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Y’all Crazy You might start to look like a ghost but don’t you worry, we’re on the right track Don’t mention not ok thanks beauty levels just going up just smack yourself in the face a couple times what is up you guys! welcome back to my channel i mean.

. WUTS GOOOOOD! So today were going to… why is it so awkward whenevr you’re trans– TRANSFERRING transferring to punjabi from english today were are going to perform the makeups I know Yall gona say you dont need makeup Navpreet tie yo damn hair If you’re new here .

… FIRST OF ALL and second of all press that bell as fast as possible or i will.. punch you. lets put on foundation oh no no naw naw naw the first step is primer you know our girl Rihanna right this girl is the bomb dude! first in music.

. and now MAKEUP! this is a life saver… Y’all gonna shine with this stuff everyones going to be wondering how many glasses of water you drink now massage that into your skin do you see that ?? that glow ?? mindddddd blowing such a sweet girl rihanna is for this NOW ITS TIME FOR FOUNDATION now is time.

now is time. this is in the shade ” natural beige” ugh dry skin… but yall sitting far, you probably cant see thank God now you might be looking like a ghost rn with this foundation too cold in this b**** and you can put this.

.. under your dark circles if yall look really f*cked up then you can use a color corrector if you REALLY enjoy staying up that late… you rebellious kids use that orange-y tone to cancel out the darkness to hide all your f*kery damn beauty is goin up rn we shall blend this now such a beautiful day today.

.. actually i never wake up this early.. but i’ve figured out one thing… i know one thing for sure now that if you want to be happy in life. then you must wake up early in the morning if you don’t then, you won’t feel peace of mind.

that soul satisfaction you know what i mean now you might look even more like a ghost NO WORRIES now were going to put on POWDER so that all this icky sticky stuff can be stuck in place it needs to stay where ever the f you tell it to stay ok? going to put on this nasty ass powder smack that sh*t on your face last night i watched “Highway” i can’t believe how many amazing movies there are it came out in 2014 and i found out NOW first of all my brain wasn’t ready in 2014 i need to watch more movies.

so to the people watching.. please tell me your favourite bollywood movie please! have to watch ” Gans of Wasseypur” because i heard its great. now time for eyebrows! wow look at that….. gorgeous thats what you call an eyebrow.

. you see that? can’t believe this expertise now we shall highlight our browbone so it looks like you just got them done save yo money folks can’t find no brush so i can’t find a single brush for my eye lol but since i always use just one color it should be fine look at that.

smokey eye in 3 seconds. and sorry i keep talking in english just comes out man can’t stop mother nature like you know? this trick is fire dude stop wasting your time with brushes and use a contour brush oh! also.

we need to put our brows in place so that they don’t slip like yo manzzz i can’t letting no body do me wrong cant leave our eyes just yet and were going to tap that at the centre of our lid there you go so hot and also where your sleepy gross stuff accumulates.

. gets cold so quick huh WHY! i love killing it in the wing section if you want to do a wing then do it properly or pls stop why bother you might have noticed i dont wear falsies anymore its because my own lashes are bomb rn but sometimes falsies get a bit much.

.. if someone ever posts a makeup photo on instagram.. the comments are always like.. like bro chill its not illegal. i didn’t kill nobody. its just makeup damn girl you work those lashessss left my blush in someones car this color ill be using who made rules???????? no one.

do you b**** do whatever you want! lovinggggg


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