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Welcome to my Maleficent Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Alexa Poletti. Of course, we are going to start with contacts. I had a really hard time picking out contacts for Maleficent because her eye color changes so much throughout the movie, but I went with these Geo cosplay contacts from Pinky Paradise, because of their black backing.

This allows them to show up just as well on dark eyes as they do on light eyes, which is very important for Maleficent. I am going to start my makeup by putting concealer under my eyes and blending it in with my fingers.

Then I’m going to put on my palest foundation to try to get Maleficent’s super, super pale complexion. Then I will top it with powder to set my foundation in place. Here is where it starts to get a little tricky.

Those cheekbones. Not all of us are as lucky as Angelina to have a professional makeup artist apply prosthetics to our cheeks for Halloween this year. So to create that crazy cheekbone effect, I’m going to start with brown eyeshadow a little higher than my natural cheekbone, and draw it down and curve it a little bit to create that dramatic point she has on her cheeks.

And then I’m going to use a black eyeshadow, just on that main point to make it look like it sticks out farther than the rest by giving it a deeper shadow. Then blend your shadow down as if your cheek bones stick out so far that they cast a shadow down the rest of your face.

Now I’m going to grab a highlight from my contour & blush palette from BH Cosmetics. And I’m going to brush it on top of my new cheek bones and down my nose. Then I’m going to take a bright white eyeshadow and apply it to the tip of the cheek just to reinforce how crazy sharp Angelina’s prosthetic cheeks are.

Angelina’s eyeshadow in Maleficent is actually a lot lighter than I would expect it to be. But she closes her eyes a lot whether she is sleeping or thinking or observing Aurora, or whatever she is doing, so there are a lot of reference shots of her eyeshadow throughout the movie.

So starting with a copper eyeshadow base, I’m going back in with a dark brown eyeshadow into my crease and blending it out. Next I am going to accentuate the outer corners of my eye with a black eyeshadow, just to darken it up a little bit.

Maleficent’s eyeliner is a softer look than I usually do, so if you want to use a gel eyeliner here, go for it. Liquid liner is just a lot easier for me to apply personally. And then I’ll just go in with black eyeshadow on a smaller brush after the fact to soften it all up.

And then I’m just going to carry that black out into my crease and blend it all around. Now I’m going to use a light yellow eyeshadow to pop a little warm highlight in right along my brow bone. Then I am going to take some black eyeshadow to line underneath my eyes.

And I’m just going to use a fluffier brush to soften that line out. It doesn’t look like Maleficent’s eyeliner is too super dark, so I’m just going to use a beige eyeliner to brighten up my waterline.

Black mascara. You know what to do. Make sure you show your bottom lashes some love, too! Now for her pointy evil villainous eyebrows. I’m just going to line out my brows to have a really high arch and be a lot pointier than usual.

I have a very exciting sneak peek in the world of false lashes. The creator of Dolluxe has designed a brand new line of natural looking falsies called RockALash. For today’s Maleficent look, I’m testing out a really, really cute potential new lash design for RockALash, so if you like these lashes, please let us know in the comments, and if you do like them, maybe you’ll see them in production soon! Finally, one of the most important parts of Maleficent’s look is her red lips.

I’m going to use this red lip crayon to draw on a base for my red lips. Because the red is a little brighter than I want, I’m going to follow it up with a darker red lipstick on top. Maleficent wears a nude colored nail polish on her nails, so I am wearing So Nude from Madam Glam.

For the best look, you should choose a color that compliments your skin tone. Now that my makeup is done, time to get changed. For Maleficent’s horn/hat combo, I’m going to put all of my hair up into a wig cap.

A wig cap is not totally necessary for this look. I just think it’s the easiest way to get all of your hair up in one place. And if your horns are a little bit too big like mine are, you can use a black beanie for a little bit of extra padding.

And here is my finished Maleficent look. Thank you guys so so much for watching. For behind the scenes photos, extras, and previews for my next videos, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you guys liked this video as much as I liked making it, please subscribe to my channel.

Thank you again so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next Halloween video. Bye!


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