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MAKEUP MISTAKES ( 10 That Make You Look Older, Mature Women Over 50 )

MAKEUP MISTAKES ( 10 That Make You Look Older, Mature Women Over 50 )

Hey awesome ones, Heather here.  I’m looking a little strange.   I’m looking a little two faced because  I have my old way of wearing makeup   and my new way which actually I think   takes about 10 years off of my face.

I can’t wait   to show you. I’m always, you know trying   out as a youtuber I’m trying out new cosmetics and   new ways to look more youthful and I  know this video is going to help you so let’s go.

so just before i get into this video let me   take off all of my makeup with a little presto change-o. Okay when I say I keep it real I really do  keep it real for you. So here I am with no makeup on   and what I’m going to do in this video it’s  going to be a little bit tricky but you’re   the awesome ones so I’m going to do this   for you.

On one side of my face I am going to do you know   the makeup that I was comfortable with   that kind of originated in the 1980s and 1990s and then   over here I’m going to do a makeup where  I have learned some youthful looking tricks and tips and   at the end of it I’m going to look a little  two faced but anyway let’s start with the   primer.

So my number one mistake was   the use of a primer and it was pretty simple. I didn’t use   a primer. So this face is not going to have   any but on this side of my face I’m going to have   this great product from Strivectin and   what it is I’m just going to read it here for you.

..   anti-wrinkle line blur perfector instant   wrinkle blurring primer. What does all that mean? Well what   that means is that you know when you’re   painting a wall and it’s got some imperfections on it   and the primer that you put on really fills   in those imperfections, well my face is like a wall.

So   anyway just put a little dab there, there  you go that’s about all you need because I’m basically   doing one side of my face and I just put  this primer everywhere. Now I usually don’t put it in   the crease of my eye because a lot of   times when you’re putting on powder if you’ve got anything   that’s even a little bit greasy it goes on   kind of weird.

So I’m just going to and don’t be kind of   freaked out if my face turns red it always   turns red when I apply something and then after a few   seconds it’s gone. So there’s the primer  and I kind of put it all over here especially in the forehead   and what it’s doing is it’s kind of filling in  my wrinkles.

Oh and by the way I’ll have products   for you below the description of this video  so that should help. Also let’s get into number two   mistake and number two mistake was   that it was the concealer that I was using and I was using a very   thick concealer like this for underneath  my eyes because you can see I’ve got darkness underneath   my eye so I thought well the more   concealer that I put on underneath my eyes the better it’ll be.

..   …wrong. Here’s what I was doing. I was  applying it with the the brush like this and as you notice   a lot of youtubers they just slather on   concealer everywhere. I never put that much on but I did put   quite a bit and then just with my fingers I   would go underneath and start just blending that in and   wow you know it was really looking nice   but what it was doing was it was adding so much in layers   to underneath my eyes and this is where I  got my wrinkles so i was looking really super wrinkly   so what i do now is i just change things  up a bit I’ve used a new product i found a new product it’s   called Boi-ing from Benefit and it’s really  just take a look at the end of this it’s a moisturizer   with a little bit of concealer in it and I use  now instead of my fingers I’m using a concealer   brush like this and I just put a little bit on  a brush and then I just apply it onto my eyes.

   That’s all I do. Now I can just put a little  bit underneath. All right what’s next? Oh eyeliner.   I used to love my eyeliner because I really  wanted to emphasize my beautiful eyes especially   when everything else was kind of going to  pot.

But what we would do before what I would do   anyways, is I would put liner everywhere so and I would use black too. So the water line of course   let’s put it on the water line, don’t know if  you can see a close-up of this but also underneath you probably remember doing this and also on top.

Sorry if I’m covering myself a little bit, I  don’t want to poke my eye in…there we go all right so   there I am with my beautiful eyes but you   notice how they’re kind of shrinking. Everything in it’s   actually making me look older.

So   whatever I use now I’m using thanks to a lot of you out there in   the comments. You said Heather why don’t you use a brown black instead of just black on a liner? Well   I listened and I do read your comments  and now I’m using a brown black.

This one is from L’oreal   Infallible and it’s just kind of a little pencil  thing like this and I put this only on my lid   no water line, no underneath, just a thin  line. I do a little swoosh on the side here.

What do you think? It’s a lot more natural.  Wait till I’m finished you’ll really get the   complete outlook of this. Which brings  me to the fourth mistake and that is the use of your eye   shadow.

Now how many of us, I know me,  loved the smoky kind of look for the eyes. And what we   would do was we would get our eye   shadow and we would make sure that we put you know a nice   brown or sometimes even a grey all over   our eyes.

I’m just actually going to have to use   my my mirror again for this sorry guys but  we would just sort of oh, I love the smoky eyes and   so smoldering so sexy. But you know   what? We kind of we’re still going to look sexy right   but we we want to look more naturally   sexy, so anyway so we would just sort of do this and you can see and then maybe we’d  give it a little swoosh outwards but that was the smokey eye.

Well you   know what let’s go a little bit more natural this time. So   I’m using a palette like this and I’m going   to show you a few of the palettes in the links that   I really like to use. This is well loved   obviously but I want to use a brighter color.

This is kind of   like a shiny beige color and what I want to  do is I want to put it right here to kind of bring   my eyes out and alive this one’s kind of  looking dull and well smoky but and then up here I want   to bring the the eyebrow up so it looks alive as  alive as well.

And also just a little little dab will do you…   oh dear…anyway so just in the inside of  your eyes. So you see I’ve highlighted that.   Now depending on your eye color, your  skin tone, you can use a different kind of.

..I love…   I mean you might be using a brown but I   love using the plum colors for my eyes. So all I do   is I get a brush like this, that I just  dropped. I’ve got another brush somewhere.   All right I’m not gonna stop and I just use  a plum color like that and I kind of brush,   it’s good to have lots of different brushes  available when they fall on the floor but I   just kind of brush it like that and then I get  the darker color and we’ll just where’s my brush   for that ah we’ll use this one and I just kind of go into the crease.

See how that’s going in there   and again if you have hooded eyes you  want to do a little swoosh out there   and it makes your eyes more alive. Now   you’re looking and you’re saying okay I would never   wear my eyes like that well that’s the   power of the blending brush you gotta blend blend blend.

   And I never used to blend over here. I don’t know I guess I never was taught to use the blending   brush or I never paid attention to the   makeup artist doing my makeup when I was a model. But   anyway blend, you see how that’s just   blending out and it’s making it look so much more natural.

   Oh and I almost forgot. I usually put a   little bit of just brown eyeshadow underneath my eyes. I want   still a little bit of definition underneath  my eyes but this is just done with a powder.

   So it’s super simple. So it’s time for  my makeup and matte makeup time. What???   Just up until about a year ago I was   wearing a lot of matte makeup and I’m just going to sort of   put on.

..this is the foundation powder and   I’m going to do this side of my my face with the matte look.   And whether it’s foundation…I would go   on…well not too much under my eyes but still   trying to do half a face here.

Now  I am using a beautiful liquid it’s   a glowy makeup. This one is from   Shiseido it’s synchro skin glow illuminating fluid foundation.   So and my color that I’m using here is  rose and all I do is I just put a little   little bit there and for me I like using  the sponges still.

So halfway down my face and you can just sort of already tell the  difference between the two kinds of makeup. All   right so while the foundation is drying let’s  talk about the mascara and I used to use a mascara that   was black and a lot of you said hey you  should try the brown black.

And I did that and I really like   it. Again I’m trying to…when you look   more youthful you usually look a lot more natural. Also sometimes   what I used to do is this like oh this   mascara it’s it’s on its last legs but it’s kind of clumpy   but I’m still going to use it and I would just  clump up one coat of mascara and it wasn’t a good   idea because my lashes would just kind   of all come together and I would do them on the bottom as well and it just as I said it wasn’t a good look.

  So what I do now and I really take care of my mascara   by the way I am using…this is so   inexpensive but it is so good it washes off really nice at night   it doesn’t smudge and it’s the Exhibitionist  Covergirl mascara and what I do I put on   one layer and then I’ll do some other part   of my face and then I’ll put on another layer.

So instead   of just one clumpy layer I’m using three.   So while that’s drying let’s talk about the brows.   Boy did we do a lot of eyebrow plucking   back in the day right. And a lot of us have really hardly any   eyebrows left and if you’re still thinking  well I hardly have any eyebrows so I might as well   just do a thin line.

I’m just going to use a   brown here again well for me I want to look natural so   I’ve talked about this before but if you   haven’t tried them I’m just telling you you’re missing out.   These are eyebrows stencils.

They’re   absolutely fabulous and also again I’ll have the links below.   You get a powder with them and let me  just kind of show you if I can do this on camera…   be a little tricky but let’s see what I can  do here.

Oh I better hold on. I’ll go like that.   I did brush my eyebrows up a little bit with  just a spoolie but and I use a brush like this…   go into the brown powder and hopefully I   do this straight.

Next step for the eyebrows I use a clear   mascara like this. This is Great Lash   mascara from Maybelline. And all I do I want this powder to stay   in place, so all I do is brush up those hairs  like this and I have a beautiful natural looking brow   and not something phony and thin and  way back in the 90s kind of look.

And by the way if you’re   kind of liking this kind of video don’t   forget to subscribe and don’t forget to ring the bell   or you click on the bell and you’ll be   notified of my videos. So the eighth mistake that I used to do   hey we all did this we would use maybe even a brown eyeshadow but we would just go you know   I have cheekbones, it was kind of a   sucked in kind of look but yeah we would definitely do this and that’s how we like to look because you   know kind of the simply irresistible look.

But I don’t do   that anymore. I want to look simply   natural and so what I’m using now is a it’s sort of it’s   a contour but it’s from Tarte and the color   I use is Exposed. So just kind of looks like this   and now what I’m going to do is I’m using   a well using a blending brush like this and I just kind   of go in.

Now I still want my cheekbones   to show up but I’m going to have a little bit of redness   too and it gives me the contouring but it   also gives me more of a natural glow. So my next mistake   was using highlighter.

On this side I didn’t  use any highlighter. I didn’t give myself that   that glow. I was actually kind of afraid of  using highlighter in case I was just way   too shiny. I mean remember how we used   to learn that powder made you un-shiny.

Well   now we gotta look a little shiny so what  I’m using is this highlighter from Too Faced.   And it’s fancy pink diamond. Here I’ll open  it up and show it to you. So it’s it’s very lovely and shiny   and all I do is I have a brush like this and  I put the highlighter just above my cheekbones   don’t put it all over you’re just going to look really super shiny and unnatural and I also put   just a little bit up here.

Now can you see   the difference between the matte side and of course   I’ve got the the nicer foundation on but I’m  looking just a little bit more alive over here   than I am over here. So yeah highlighter   alright.

So the next mistake that I want to talk about…   hey I’m all for wearing red lipstick now.  I used to not like wearing red lipstick   but I did find out that if I use a red that’s  kind of matte it’s just not doing anything for me   let me just put on this matte lipstick  for you and there we go.

So now you’re   probably thinking that looks okay but with  your lips shrinking please please do not   use the brown liner to go around your lips.  I’m just going to do that a little bit here.   You might be thinking oh well it’s making  my lips look bigger but it’s I didn’t even   think it was attractive back then when it   was popular but it’s certainly not attractive now.

   Today I’m using just a lipstick. I usually  use a little bit of liner in the same color   but today I’m just going to use the Dior lipstick  and this one is it’s…what is it Dior Addict   and it’s also called stellar shine so it’s a  very pretty kind of a reddish pink to go with my   shocking pink top that I’m wearing today   which I absolutely love.

Get out of the black clothes   everybody and get into a little bit of color.  But anyway I just sort of this holds well too   and again I could put a little bit of lip liner   on if I wanted to but let’s take a look at the before   the old me and also the fresh new more   alive more youthful me.

This side is more alive it’s more   vibrant and this this is kind of a  pancake makeup pile it on smokey eye   let’s just call it the unnatural look and   when you’re going really unnatural you’re really not   looking youthful at all so yeah.

So let’s just  bring out somebody who always looks amazingly   natural and talk about my future videos.   So here he is Mr Hurricane. And I know he puts a smile   on your face every week. And you know  what? You put a smile on my face every week because I’m reading   the comments and we’re really a big   community here of women that really try to help each other   and I’m so happy to read the comments   and by the way I’m learning a lot from you.

So if you have a   cosmetic that you really like and you’re  finding you’re getting that youthful glow with it please   include it in your comment and share it  with all of us. Also did you notice this picture behind me?   I’m kind of proud of it because my   daughter is a graphic artist and I’m going to let you in   on a little secret a little sneak peek if you  want to go check it out and at amazon.

com/shop/awesomeover50   my daughter has created  and with my help, some confidence boosting fun   t-shirts. So we are still designing more but I think the first ones you’re going to like. Some   of these t-shirts like, Aging like a fine wine, you know you wear them around the house maybe lounging   and you’re feeling good.

So yeah check  that out because after all we’re all here to help each   other and I want to continue to keep on  making things and writing books and and being here on   youtube and also instagram for you   because you are the awesome ones and I just love you guys.


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