Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my “Channika.” So I did this look today during the day and I was going to the mall with Rhianna, that’s why my forehead looks so big, because I put my hair back. I had filmed a video, but then my microphone wasn’t plugged in, so I was like, “Okay, whatever.

I’ll film it on a different day.” And then I got home and I was like, “I should probably just film it now.” And so I took off one side. So I already had this side done from this morning, So I just took off this side and redid this side for you.

Because you guys know I’m really lazy when it comes to vidoes. S–! I didn’t even set my face. I’m using the Kodi Airspun Powder. Rhianna: Where’s your beautyblender at? I don’t know. Oh, this is gonna be a kind of like a pinky/ purpley/glittery eye.

So, yeah. Pop it! So my hair is in braids and my forehead looks really big. So for eye primer, I’m going to be using the Essence I Love Color… I’m gonna be using the Essence I Love Color Intensifying Eye Primer, because when you’re using colorful eyeshadows, and you don’t use an eye primer, it kind of makes your eyelid pink, as you can low-key see.

The pigment stays onto your eye. So now, Oh my god, I have a pimple! For eyeshadow, I’m going to be using the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette. This is amazing. It’s one of the only colorful eyeshadow palettes that I have, and whenever I want to do something really funky, fun, and fresh like the kids do I pull out this palette.

Just like I pull out my f-ing d–. Guys, my pull-out game is so strong. Hoo. We’re gonna be using this Quivange brush. It’s just, like, a normal crease brush. And we’re gonna be taking the shade “Bori,” in this palette, which is just a light pink.

It does have little glitters in it. But you can’t really tell once it’s actually on your face. And I’m putting this in my crease as my transition color. We’re just kind of putting this everywhere, and that’s why you want to make sure that you have the eye primer everywhere.

Because if you don’t, you’re going to show up to school the next day with pink f-ing eye, and people aren’t gonna want to touch you. Then we’re gonna be taking the shade “Zobo.” What? That’s cultural appropriation! I’m going to be taking the shade “Zobo,” which is like purple and we’re going to be putting that into the crease, so that we can kind of deepen it a little bit.

Now we’re going to be mixing the shade “Zobo” with the shade “Makeda”? M-A-K-E-D-A. Makeda. This, like, dark purpley kind of color. We’re mixing those two, just to, I don’t know… really making sure it’s all f-ing blended.

Now we’re gonna cut crease, so that you can’t really tell, because we’re putting glitter over it, and there’s a chunk of mascara up there. But you know what? It’s what I did before, and it turned out looking fine.

So. We’re gonna be taking this Wet and Wild photofocus Concealer in the shade “Light/Medium Beige.” This is way too dark for me. And I wanted to get some use out of it, so I just only use it for cut creases.

I’m taking a flat brush, Rhianna: I wanna show you what I feel like her butt looks like. No, it’s bigger than the one on the other side. Rhianna: No it isn’t. Yes it is. You’re just delusional. Did you ever watch “Full House?” Oh sorry.

I didn’t even say was I was doing. I’m a f– up. I’m going to be taking this Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in the shade “Midnight Cowboy.” It’s just this kind of darker gold. Rhianna: Midnight Cowboy.

Boy. Rhianna: What did I tell you about going out and riding those cows? Why are they called “cowboys” and not “horseboys?” Because you hurdle cows…you are a cow hurdler. So you are a “cow” “boy.” Did you just assume my gender? Now I’m just letting that dry.

I kind of touched it up on the other eye, too. I’m kind of keeping it squinted like I’m kind of high, because I kind of am. I’m going to be taking the shade Makeda on a MUA crease brush This is 315. Very similar to the Morphe e36, which looks like this.

Like, a little bit stumpier, but this is a little bit fluffier. And I’m just using this to really focus it into my crease. The first time I filmed this, I was filming it and then Rhianna came upstairs, and she’s like, “Where’s your microphone?” and I’m like I was so angry.

I’m not going to school tomorrow. Rhianna: You’re not? I have an excused absence because of August’s graduation. That’s what you get when you live the cowgirl life. Rhianna: That’s what you get with the cowboy life.

Your brother? He is the cowboy. What does that even mean? We’re going to be taking the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen and we’re just gonna be doing a simple wing. And I’m just gonna touch it up with my Stila one because this one is kind of dulling out.

Now that we have both of those, we need to apply a little bit more glitter and blend this one out of my crease. Nothing ever goes right for me in tutorials. I swear to God. Okay, now I’m gonna be using the DUO black lash glue, and I’m going to be painting that where I painted my eyeliner.

I know that’s not how you’re supposed to put on eyelash glue, but that’s what I do. Uh, I can’t find my eyelash, and my glue is going to dry. Oh here. So now I’m putting on my Ardell wispies in the style 113.

Like that. Once that’s dry, I’m gonna be using the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express Eyelash…es?? Mascara. I’m going to be combining my natural lash to my fake lash. Oh s–! Before I do that, I need to finish my bottom lash line.

I’m going to be going back into the Juvia’s Place, going back in “Bori,” which is the first color that we took, this pink one. I’m going to be taking the Morphe e36. And I’m running that on my bottom lash line, just kind of everywhere.

And then I’m going to be taking the shade “Zobo,” which is this purpley color. And now I’m going to be putting on mascara. Now I’m going to be taking the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation in the shade “Bisque Medium,” and I’m going to be putting that on my face.

Like a f-ing beauty guru. I always draw a smiley face. This is too dark for me but it kind of works now because I’m tanner. Life sucks. Okay. Then I’m gonna be taking the NARS… …NARS. That’s how Australian people say, “Nose.

” “Nar.” I’m gonna put some on my NARS. Now for bronzer, I’m going to be taking the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster. I lost my Butter Bronzer. I don’t know… I’ve never leave my house. Let alone with any of my makeup.

And I had it after Costa Rica. But, I’m just gonna be taking this. It’s a close second. And it’s…it’s nice. This is a Luxie 660 brush. I have so…. I was about to say, “I have so much acne.” I have more pimples than I usually do.

Rhianna gets triggered whenever I say, “I have so much acne.” Rhianna: She does not. And then when I say I have so many pimples, she’s like, “No.” So I just say, “I have more pimples than I normally do.

” Okay, and now I’m gonna be taking blush. I’m gonna be taking the Papa Don’t Peach blush in the shade… the only shade there is. I love this blush so much. It makes me so happy. I’m going to use a MAC Soft & Gentle highlighter, and my Anastasia a23 brush.

Rhianna: You know, I watched this BuzzFeed video, And it was like “How to find the perfect nude lipstick: Match it to your nipple color. I thought it was the inside of your a-hole that you were supposed to do.

That’s what I heard. Rhianna: That’s really dark. I haven’t seen my a-hole so I can’t really rebut that. I’ve seen my nipple, but I haven’t seen the inside of my a-hole. Okay, I think I’m gonna do… I’m gonna be doing the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade “Zurich.

” I forgot to prime my face, but oh well. So, yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and make sure to keep on hating me.

Woo. Yeah. Okay, this video was s—.


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