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Hey guys, it’s Liz, and  welcome back to my channel! So today, I’m going to be creating  this super fun green look. I’m starting off with the Glow Recipe Watermelon   Glow Mist Spray to refresh my  skin before applying makeup.

I’m using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer  Potion in the shade “Eden” to prime my eyelids. Taking the Makeup by Yolondo and  Beats by Deb eyeshadow palette, I’m dipping into the white shade  to set the eyeshadow primer.

Dipping into a bright green shade, called “My  Slime,” I’m mapping out the wings of my eyeshadow. Then, I’m dipping into this  darker green shade called “Moola”,   to create the defining line of the crease.

I’m following the other wing  that I first mapped out. Then, I’m using the shade “Cell”  to deepen the higher wing. For my lids, I’m applying a shimmery green  shade, following the entire under wing.

To make more of a distinction between the greens,   I went in with a dark brown  shade and a tiny brush. To detail my lashline, I added some  black eyeshadow with a straight edge,   then feathered it out.

For mascara, I’m using the  Lancome Idole Lash Mascara. After I pop on some lashes, I  continue with the rest of the look, I’m using the Tarte Shape Tape  Concealer in “light sand” as a base.

Then using the Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer  in porcelain for the highlights of my face. To set my skin, I’m using the Dragun  Beauty TRANSlucent Setting Powder. For blush, I’m using the Colourpop pressed  powder blush in the shade “Catch My Vibe.

” And then I decided we need the brows  to go with the look a little better,3 So I concealed my eyebrows and  covered them with green eyeshadow. For lips, I’m using the Milani  Lip Pencil in the shade “natural” And the Too Faced Cosmetics  Lipstick in the shade “Baby Doll.

” Lastly, for highlight I’m using the Becca   Cosmetics (RIP) highlight  in the shade “Moonstone,” And that’s it you guys! Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to ‘like,’ ‘subscribe,’ and  I’ll see you all next week, byeeee! <3


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