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Makeup Sponge 101 | Makeup Tutorial | Real Techniques

Makeup Sponge 101 | Makeup Tutorial | Real Techniques

Hello everybody, welcome back to Real Techniques I’m Nic and today’s makeup tutorial I’m going to do for you is all about sponges. Now here at Real Techniques we have a sponge for everything and I’m going to show you how to use them but first if you like education, if you like learning, if you like makeup, if you like having fun, you like applying makeup, how to apply it – this is the channel for you so don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share.

Got all that out of the way now let’s do some makeup. So firstly we need to get our skin ready for makeup so we want to take a sponge that’s going to prep our skin ready for it. I have got the miracle cleansing sponge I want to cleanse my face before I apply anything so I’m going to take this sponge, I’m going to use it damp which means it swells a little bit so it will swell slightly bigger than it was before and then just run that over my face.

This sponge also exfoliates very very gently which i think is an absolute win-win. I’m going to run that all over. Then I’m going to take my cleanser of choice I’ve chosen an Estee Lauder one. I’m going to run that into the skin with the sponge so that’s really working it into the skin so we’re cleansing away any leftover makeup that might be there we don’t want that to be sealed into place we want to take it away and start with a completely fresh canvas.

Now quite often people might get the odd little bit of dry skin as well this will just help to remove that because it’s slow exfoliating properties it’s not going to damage the skin but it is going to take away any dead surface layer of skin.

Then, you’re going to rinse all that off so I’m going to go off and do that. Okay I’m back and my skin is – I feel like it needs to squeak – it’s squeaky clean. I love that feeling, but I want to moisturize before I put my makeup on.

I next want to step in with a little bit of moisturizer. So I’m going to take the dual-ended expert sponge and I’m going to use the orange end with a little bit of moisturizer over my skin. Now my skin’s a little bit on the dry side so I’ve used the Clinique Moisture Surge but use your normal moisturizer that you would go for to really work that into the skin.

And then I’m going to turn that sponge over so I’ve got the pink end I’m going to take a little bit of primer and just work that over the skin. The reason I want the pink end is because I want to get into any little areas that I want the primer to get into around the nose.

I’ve gone for a radiance primer because my skin is quite dry, it can look a little bit dull. It’s giving it a lovely glow. Next I’m going to take my miracle complexion sponge to put some foundation on with.

It doesn’t matter if you use this damp or dry, it’s totally personal preference. I like to use mine damp so it doesn’t pick up as much product. The reason we use it damp is because if you use it dry it’s going to soak in with a lot of your foundation so you want to get as much from your foundation as possible by using it damp it still applies beautifully, but it’s already got stuff in it to stop it soaking at your foundation.

It’s already obsorbed the water. I’m just using Elizabeth Arden Prevage Foundation over the skin. Any areas you feel you might need a little bit more coverage just make sure you are dabbing over those areas so it’s really pushing the product onto there.

Mine is mostly my cheeks and that’s because I’ve got quite a dry skin. Next I’m going to go in with this bad boy. This is the Miracle Complexion Body Sponge. It looks big there, when you add water it goes even bigger.

This is going to cover a much wider surface. I’m going to take a little bit of Mac face and body. I tend to go for a couple of shades darker with this because I want to take it down my body. Now I’m not going to show you my legs but I would normally take it on my legs as well so it gives a really lovely even color throughout the skin, but I’m just going to take this down the neck.

Going to take that right the way down the neck, a little bit onto the decolletage as well, which you can’t really see. Next I’m going to go into the Mini Eraser Sponge. Now I actually like to use this dry, but it’s totally personal preference.

I like to take my concealer, I use two different concealers, so I’m going to take a moisturizing concealer and just run that under my eye. the reason I use this dry is because after I have applied my foundation with the wet Miracle Complexion Sponge – get my words out – the concealer is going to give me coverage where I need it and I find if I use the sponges a little bit wet they don’t give me as much, so dry it’s going to give me a bit more coverage so I’m just going to take that under the eye and just work that in.

And it naturally blends it through. This is a moisturizing concealer I’m using under the eye first. It is actually MAC Moisture Cover Concealer. And then if you look at my eyes I’m very very dark just in here and here so I’m going to take a little bit of my concealer just in there, just in there, and a bit around the nose.

I’m going to turn my sponge over so the point is there and it fits perfectly in that little gap and blends it without me having to worry about it. Now, I have a couple of blemishes – this one on my neck which I keep picking at and I can’t help myself and I’ve got a little one here so I’m going to get a heavier concealer and still use the same sponge as before.

This concealer is the Laura Mercier High Coverage Under Eye Concealer, but I’m not using under my eyes. So I’m going to take a little bit of it with the point first, and just push it over the area that I want to conceal, just keep pushing and it should just disappear, and hey presto! It’s gone.

so I’m going to push that over where my little blemish is as well and if you find that you do get quite stubborn under eyes I’m going to take the slightly darker concealer, the slightly fuller coverage concealer, and just – not darker and just push where I get the real darknesses just here.

Just lift that You get two of them in your pack. Win! Then I’m going to take the Miracle Contour Wedges, and you get four of these in your pack and I’m going to first of all take the pointy side. So holding on to the slightly wider edges I’m going to pop that into a product of choice, this is an Hourglass one and I’m just going to take the slightly bronzier one and you see how I’ve put it on its side, I’m just going to pop that there and then just softly pulling upwards Just allows it to blend itself.

Just gives you a nice little shape. Now I’m not a fan of really really strong aligned contour but you can create this with the sponges as well. so you can see how it’s brought my cheeks in a little bit but still looks lovely and healthy and then going to take the flat end and I’m going to push it into the same product, but I’m going to use that around the hairline with the flat end so it doesn’t have as much lay down that just gives me slightly bronzy glow around the hairline.

Little bit over here as well so it blends that. And if you want to bring your jawbone out a little bit more, bring it just under here as well just sharpens that jawbone really nicely for you. Now we also do four Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges and I’m going to use them next.

I’m going to take my pink one first and I’m going to use my blusher set I just used for contouring and I’m going to use the highlight. I’m just going to run that into the highlighter and then push it on the top of my cheek bone.

Just lifts and creates a really lovely glow to the top of the cheek. Now the reason that I like these is because they come in different colors so you know which color you use for what which makes it really really handy I chose this light on because it’s the lightest one in the pack so I know I use that one for highlighter.

I’m going to run a tiny bit down the center of my nose, little bit on my cupid’s bow. And then I’m going to take the darker pink one and I’m going to pop that into the blusher, put that on the uppers of my cheeks.

These can be used for creams, powders, and liquids so don’t feel like just because I’m using creams you have to. I like the finish of creams because I have quite a dry skin. Now that’s come off a little bit strong so I’m just going to take a clean mini one and just soften that a bit, just run that over so it just takes down a little bit of the color.

Then I’m going to take my miracle finishing sponge and a powder and just work that on any areas where I get a little bit too much shine so a little bit on my chin, a little bit through my forehead. and I’m going to take a tiny bit – turn it around so I get the point – take a tiny bit around the nose as well.

I want to keep some of the shine because I really like a little healthy glow, but I want to lose a tiny bit. I’m also going to take that right in the eye there and that side. And then my skin is done and I’m ready to go.

I’m going to take a couple of these miracle blotting sponges with me to touch up my powder throughout the day. Lastly a touch of lip gloss and mascara a little bit of brow gel And there you have the finished look! My skin looks like a better version, it looks really really glowing and healthy but not like I put tons and tons of makeup on so don’t forget to like and subscribe and share it – especially share it with someone who’s still using their fingers and they’re not quite ready for brushes yet and the sponge is a really really good intermediate to get them to the next level.

Take care and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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