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MAC Cosmetics Dancer Makeup Tutorial 3: False Eyelashes

MAC Cosmetics Dancer Makeup Tutorial 3: False Eyelashes

Hi I’m Kiekie, Senior Artist from MAC Cosmetics New Zealand and today I’m here with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and I’m going to be demonstrating a classic beauty look specialising in onstage dancer makeup.

So when it comes to applying false lashes it’s really important that you create a really fine coating of Duo Lash Glue glue just along the plastic band just enough for it to adhere to the lash line without it being too heavy that the glue will stick to your own individual lashes.

I’m using Mac Number 36 false lashes which give a really beautiful fanned out, flicked out eye effect which looks beautiful with your winged-out liner. You want to think about lifting the chin up really high and having the lash line really flat when you’re applying your false lashes so the lash line’s not contracted at all.

It’s really long and it means that after you glue has dried your lashes are not going to pop off as easily. You want to place the outer corner of your lashes on first to meet your own natural lashes and press them into the exact area that you’ve applied that black liquid liner and then fold the lash into the inner corner of the eye last.

Something that I like to do if I’m applying false lashes for performers is to cut your full banded lashes in half and then apply them as two pieces rather than a one full lash. This way it has a little bit more flexibility if you’re going to be dancing or sweating a lot your false lash is more inclined to stay in place because it’s a little bit more flexible rather than one full band of lash and just ensure that the inner and outer corner of the lash band is pressed on really tightly.

So just press that outer part of the band and that inner corner of the lash into the lash line so it doesn’t become unstuck. And to finish off just take your brush black liner over top of the false lash band so you can make them completely invisible.

By going over the top of your false lash band with your liner again it takes away that clear band and it makes them look really real.


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