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Makeup Tutorial NAYEON TWICE – More and More MV

Makeup Tutorial NAYEON TWICE – More and More MV

Hey, guys! It’s me, Vienna, and welcome back to my channel. On today’s video, I’m going recreate TWICE’s Nayeon’s make up look… on their latest MV “MORE & MORE”, as per your request. I promise this look isn’t as complicated as it seems to be.

So, if you want to know how I create this look… just keep on watching! Okay guys, let’s start. This is my bare face. And there are acnes on some areas of my face. There are two actually, and this one in particular is painful.

It’s so big and it just popped spontaneously. I’m using So Natural’s Red Tock! Spot Powder, if you’re wondering. So if my pimple has popped… I use this product, because it can also function as a concealer.

See, this one isn’t too obvious. Because it has been concealed by this product. So… I think this product does a good job, because it can dry your acnes in an instant. I’ll do my eyebrows first. Nayeon has straight brows.

I’m using Wardah Instaperfect’s… Matic Contour Brow-Brushed in the shade #Brown. This brow pencil has two sides. A spoolie in one end, and the brow pencil in the other end. As you can see, I have naturally arched brows.

So later on, I’ll have to conceal this upper part of my brows… to make them appear more straight. And I’ll fill in this part on the bottom of my brows. I’ll fill in my brows first. Just like that. So I’ll shape my brows to get the straight brows.

And see this part that looks empty. I’ll fill in this part using this brow pencil from BROWIT… in the shade #Natural Brown. Because I need a brow pencil with pointed tip… so I can do my brows with more precision.

Nayeon’s brows are also thinner in the middle, unlike my brows. So, I’ll conceal this part… and just fill in starting from here. Okay, this much is enough for now. Nayeon’s brows also don’t extend too far to the middle like mine.

.. So, I’ll just fill in my brows up to this part. I’m gonna define my brow shape using… Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter eye brow gel. Btw, I brush my brows downwards… and to the back. Don’t brush your brows upwards.

Unless this front part here, because the brow hairs here are slightly shorter. Now, I’m going to apply cream concealer… to conceal the stray hairs of my brows. I’m using Kryolan’s concealer, as usual.

I’ll also conceal these hairs on the upper side of my brows. Leave your brows looking rather natural. Because in Nayeon’s photo, you can see… her brows are not too “on fleek”, they look rather natural.

So, I’ll just leave my brows like this. I think this is enough. Now, moving on to cushion. I’m using this cushion from MISSHA, Magic Cushion Cover Lasting #23. I’ve been looking for the best Korean cushion.

.. and MISSHA is on the top three on the list, if I’m not mistaken. The price is affordable too. The packaging looks like this. It’s surface feels “doff” to the touch. This cushion comes in two types. One is the Cover Lasting cushion, this one here.

And the other one is the Moist Up cushion. But I only have the Cover Lasting cushion. See, guys. This shade should fit my skin. It sets pretty quickly on my skin. So, when you tap the product on your face, you have to blend it immediately.

This cushion does a really nice job. The coverage isn’t inferior to foundation. However… the finish isn’t too dewy. If you want to get dewy look, maybe you should try the Moist Up cushion instead. Right now I’m using the Cover Lasting cushion.

This one can cover my pimples and the dark circles under my eyes. But, the finish isn’t as dewy as I imagined. I thought it would look more dewy than this. But it’s okay, this cushion still gives my skin a slight glow.

And this Cover Lasting cushion is recommended for oily skin. So, if you want your make ups to last longer… choose the Cover Lasting cushion. But if you have normal skin and you want dewy finish, choose the Moist Up cushion, well I think it works that way.

I’ll probably buy the Moist Up cushion later… because I’m curious how it will look. Now, I’m going to apply powder. This is Catrice’s All Matt Plus in the shade #Transparent This powder is also one of my favorites.

I’ll apply this powder on my undereyes first. Focus on these areas. And using my finger, I’ll apply it on my lids. If you want to apply your eye primer, that’s fine. Go ahead and do it. But I’m not gonna do that.

The eye shadow for this look is super simple. You just need to put on purple eye shadow… and since it has matte finish, no glitters are needed. So, it’s really simple and easy to recreate. However, this look has wing-shaped eye shadow.

First of all, I’m using this Sunrise palette from FOCALLURE. The palette looks like this. I’ll take the shade #Tenderly Light, this one. This color is for the crease. It’s just for the transition color.

.. because it’s still got a bit of pink, but the purple is more dominant. And on this outer lid area… blend the eye shadow a bit upwards. So it forms a wing shape. For the next color, I’ll pick a purple-ish sade.

This shade #Lavender Field… it also has matte finish. Start from the outer corner. For this color, when you blend it upwards, don’t take it too high to the crease. Focus on the line formed by the double fold of your lids.

I’ll add another color from Lakme’s palette… the Absolute Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette. I’ll take this purple shade. For this color, I’ll just put it on… from this wing part, up to the double eyelid line.

Because, as you can see on Nayeon’s make up look here. Her eye make up is rather bold on the double eyelid line area… and the outer part is wing-shaped. So, we’ll add this color just on those parts.

I’m using a smaller brush here. Starting from here. Blend until it comes together with the double eyelid line. And we’ll also blend the eye shadow downwards… just a little bit. Eye shadow’s done, guys.

So simple. For the eyeliner, I’ll be using INGLOT. Their black Eyeliner Gel. I’ll fill this into my waterline. And for my lashes… I’m using this mascara from Looke Cosmetics… on my lower lashes. Now, I’m going to make my undereyes appear a bit puffy, just like the Koreans.

First, I’ll brighten up this area a bit… using the cream concealer from earlier. Next, I’ll apply the Catrice powder. To set the concealer. Then, I’m using this Tartlette Flirt palette, the #Snuggle shade.

This dark brown color. And I’ll apply this color using a tiny brush. Squint your eyes like this. And draw a line here. See. That’s how you got puffy eyes. Now, I’m gonna contour my face. This is Sephora’s Sun Disk Bronzing Powder It’s really big.

I rarely use this product. See. It looks like new and it smells so good. Mine is in the shade #2, Medium. In this look, Nayeon’s contour looks pretty light. So, I’m just gonna apply this on my nose. Now, for the blush on.

I’m using Clinique’s Cheek Pop. This is #2, Peach Pop. Blend this blush on up to your cheekbones up here. Because, just look at her picture. The cheekbones up here still got the blush on. Now, for the highlighter.

I’m using Masami’s highlighter, the #Stardust. The packaging is tiny, see. I’ll apply this highlighter on my forehead, too. On these areas here. So it gets the glow. Put a bit of this product on the inner corners, too.

Before applying lipstick, I’m gonna use Studio Tropik’s setting spray, the DreamSetter #Glowy. To achieve the glowing look. For my lips, I’m using SECONDATE’s Milky Gel Lip Tint… in the shade #Picnic.

Because the color is similar to Nayeon’s. Press a tissue paper between your lips. Well, guys, so that’s all for today’s video. I hope you like this look. Drop a comment on what look should I recreate next.

.. and, do I look even more like Nayeon? Okay guys, don’t forget to hit the like button… subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already… and I’ll see you guys on my next video. Bye!


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