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Makeup For Finessers!!! “No Makeup Makeup” Tutorial | Jackie Aina

Makeup For Finessers!!! “No Makeup Makeup” Tutorial | Jackie Aina

hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s a girl jockey ina jaga jaga jaga Cheka Cheka Cheka Cheka trainer jacket up in the middle my theme song cuz I’m really hurt up there one day Jesus help me today’s video is going to be how to create the no makeup makeup illusion how to really scam people to make it look like not wearing a stitch product when you actually are wearing quite a like what I would wear on a flight Airport makeup that’s what I’m calling this tutorial and the port makeup tutorial / no makeup makeup aka the ultimate finesse I’ve actually got to partner again I just say I love working with glossier I’ve partnered with glossy for this video to talk about two new products that they just recently launched so you guys all know and love their signature cloud paints I think it’s an amazing product but some of them were quite light for my complexion so apparently people was asking for it and they listened and they just launched two new shades of their cloud paints one is called dawn it is a really pretty like orange II neon and storm is right up my alley this is definitely like a berry everyday tone the cloud paints are basically a gel cream blush product you can mix these up they’re buildable they last all day and they’re very easy to use I really like this product I’ve been getting tons tons of comments and tons of compliments whenever I wear this look lately I’ve been traveling a lot I wear this look on the go a lot and I’ve been getting insane amount of compliments on my skin whenever I wear this so without further ado and before we do get started make sure you subscribe come back and join the jack and family don’t be part of the sixty percent of people who watch my videos and don’t join the family so I wanted to start this tutorial off with a little bit of skincare because I feel like that is kind of what gets me just right and tight for this type of look there’s not a stitch of product on my skin not even moisturizer I wash my face now I’m going to tone this is a pixie rose tonic did you guys know that a rose honey this one is designed to nourish the skin and balance the pH so I feel like it’s a lot more gentle for during the day and it smells like roses do I’m drying off my face right now I’m gonna follow it up with some hyaluronic acid serum this is the one that I rave about and I’ve been using for my aesthetician for a while now it’s the only one I swear by it is the guidance to blow copper complex peptide if you’re anything like me and have super oily skin then you’re gonna understand that this is going to be really important because there’s nothing worse than like getting off the flight and you in Miami and the humidity has seeped through the cabin and it’s just like it’s not cute I’m definitely in that pool of people that’s usually like very oily whenever I get off a fire what is it about being on an airplane that makes your skin like super oily and like super combative and like breakouts and stuff I don’t get the breakouts as much anymore but I do find that if I do my skincare properly my skin isn’t as like dehydrated whenever I go on a flight ladder up kiddos soap and glory does have a pretty good eye cream not gonna lie then I usually put on an SPF this one is from glow skin beauty it is pretty lightweight it is oil free I actually prefer products that are not oil free because sometimes it makes me more oily but I find that if I put this on light enough and put a bunch of products on top I’m fine all of my melanin infused friends out there man please stop thinking that having dark skin means you can skip SPF it’s a lie it is a bold-faced lie in a myth okay skin cancer does not discriminate and I love all of you and I want you to keep watching my videos you guys like my shirt shout out to my girl VP guy here on YouTube she started this platform called live tinted and she made these cute shirts and I just felt like it was so fitting for this video you know my skin’s not a trend hashtag half the battles done for the most part sometimes I will pop one a little bit of primer now you guys know I have been living dying and swearing but I’m just not worthy for the tatcha primer you need very little bits of this primer that’s literally I actually followed the directions now and I use a rice grain amount and I just Pat it all throughout my skin I don’t want the reflection of the oiliness of my skin to you know i distract the pilot and this is like skin care in a jar so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing primer it actually feels like you’re wearing skin care so I don’t know if you know this but my undertones are not purple so let’s put some color back in my complexion you want to take a BB cream or like a CC cream but unfortunately there are not a ton of products that fit my skin tone that aren’t like super ashy or gray so I’m gonna take the glossy a perfecting skin tint and this provides very little coverage but this look really isn’t about coverage it’s more or less just about just like enhancing what’s already there just a little bit just I’m not looking for coverage because when I’m going on a flight it’s usually like six to 11 hours if it’s usually like a long flight I want to sleep on the plane comfortably and know that I don’t have to worry about waking up with oh you know new roommate on my face so I tend to stick to something that’s very lightweight and that is more like the skin care than anything the color that I’m using is rich by the way and while this may not be like an exact dead-on match so share that it really does not make a difference and then for a little bit more finesse eree I’m gonna take my charlotte tilbury this is the retoucher conceal stick it’s like a spa treatment stick but it actually makes like a really really beautiful foundation if you build it up just a little bit just for like hair more coverage just for a hair the best way in my opinion to blend this product out is with my fingers so I’m gonna do just that I like to do a combination of like pressing and slapping no I’m kidding I’m literally just taking Mike off for my fingers and pressing this product in I’ve really been playing around with more of these like your skin but better products more than I normally do and I’ve really really really been enjoying them lately I just keep adding this into my skin until I get the amount of coverage that I want all right think we’re ready for the next step man doesn’t leave wised up to Shekar it’s basically like a brightening pen it’s not a concealer and this is what I use under my eye what I wanna basically correct I’m not really looking to conceal I’m just correcting just evening out a little bit of that darkness under-eye I love the f03 brush from Sigma this is the highlight and cheekbone brush is actually a highlighter brush but you know what it works freakin amazing for under eye products so I just have been keeping this in my makeup bag and using it with my Touche cloth for the past like years oh and bra it just fits that little pocket under-eye perfectly look how smoothly that’s blending out studying and so easy and that was so quick you see that’s the magic I just performed I was from Haggard a girl okay sleepy too snatched mm-hmm good morning I tend to also kind of dab it up into the inner corner cuz it’s really kind of a little shadowy in that area for me so whatever is leftover I kind of take it up onto my eyelid a little bit and then travel it all the way around the eye I also for this step I typically don’t use powder because I feel like that takes away from the whole look even for my under eye like this product is so lightweight that I’m not looking to like a powder and add coverage and all that good stuff this is not necessary alright guys so with me Rama’s done or are you one of those people that’s like what is this heifer gonna grab the Studio Fix fluid doesn’t look like they have nothing on and I put like 10 products on my face already I don’t usually wear bronzer for this but I’m feeling a little this one is from Becca this would be Maui nights bronzer and I will be the first to say that bronzer like as a chocolate girl is so hard to come by okay like they just don’t make them and it makes me sad I don’t know why most bronzers like they stop in my complexion and they don’t get very darker I do realize that I am a little bit on the shiny side and I’m a fix down a little bit later but actually let me do that all right I’m gonna take a little bit of water just the tensors don’t get carried away and just Pat a little bit of the excess right on the center of my forehead that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s it and we don’t want we just don’t want it to look like a rain make up we’re trying to swindle transistor powders a dead giveaway all right don’t be baking be ready for the cloud thing so I’m only gonna use it one of the cloud paints as blushes today but I’m gonna show you guys what they both look like just in case you’re interested this is dawn as you can see Don is a really hot fire hot fire coral and believe it or not even though this one looks closer to my skin tone which is storm storm is the more berry one I would actually use Don for an everyday look because I feel like it’s the corals that really kind of in my opinion look just more like a Sunkist everyday glow Don looks a little bit more like what you would wear at night you know like with a berry shade or like a red lip I’m gonna see what happens and you mix them up actually okay so wait a minute I might adjust I might’ve just did something there so you’re supposed to use about a half a pea-sized amount per chichi very little as you can see and I’m gonna go boom boom and then because you can layer them why the hell not I don’t throw a little storm in the mix you know shake the table and then I’m just gonna pack these in in circular motions round and round and round me go and I find that the more fingers you use the easier it is to blend things out look how beautiful that is and fresh that just made my skin look I know crooned can be scary I know cream blushes especially can be super intimidating but honestly power is in the fingers man just take two fingers and I feel like that is what makes it super helpful and also using your fingers I feel kind of helped smooth the skin and makes it just look a lot more flush than it does like packed on so pretty oh my god I love the way these look for the next step you can either use brow gel or just comb through your brows I have micro bleeding so I thank God don’t have to fill in my brows any more when I’m on the go oh so I’m just gonna brush them through and you know make sure that they’re in place I told you guys I love Queen products for this particular look and one thing that I like never leave the house is out for this step is this product from glam glow this is a glow starter mega luminary moisturizer this is one of those products that’s really pretty but like I just don’t know what like I don’t know what to do with her but I know she has a home here and I started like messing with different placement options and I fell in love with this product but more so on the days where I’m not really wearing a ton of makeup away I like the way it looks on my skin I use the darkest shade it’s in the color Sun glow so it’s a nice kind of mid-tone peachy gold shade whatever is left over on the top I put a bit of that that’s actually that’s actually kind of a lot and just dot it into the high points of my cheekbones and I travel it all the way up to my temples and this is why I try to minimize how much power I’m wearing because I feel like this blends better one bare moisturized skin so I’m just patting this in with my fingers especially right in here this is my sweet spot right here is that five head cool leggings to highlight the five head don’t diminish what God bless you with yeah you scare me around my brow around my temple into my forehead up and down and then right back down honestly this product is just so stunning and this does dry down to somewhat of a matte finish so you got to work quick I love this part because this is where I feel just like extra special a little bit down there but just a little bit down my bridge of my nose and the center of my forehead and this smells so good I don’t know how to describe this thing it just smells freaking incredible the last thing I do is I add a clear gloss but typically it has a little extra umph to it you know because who the hell are just want plain lips so I’m gonna take the gloss balm from Finn T not only because it smells amazing but it’s also one of in my opinion one of the most hydrating and comfortable glasses to wear for long periods of time where I don’t have to like take it off it you know some glosses they just gather up around they just get so gross this gloss does not do that it has a little bit of shimmer so you know just kind of in my opinion just enhances the natural lip color those of you ladies that have darker lists maybe you’re a little insecure about it don’t be you know like it’s fine if anything it’s like a natural lip liner so I kind of like enhancing that and a plane up on that for this particular look time to transform the hair all right raise your head if you got an airport wig raise your hand if you got a grocery store wig raise your hand if you got up the fire alarm just went off in my building and I got to go downstairs I got to be associated with other tenants in the building at 4 a.

m. that’s been live for me okay I will only wear this to the airport but like low-key it’s like literally one of those like shaking bags just throw on and go and she looks really cute this is from city girl curls she’s not a stranger to the channel I’ve warned her before she’s very familiar with the jacket on a family and I also do like to wear a headband just to kinda like keep the curls out of my face this is from a show daraa I typically put on the headband first support then I pop the wiggle one just really become like my everyday I’m just trying to get by where girl but it’s also like a really cute vacation wig like when you just don’t want to put in the time it takes to style and do crafts or your hair you know it’s just the easiest quintessential protective style is these type of wigs I do put a couple bobby pins like right at the roots because you know a little turbulence turbulence you got to make sure she’s secure I mean I just love her oh and make her look unruly tsa no you may not search my scalp and that is the end of the look and that is the the end of the look if you are on the go when it gets a little hot on the plane you may want to carry a little bit of travel size fix+ just saying it doesn’t hurt they do come in many size so as far as you’re concerned when you come up to be what I have this look on no I’m not wearing makeup okay mind your business worry about your career that’s you need to do she needed to take back from damn library books are for real though I really hope that you guys like this look oh and if you do get oily just carry some black powder or some blot sheets I find that even though this look is not powder heavy I just don’t at the end they feel like gallons of oil I feel comfortable I feel like there’s not a ton of product on my face and I’m okay with that and I also kind of feel like the longer I wear this look the prettier it gets so I just kind of bask in a little bit of the shine that develops throughout the day so that’s it that’s my time girl looking at my Gucci it’s about that time I gotta go alright I’m gonna give you one more side I just at this point stuntin don’t mind me thank you again to glossier for partnering with me for this video I love these cloud paints because they’re so blendable and easy to use and I’m actually really happy to be one of the first to introduce them to you guys hopefully you guys enjoyed this look in today’s tutorial and I don’t see you guys that’s time don’t be don’t be shy all you do is just click the next videos right here you know you’re waiting for the morning train you waiting for you uber to go to work you got five minutes that’s more than enough time to not only subscribe but to watch the next video I’m just saying don’t worry I’ll be here I will wait


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