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Mal Descendants Transformation | Disney Makeup Tutorial

Mal Descendants Transformation | Disney Makeup Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle, but today I don’t look like Sarah Ingle. I look like Mal from Descendants 2, so stick around and you can see how to transform yourself into Mal, too.

The makeup look we’re doing is technically Mal from Descendants 2 – I know that 3 is about to come out but I actually bought the costume for this probably like a year and a half ago because you guys have been asking for a Mal makeup tutorial for a very long time so we’re doing a Descendants 2 look and they’re very similar like the makeup anyways.

The hair is different. That’s something I don’t get. Tell me in the comments what you think of the fact that Mal’s hair is now basically blue in the new Descendants. Like, that’s confusing to me. Evie is the one with blue hair Not Mal! What happened? What happened? Wha huppen? So we’re gonna jump right into things and get started with our Mal makeup.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the really ghostly palest one of all? we’re gonna just make sure we start off with a clean face and my case no makeup on no primer no anything I do have moisture Iser on but that is about it so let’s start off by priming our faces this is Smashbox photo-finish – oil-free and I feel like everybody uses these I have them in several different types so you don’t need a lot of just hi on your face say Prada and then I just rubbed it since I’ve got the primers out I’m gonna go ahead and prime the eyeshadow as well we’re gonna go ahead and make sure everything is nice and primed mal has pale skin and I noticed this because she actually even specifically makes a comment about it so if you are in between shades you might want to veer for your lighter foundation for this look so I’ve got two different things here you guys can use whatever your favorite foundation is I’m gonna start with a Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation believe it or not I actually do have a Beautyblender out here but I just like using my finger I’m using a little bit of both and add a little bit of the wax paste our CMA colors any areas where I feel like you need just a little bit extra coverage all right so I’m gonna also take some all of this it’s basically just white I happen to have a shadow under here and Doug Cameron doesn’t know so I’m just canceling that out I’m taking lighter and putting it here because she has really full cheeks I find it’s really handy to reference photos so I do have photos saved onto my phone that I can pull up any time of that I need to see a reference of her face also taking some of the light and putting it around the mouth this varies for every person so i can give commentary i’m what works for me but it’s gonna be a little bit different for you and again you can compare your face to hers to see the difference her jaw might be up just a little bit higher and a little more in right through here than mine so i’m going to take a little bit of the dark and put it just right here and i might even use a brush focus on this this cheek illusion a little bit and put some dart underneath the cheekbone and it’s gonna look a little crazy at first but we’ll blend it all in I’m pulling in some of that light you want to make sure when you do put dark under here to make the cheeks look more pronounced and that you pull some light underneath that so it doesn’t pull your cheeks down make them like little droopy you need some oil and see if you can smile and see a little bit this is the normal smile I draw like a little line simply area a lot of times this color corrector people use it underneath but sometimes I’m doing transformative I put it on top I’m taking some of this light purple brightener from my Sephora Pantone universe palette I’m putting it there around the corners amount really really lightning and area light as possible people over time to my my dark shadowy there I was telling you about maybe it’s because I’m an alien we’re gonna go ahead and do the nose contouring now heard of nose we’re gonna put a line right here I’m gonna line right here on either side of the nose but again your nose might be a little different but I feel like that narrowing it a little bit on the size it’s probably something that’s going to to work for most people on top of the cream or in this case the wax I’m gonna do powder I just find it sticks a little better we’re going to use the Urban Decay basics Naked palette and go over those lines that you just made what you wanna do is take your Beautyblender and get them all nice and filled with water squeeze out the water we don’t want water all over your face a key when you’re doing crazy nose contouring especially to making it look natural is taking some pressed powder in this case I’m using this makeup for ever and taking your damp Beauty Blender and then just patting it over top of that it will pick up some of the pigment as well as seal it in with that powder to blend it in much much better I’m noticing on the end of her nose down here it’s pretty light so take some of this foxy color and put it right here so it looks like her nose tip is rather elongated Sinemet unit our last little finishing touch for the nose is we’re gonna do a highlight at the top of the tip of the nose right through there so I’m gonna use version from the original Naked palette and just and you can go pretty heavy with it add it in a little bit let’s just go on and start working on the eyes because the eyes are part of what makes mouths look very very Malik there’s a nice shimmery purple supernova from the deck of scarlet number nine palette make sure you try and keep this inner corner clean because we want to keep that nice and bright and we go over with that frosted color this is from a museum of ice cream this collab with Sephora they launched makeup as well as brushes I actually have all of the brushes and they have sprinkles inside of the handles I’m still just dying how this looks like a wafer what’s it called The Millionaire yep it’s called Vanilli anair that’s amazing and we’re gonna actually even though this is the highlight use this in the inner corners here so take a flat brush and start patting it in inner corner and pull it in so it starts to blend in with that purple oh this is fun alright so in that same a deck of scarlet number nine there’s a shade called drop it is coming off a little bit grayish which is what we want so oh that was a lot of it the key with this one is concentrating all the dark color on the outside and all the light color on the inside so you think light to dark before I go any further into this I realized I did not put in my green contacts so I’m gonna go put in my green contacts all right we are back I’ve got the green contacts and make sure you do that before you start so what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna add just a little bit of more of a skin tone highlight to the brow bone recent Venus from the Naked basics palette but right on the brow bone there okay we’re gonna move on to be false lashes and this is one thing that it’s super dub Cameron’s super mouth so this is gonna make a really big difference there see dramatic they definitely look dramatic a bear islur jasmine brown and JB for your lashes dark on the outer corners light on the inner corners you don’t want your lashes to go all the way into the center because it’s gonna bring too much darkness and even if that means cutting your laughs and shorter don’t let it go in that let inner inner part of the eye because it’s just gonna bring too much dark past too much of a shadow down there all right once you’ve got one on you know what to do you got to stick the second one on to strongly suggest it it’s now taking your liquid liner and we’re gonna fill in these little gaps and make a nice dramatic wing out the edge I like to use felt tip liquid eyeliner once you’ve got your liner on get yourself an eyelash curler and use it to squish your real lashes in with the fake lashes take yourself an angled brush and tap it into some matte black and we’re gonna just Pat this on over we we just want to seal it in take any black mascara that you’ve got laying around we’re gonna use this to seal your natural lashes in with your false lashes so we’re not quite done with the eye but we want to go ahead now and go ahead and do that under-eye concealer and I’m gonna pull out that Sephora and Pantone universe palette again but any orangie toned color corrector you have will work just fine my personal favorite under-eye concealer I just threw on the floor okay so this is it cosmetics bye bye under-eye a little of this goes a long way and it is amazing I absolutely love this seal to conceal in with my personal favorite laura mercier secret brightening powder and sealed and sealed don’t let them know you haven’t slept in a week I’m gonna put it up here at you because brightening my my alien shadows so I have this Jordana just pearly eyeliner that we’re gonna do in the waterline here I want to also just add white and we really really make it pop it’s the next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a black eyeliner just a pencil liner all right this is a Makeup Forever aqua eyes waterproof black pencil it doesn’t need to be that fancy just very lightly not harsh just a little on this outer here’s the deal if you’re doing I’m gonna sneeze that’s what’s video that’s my sneeze her brows are basically covered up by the bangs if you’re doing The Descendants to look so I’m just gonna use the same stuff I usually use on my brows this is a NYX micro brow pencil in the color ash Brown where you got to do blush we’ve been done blush yet and that’s a very important part of this this is from Dec of Scarlett number three we have baby doll focus on the apples of the cheeks so we do want to pull some up into the hairline as well to make sure that it’s very natural sometimes they’ve got it you can even do it back behind your your jaw line a bit he is apples of the cheeks and up way higher than you feel like you should be make sure you get your little damp Beauty Blender back out with some setting powder again so now we’re gonna do a little bit of highlight up here on our cheekbones this is high-beam from benefit you’ll notice I use this a lot I might even we’re gonna we’re gonna double this up this is a cream color base from Mac and the color pearl you don’t want to seal in your your creams or liquid highlighters with a with a match you want to seal it in with a shiny shimmering splendid as a silver dusk from Mac and it’s very shiny on your brow bone inner corner so one thing that makes dove Cameron look very Doug Cameron Evo or her very full lips so we’ve got to do some work on the lips so let’s start by grabbing a Revlon Colorstay long-wear lip liner and we’re just going to line our lips her bottom lip is considerably larger than her top lip most people will need to over lie especially on the bottom once you finish coloring in your lips with a lip liner we’re going to take some lipstick I’m gonna use a bit of dusty rose you can think of making your lips look fuller in the same way you think of contouring your face areas that you want to seem larger or more protruding you want to be lighter or draw a light to them with things like glosses and shimmery highlights we’re going to start with though it’s a matte liquid lipstick from Kylie’s line and coke okay and we’re going to use this in the center area and the idea is we’re kind of like doing a shading effect to make it look like it’s very full and pouty alright now that I’ve got that lighter on I’m gonna go in with this Sephora lip stories set teen cream and berry licious and use this on the edges and pull it in a bit to create that shadow effect alright now we’re gonna take a lighter pink lipstick in this case I’m using water melon from Ben Nye we’re just gonna use this to kind of blend in all this together and lighten it up a bit because it is quite dark one thing that of Cameron has on her lips is a little bit of what’s called a keyhole lip it looks like she’s a little like indention or crease right here so we’re gonna pull some dark right in there and then it gives like a little bit of a shadow now we’re gonna take some more of the vanilla anair and Pat it just on the puffiest parts of the lip but apart so we want to look obvious right in the center and now we’re just going to take a plumping gloss this is called Sally Hansen lip inflation and click that right on top of that light part and there now we look way powder than we did to start with now all we’ve got to do is put our hair up into a wig cap you get that wig on and get our costume on if you don’t know how to get your hair into a wig cap that’s okay because we’ve got a video for that so I’ll link in the description to that so you can see how to get even really long hair all up flat onto your head really quickly and easily so I will be right back okay so here I am and if you notice I actually put a little piece of cleaned one of the paper right there to make the the lip even more pronounced since my lips are nowhere near hers and no amount of shading is ever going to duplicate that completely in my case oh I just remembered something that I forgot to do oh we missed up okay just take a little bit of a dark color I’m gonna make a shadow under the lid there we go it’s a little bit more of a shadow now oops now we’re done Tell me are you excited for Descendants Three despite I know this there’s some sad things that were we’re not gonna focus on the sad things right now we all know what those are and hopefully maybe they’ll even dedicate Descendants 3 – Cameron Boyce so let me know in the comments below are you excited for Descendants 3 I hope you guys had a great time transforming yourselves into mal from descendants let me know what makeup tutorial you want to see next if you want to see more videos like this remember to subscribe and ring the little bell if you actually want to see any of them because otherwise YouTube probably won’t show them to you thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoy descendants three and I will see you next time it doesn’t actually make that noise well you’ll notice when we get to the blush section or sure a round of applause Oh hiccups we’ll see we’re just suppose whoo


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