Hello guys, in this video I’d like to give a makeup tutorial That suitable for any occassion and party, especially wedding reception Even you’re are wearing Kebaya like me or if you are wearing a dress or batik, this makeup tutorial is suitable for all the clothes even you are wearing hijab or you didn’t wear hijab, this makeup is also applicable and suit your style and if you are curious how I did my makeup then please keep watching! Before applying makeup, I apply lipbalm all over my lips to keep moist and soft I spray my face with Mineral Botanica Facial mist to make my face looks fresher Before I apply foundation, I use primer all over my face to make my makeup last longer and to prevent my face get oily Using Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation, I dotted some of them in my cheek, nose, and chin, (also forehead) and blending with sponge from Etude House If you feel the coverage is still light, you can go back and apply another layer take a concealer one level lighter from your actual skin tone and make backward triangle under your eyes this help you hide dark circle around your eyes don’t forget to apply on your nose, chin, and forget as a highlighter and blend it again using the same sponge to set concealer and prevent them from creasing, I used HD pressed powder from Make Up For Ever But actually you can use any kind of translucent or transparent powder Let’s draw the eyebroowww! I only brush my eyebrow hair with spoolie that come along with this brow pencil and started to draw it from inner corner of my brow up until outer arch of my brow Take another brow pencil, I am using Shu Uemura Hard Formula and start filling my brow to make them look fuller Yeayyy another new palette! This is from BH Cosmetics Carli Byble edition Well it looks like this.

… Take matte light brown color and apply to your eyelids but don’t be too near browbone take golden shimmery color and repeat the step once again take a dark plum color and apply it to the outer corner of my eyes to make a smokey eyes effect and start blending using crease brush I used Hakuhodo crease brush and keep blending until the harsh edges looks smoother and precise apply dark plum color under half of your waterline and take golden shimmering shadow to your inner corner near tear duct to make your eyes look bigger moving to eyeliner, I am using Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner and start making cat wing eyeliner but it’s not too dramatic because I have a small -slash- slanted eyes I am using scotch tape (or double eyelid tape) I apply one coat of mascara from Tony Moly and don’t forget to apply on your lower lashes it’s time to curl your lashes! just be careful and slowly I am using unbranded falsies from Taiwan and it’s so cheap! If I am not mistaken it’s only IDR35.

000 (USD2.7) per 10 pair using LA Girl concealer that darker than my skintone and apply it as a contouring base because I am going to top it off with contouring powder apply on your nose to make them look higher and pointier (lolz) and blend using sponge and I am using City Color Contour Effect Palette to define the contour and contour your nose as well I am using the highlighter from Carli Byble palette to highlight my brow bone and hmmm bridge of my nose (really forgot what it is called in bahasa lol) apply pink blush on from Shu Uemura right in the apples of my cheek what is it called in bahasa Indonesia? I am confused! *this could be happen when you are trilingual* in the center of your cheek and lil bit on the chin apply another highlighter from the CB palette and highlight your cheek bone and your forehead also your chin I am using compact powder to blend the foundation and blush on that I applied earlier I am using City Color Creamy Lips in shades Chocolate Merlot I like the color but it’s not too long lasting and it’s not too matte finish so If you are using this to eat it will fade away and the makeup look is completely done! If you still confused or you did not know what kind of product that you’re supposed to use I will give you the information in the description box below and if you like my video please click thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel


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