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maeve wiley “sex education” makeup tutorial + look book

maeve wiley “sex education” makeup tutorial + look book

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video and we’re creating Maeve Wiley’s look with a makeup transformation bit of hair inspo and then a mini lookbook I don’t normally do fashion so I hope you guys enjoy the extra looks in here and if you do make sure you give this video a thumbs up also if you’ve never seen the show sex education is a British show on Netflix that I have 100% recommend I actually looking to watch it like it didn’t appeal to me just from the thumbnail for some reason and you guys kept requesting these and so I ended up maybe watching all I can love with the entire show I love the cast its so funny about also makes me cry my eyes out, if you guys can help me out with what age do you think this is appropriate to watch out because my sense of that just I don’t have one um I was watching an appropriate shows when I was younger and like loved it and I turned out fine so I don’t know what the age is appropriate to watch but anyway loved it and if you enjoy my pop culture looks and make sure you subscribe and press that Bell notifications button so that you don’t miss an upload and also let me know if your favorite character is in the comments down below lots of rings dark purple nails and let’s start with a two-faced hangover primer I like this one I chose it because I thought it suited sex education but it’s just a nice moisturizing base that I do grab for quite a bit and my favourite foundation hello happy I’m almost done this one it isn’t shade number one which is the lightest and Maeve does have a little bit more color than this so we will be adding bronzer and contour to try to make my face look a little bit more like hers and I’m using a super light hand here something I love about the show is how real the characters look Maeve is super cool and beautiful but the makeup look does look like it’s done by a teen her hair is kind of greasy like I love for Little Liars but this high school has a lot more of you love them to it and okay I totally forgot about this drugstore concealer this is the L’Oreal True Match and it’s a great one so we’re just highlighting and concealing under the eyes and then another drugstore pick I’m just setting the t-zone next up my favorite bronzer a benefit hoola caramel this is one of their new deeper shades and our faces are super different I’m trying my best by hollowing out my cheekbones and sharpening up that jawline her chin is more prominent in the bottom is more flat with a divot I think the main contouring i’m doing is just trying to make my plump cheeks less but totally go in with a lighter hand for everyday makeup and i’m following up with my favorite contour shade from heaven of quan Maeve’s nose is much thinner and taller in the bridge similar to margot robbie I think they look so alike in certain angles Maeve’s just more rough around the edges as a character but like Hello they could be sisters and a perfect blush pick is Mac’s dusty rose I chose benefit goof-proof brow in the shade 3 I usually go for at 3.

5 for my own brow so I’m going a bit lighter and Mays brows are very full and natural then I use some gimme brow just to blend the products together and I love benefit brow products I’m gonna be working with them again this year I pretty much always use their brow products anyway so I’m so happy about that and the eye look I love and it’s really easy and doesn’t need to be perfect which is which is great just add some depth to your crease with a contour shade and I always use the Kevin of Kwan because I paid for it and it definitely is expensive so I use it whenever I can but you could try something like Mac sculpting powder and they have different shades and it’s quite a bit cheaper or of course just find a contour shade from the drugstore and then yeah just through the crease pass the brow and under the eyes I’m trying to make myself look a little sleep here with a tiny bit of bags there and then my fav liner ever this is so easy to use the bodyshop matka gel liner smoked through the upper lash line and I have this tapered downward a bit using a product from the game of Thrones urban decay line I noticed in not all scenes but in the look I’m recreating they’ve had some tea leave Lu so – Queen Fe I mean I guess the bad girls just love some blue eyeliner and this is subtle so just add a touch and then smoke it out then I went in and layered the black liner for an easy smoky look tight lining here and really bringing in the liner underneath as much as I love this liner and it’s super easy to work with it isn’t the deepest black so I found bringing in some of that blue in little smudges adds more depth and drama to the bottom lash line and smoke in the inner corner usually we go lighter here and it’ll make the eyes sparkle but this is more of a wearable grunge look black liquid liner to the lashline love Mac brushstroke liner can’t go wrong with it and then lips I try to use one products but I do add one more lipstick a bit later on but this one is the benefit they’re real doubled the lip it’s super cool because it has a deeper liner and lipstick and one and these are very comfortable and looks super natural I did use this in a Margot Robbie tutorial that I did and then I went with brown contacts I know some of you guys hate these but Avril Lavigne has blue eyes and this look is so Averell too so I just wanted to bring in as much as Maeve as I could with honey brown eyes I keep forgetting to link the contacts but I actually did this time so if you want to know which ones I’m wearing I’ll have them linked down below and of course I’ve been adding a little bit of mascara not going for length here just focused on volume at the base of the lash and finally last make up step I added more of a purpley pink and I thought this really looked like her lips in the show they definitely filter a lot of shots like the scenes always have a really cool vibe but at least in this lighting I thought the look was perfect and these Matt is everything lipsticks by Revlon are kind of hard to find in stores they usually only carry about four shades in the matte texture but they are my favorite and you can order off Amazon if you do want to try them and here is my final MAIF look and I have a series of hair tutorials inspired by made as well that I have planned so thumbs up if you want to see that and I can kind of get a get a move on it but I do have a question I think it’s more accurate when you do a twist in a downwards motion but then I thought no it must be twisted upwards and I think I was right the first time so in a comparison just let me know in the poll I know this is weird to do in a tutorial but like I just want to have a couple more eyes on it so that I get it right and yeah then I’ll recreate this in slower for a full hair tutorial I hope you enjoyed this Wiley tutorial and if you did make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture looks I love doing a TV and movie at transformations and if you didn’t press the Bell notification button do that I know some of you guys haven’t been notified for like the past month I don’t know if I got hit with a glitch or just all at once people were like yeah I don’t know who Jackie but please press the Bell notification if you do want to be notified especially if you love sex education because I do have a second tutorial coming up with a series of hairstyles inspired by Maeve and last thing I wanted to show you guys so her wardrobe is very basic and she has some really cool pieces that I couldn’t find because they’re very I’m like that jacket with fringe so we went out thrift shopping and I found these boots which to me remind me of her but also I just love them because they’re a little bit country too and I think going a thrift shopping and yeah just finding like a unique piece and adding it to your wardrobe and having it kind of as your thing is really cool so I wanted to show you that and I love it when you send me your pictures on Instagram every week if you try out any of my tutorials so thanks for sending those in I will be throwing them up on screen you guys look great and if you’re watching this still um I will be in South Korea right now when this is uploaded so that’s crazy check me out on Instagram see what I’m up to if you’re interested and I’ll see you in my next video


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