tutorial | pretty in pink summer makeup

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I have another celebrity makeup recreation and this video is in partnership with Revlon as part of the Revlontourage for 2019 as I’ve done for a couple years on my channel I love bringing you guys that seasonal makeup trends and how to achieve the looks with Revlon so today we are talking about the New Romantics trend this is perfect for summer and it’s all about dewy skin holds brows and pops of orange and pink to the eyes and then super glossy to lips using the Revlon Ultra HD a vinyl lip polish and another really cool products we are using today is the Revlon Colorstay brow shape and glow this is really unique and something different from Archelon and I think you guys are gonna be really interested in it because I am obsessed and of course like I was saying this is perfect for everyday in the summertime I am wearing a wig though because that this is inspired by Lucy Hale when I was reading through the New Romantics turn report I just thought of her because she always has really versatile looks and this is one of my favorites and I thought it really aligned with the trend so I hope you guys like it if you do what makes you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe if you are new for more pop culture videos also in this video I wanted to share a couple different ways to make this look your own with statement lips still using the Revlon Ultra HD of vinyl lip polish in a couple different shades and I can’t wait for you guys it to try out these lip looks as well I’m super drawn to all these pink shades right now so I hope you guys like this look and let’s get started got on my little bob and have moisturized and let’s start with the Revlon Photoready rosro hydrating and illuminating primer this number one looks super pretty and it’s a ultra light formula that’s fast absorbing in boost skin’s radiance with a dewy finish and following up I’m using Revlon Photoready candid foundation in the shade buff this fits my skintone super well I’ve raved about this foundation in the Tayler Hill celebrity recreation I did so I just used a deeper shade there but this creamy texture goes on like a moisturizer and then blends in seamlessly to even out and enhance skintone I went with a really light hand here cuz I did have an epic facial recently so my skin tone is pretty even but I do have some bumps so to kind of conceal those I am building up for more of a medium coverage with this foundation while still appearing quite natural and then I’m starting to highlight and add a bit more coverage mainly under the eyes and on the cheekbones with the Revlon Photoready candid concealer again this is skin care inspired and what’s super cool about this formula is that it’s infused with caffeine for a built-in pick-me-up caffeine is my everything and I love the wand on this concealer and then just a blend I am using a foundation brush part of the New Romantics trend that we are going for today is dewy skin so I’m actually leaving my foundation but if you do need to set I would recommend to go with the Revlon Photoready candid loose setting powder just over your t-zone and I found making my face shaped more like Lucy to be hard because I am so round and the bog definitely enhances that on me but we’re going to try to enhance those cheekbones and give myself a point your chin using the Revlon Photoready insta sculpts the contouring palette and then nose contour I shortened my nose by adding a shadow at the bottom created more of a defined tip and then a wider set nose bridge that has more definition to it it did take a while but I decided to stop at this point and I really hope to when I brought in the big Lucy brows that it would start to come together so for brows I’m using the Revlon Colorstay brow shape and glow and this is such a cool product from Revlon I have never tried a pen like this and you can really draw in hairs and it was very easy to use I started with soft Brown to plan out my shape and since my brows are already quite big I didn’t want to add too much intensity at once so starting by precisely filling in the front hairs and then the sparse areas and next I went in with the black shade in the same product to finish off the brow this is very similar to the effect of micro bleeding without the pain or cost and the brow marker just glides on smoothly and then on the other side if you flip it around we have a smooth powder formula to illuminate the brow bone and the shade is more pink based than champagne which is perfect for this look lucy is super romantic with very blushed cheeks just sweep this lightweight powder on the skin and builds up the color to the amount of pink you want the new and improved formula has extended shade ranges for the Revlon blushes and its shine free and as you can see it’s not enhancing my pores I love cream products but sometimes they do kind of enhance pores and by the way the placement is further up the cheekbones and less on the apples of the cheeks for this look the eye look is also super quick and easy I absolutely love this one we’re just gonna use one palette in the Revlon Photoready eye contour kit in Romanticism which is a perfect name for this trend and I’m taking the copper shimmery earthy tone shade to the outer and inner portion of the lid blending over with my finger for more of a subtle wash of color as you can see it is very pigmented and I didn’t want it quite as bold and then I am using the magenta in the center of the lid from the palette and blending together again to soften the shadow moving upwards into the crease use the bottom champagne shade and create a sweeping motion through and above the crease lightest shade on the inner corner and top of the lid to catch the light and one more time blend the copper and magenta under the bottom lash line for doll like eyes like Lucy by the way I am wearing these green contacts I got them in South Korea they look super real and very close to Lucy’s green blue eyes just if you’re thrown off by my eye color pink slightly different and add a little deepness to the lash line to make the lashes look a lot fuller and that’s it for shadows this look seriously took two minutes and here we have contoured eyes with some depth dimension and a pop of romantic color the formula is safe for sensitive eyes if that is something you worry about with shadows and if you want to use this look but do it a little bit more dramatic you can use these shadows wet or dry curl those lashes I always feel very posh with this gold curler and we’re not using any falsies today just Revlon volumizing mascara I’m doing about three coats for standout lashes and the mascara is ultra clean mcleaney creamy it’s infused with nourishing olive oil and it’s clump free for very soft fanned out volume which is exactly the style of lashes that Lucy rocks we’re using the volumizing wand to really hug each lash and it doesn’t disperse too much product if you like to build up your mascara sometimes that can be a problem and it gets goopy but this is one of my favorite mascaras to reach for and then Lucy’s lip shape is really gonna help transform this look and give us a wearable Lucy inspired makeup look over line the top lip in a rounded shape and extend the lip liner for a wider set mouths a great everyday shade is the Revlon Colorstay lip liner in nude and time to gloss the Revlon Ultra HD vinyl lip polish is a game changer forget lipstick and then the gloss this formula is high shine with intense bold color it’s very smooth it keeps your lips very hydrated and is super easy to apply and you can get the high coverage color in one coat I thought this was the best shade to fit the look either birthday suit which I’m a playing here or the shade act natural I decided in the end to blend the two together and got the perfect Lucy shade but I’ll show you three other shapes to intensify this new romantic look but please let me know which combo is your favorite in the poll also if you guys want to help me out if you have any other celebrities or characters that I can use this wig for let me know because I think this wig is super cute and I’m blanking on other people I could do so now that we have the look just like Lucia let’s switch it up and really play with the New Romantics trend in a bolder way with different lip looks when I think romantic I think of red lips so here’s the shade in cherry on top and finally a two toned lip one of my favorite pictures I did with Revlon about two years ago was this baby on screen and we have the two toned lip upgraded with intensity using this purplish shade and a coral unexpected but super cute and there are eight shades in total of these lippies with an awesome applicator that delivers precise application making my life so easy when i’m swatching these and here’s the complete Lucy Hale inspired look using the New Romantics trend with Revlon I hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s one of my favorite makeup looks and there’s some really cool products in here make sure you vote in the poll which lip combo is your favorite and if you try out any of these lip looks please tag me I would love to see your looks as well as any other tutorials you want to try out as hair or makeup just tag me on instagram because i love featuring you guys so here are a couple of my favorite photos thanks for watching and if you want to catch up with more celebrity reparations I do have a playlist and I just came back from South Korea so I’m a little sick just from all the traveling that’s when my voice is a little funny but um subscribe to my vlog channel if you want to see it that upcoming vlog as well as my New York vlog lots of fun stuff coming up and I’ll see you in my next video


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