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Well, well welcome to my channel, Maryam here and in today’s video I am going to show you how to do this Maleficient transformation just in time for Halloween. So we have got the costume, we’ve got the feathers, we’ve got the high cut cheek bones, the red lips, the contacts and everything is super-duper affordable, all things you can get online, I’m listing everything down below for your convenience, I hope you guys like this look, I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Thank you for watching and for subscribing and let’s hit it, Maleficient 2019 here we come. I am ready for this Maleficient transformation, before I begin I must address the background noise I don’t know if you guys can hear it or not, sorry there’s nothing I can do, there is some construction going on outside my window, the show much go on so we are gonna keep it going.

I am going to start by priming my face with this STRIVECTIN Anti-Wrinkle Line BlurFector mouthful, I have been using this one for a while and even though it’s meant to smooth out your fine lines and wrinkles it also works to smooth out your pores and actually does help your make-up last a little bit longer preventing those really pesky lines around the nose.

For my Maleficient skin tone I’m gonna be using JOUER Essential High Coverage Foundation which is a favorite of mine especially for Halloween, it basically gives you a brand new skin tone and it makes your skin look flawless, pore-less very well covered, you honestly probably don’t need this much but I’m gonna use this much because I really want to negate all this redness and all this discoloration that I am having on my face, it must be that post birthday skin.

I actually find that this foundation is a little too much for everyday usage just because it is so full coverage, but I keep it around and I keep using it especially during the month of October. I mean it literally covers everything, everything.

The shade that I am using is Cameo which is slightly paler than my skin and it’s also a pitch more neutral so I think it’s kind of similar to Angeline Jolie as my Maleficient skin, I have my reference here that I am gonna keep on going back to, she has a very pale olive bone sort of complexion so that’s what I’m gonna attempt to achieve.

My concealer reaching for JOUER High Coverage Essential Concealer in the shade Macaroon, just gonna add that to the usual areas where I highlight, also a pinch heavier down the nose bridge. I am already starting to lay down the foundation for the shape of Maleficient features, so I am also gonna start highlighting the cheek bone area.

We need a beauty blender and a drink please (rings bell). The good thing about this JOUER concealer is that it’s so liquidy it could stay on your skin forever until you blend it out, it really doesn’t stain the skin, actually a really, really great product.

Also, super, super-duper high coverage, meaning full coverage so you really don’t to color correct underneath. Boom gonna take my FENTY BEAUTY Mocha Matchstix, gonna whip out my reference, here she is and I am gonna start mapping out the contour, straight from the outer portion of the cheek bone, also sucking my cheeks in just a bit, I’m gonna take it all the way down, using a cream contour first because this is what is gonna help me kind of control the product.

And I am applying the cheek bone contour much higher than I normally would just to emphasize that very pointed Maleficient cheek bone cut. Also, gonna apply some contour right here around the bridge of the nose and the eye brows and also around the nose but keeping the nose portion much wider.

Gonna narrow my forehead, also gonna contour a pinch under my chin and underneath my jaw line, and beauty blender just a different side, I am gonna blend it all out. Also, gonna keep my brush handy, it still has some foundation on it so that’s gonna help me seal in and make everything look seamless.

Blending out that jaw, squaring out that chin, the nose portion I think I’m gonna use the synthetic brush just because it’s kind of a delicate area and I really wanna be able to control the product. Blending out the cheek bone, step 1 is done.

Gonna use my MAYBELLINE Master Fix Setting and Perfecting loose Powder and set my under eye making sure that there are no creases, you know the drill. Also making sure that when I set the under eye, I am not touching any of the contour areas, so I am strictly lightening and brightening and setting the highlight.

And there we have it, I’m just gonna let all this powder kinda bake and settle into my skin and into my foundation, completely forgot to contour underneath my mouth, not that you need to do this, but I need to do this because it’s Angeline Jolie that we are talking about.

I am gonna need put in a little bit more effort. Who else is a fan of good old Angie, I’m pretty sure she was probably like my very first ever girl crush. Well, well would you look at that I don’t have my powder contour, so instead I think I’m just gonna use an eye shadow.

I have these 2 Mac palettes from their Pink Marble packaging collection, I’m not sure what the name actually is, I think the colors are perfect, there is a warm palette with sort of brownie shades and neutrals and there is also a cooler palette with some cooler shades, cooler neutrals sorry.

So I’m gonna use the warm one first for my skin, this one is called Natural Vice and pick up this shade here with a sort of angular brush, Sigma edge Kabuki F87, gonna pick up just a little bit on the edge, on the very tip of this brush, I’m gonna start just very gently hollowing out and chiseling out the contour.

I’m also gonna keep a fluffy brush handy just that I control it better and blend it out when it needs to be blended out. Actually before I go on I’m gonna take some loose setting powder, this one is a Japanese powder, I’m just gonna add a light layer of this powder to this entire area just to seal it in place and to keep it from moving, you don’t need to use this exact powder, any setting powder will do but it will probably be better if you keep it translucent and not colored.

I’m also gonna set the rest of my forehead and the bridge of the nose. Gonna go back in with that edge Kabuki and chisel out that cheek bone, keeping the chiseling kinda dramatic, so don’t be afraid to go a little bit over board for this Maleficient look.

Darkening the outer portion of my forehead, don’t worry about being so precise here, and I’m gonna add a pinch more powder just to this area here to blend it out a bit and not make it so harsh, yes very, very evil.

I’m gonna take a slightly more precise contouring brush, this one is Morphe M572 and I am gonna dip it into the brown shade here, gonna start by adding that right to the edge of the contour, this is what is gonna make that cheek bone look extra Maleficient and extra sharp.

Also trying to keep these 2 cheeks uniform, noticing that this one is a lot longer than this one, gonna have to blend this one out and I am gonna have to drag this one down. Gonna go back with the same brush with the previous shade and add a pinch more of that to the top just to make it blend, I’m gonna take a similar brush just a little bit more rounded and I’m gonna start blending those 2 together.

And then with my regular brush I’m just gonna keep smoothing this area and blending seamlessly into, let’s call it the hollow of the cheek area. It’s funny because this hollow of the cheek is actually a lot more protruding or intruding, sucked in on this side than it is on this side so it kinda have to emphasize it more here and blend it out more here.

Alright the contour is looking rather good, we are not completely done with it but the whole process I gotta say is very, very satisfying and I would dare to say that it’s also a lot easier than using prosthetic or the nose and scar wax like a did in my botched video tutorial, if you wanna go that route click up here I do have a video for you guys but be warned it’s not as easy as this.

Oh shit, now it’s not recognizing my face ID ha. I’m gonna squeeze my beauty blender, add a pinch more of that Maybelline loose setting powder and I’m gonna trace out that edge right on top, gonna do the same thing on the other side.

I’m also gonna bring it down right here, why because it is so necessary, look at that. For my brows I’m gonna use my BENEFIT Brow Styler, however I’m not gonna use my usual shade 4.5 or 5 instead I’m gonna use the shades 3 and 3.

5, starting with the 3. I would say my natural shape is already pretty similar to hers, the only difference is that her brows are much, much shorter and they just appear to be a little bit more defined, so what I’m gonna do is blow off some of this powder from my black shirt.

Gonna brush out my brows upwards to see what I’m working with and I’m just gonna start tracing out this shape very lightly, first using the powder side and brushing out the product and switching over to the pencil side.

With the pencil side I’m just gonna define the shape a bit more using tiny brow strokes defining my brow arch, emphasizing it and bringing the tail of the brow down, just to give it more of an evil sort of arch.

I love Maleficient, she is a character that I can really connect with and relate to, she’s definitely someone who is misunderstood, she’s also kind of the underdog and I am always the type to root or the underdog.

I haven’t seen Maleficient 2 but at least that’s the impression that I got in first movie. Alright Asian Maleficient here we come. I’m gonna brush these brows out once more just to make sure there are no gaps, I think I’m just gonna start beating off some of that powder from my lids, from my nose, from between my nose because I am about to get to the eye portion.

Going back to these 2 Mac palettes for the eyes, basically what I see here is a classic smokey eye that’s a little bit exaggerated on the outer corners with some lashes and a smokey liner very close to the lash line.

The colors are pretty taupey neutral so that is exactly what we are gonna stick to. I’m gonna be using the Mac palettes like I said, I’m gonna start with a fluffy brush like this one, this one is Sigma X Roxette Arisa, congrats girl on your new colab and this is their tapered blending brush E40.

Gonna go back in that shade cork, gonna start adding the color much higher on my brow bones surrounding my eye socket coming in very close to that nose bridge that I created with the contour and also to the beginning of the brows, gonna add a bit more color here and connect with my outer corner.

Also trying to keep this line sort of parallel to the cheek bone line, that way it all looks very, very cohesive, a lot more character rather than your everyday type of make-up. This is a really nice brush actually, perfect for laying on the first preliminary color, great for blending, great for placement, good choice.

Also say hello to my new phone, it does indeed take some fantastic pictures but the camera definitely needs a tutorial. Alright that’s a good preliminary step, next I’m gonna take a Sigma detailed diffused creased brush and I am gonna dip it into this shade here and with this shade, I’m gonna define the lower portion of the brow bone, keeping most of the color on the outer portion and also connecting that outer corner.

Also when doing they type of character make-up I like to have several mirrors, so one that’s very close, one that’s at an arm’s length distance, one that’s behind it and then I also use my monitor to kinda gage how everything looks from different angles and from different focal length.

I thinks it’s important when doing this type of make-up just to see that it doesn’t only look good up close but that it also looks appropriate from a distance. I’m just gonna take a clean brush and diffuse those 2 colors into each other, continue lifting them at the outer corner giving myself that evil flair, that cold stare and that signature shape.

Blending and buffing as before. For the brow bone I’m gonna take this matte ivory shade. I’m gonna give myself a nice highbrow arch highlight, I don’t know why I’m sucking in my cheeks right now I feel like it’s helping me concentrate on this Maleficient look, alright that’s coming together, that’s looking really good.

I’m gonna take a tiny little brush, pick up a bit of this dark brown, gonna add this brown shade right here to this groove and meeting with the lash line. Using a really small dense brush and this one is a lip brush actually from Motives.

Keeping that blending brush handy, handy. Next I’m gonna pick up this shade here, a very pale taupe shade and just using a packing brush, this is from the same Sigma X Roxette Arisa Collection E 54 brush, gonna pack that on to the rest of the lid.

So, essentially we have contoured, we have lifted, we have changed the eye shape and we have given it the classic smokey appearance, keeping the smoke on the outer portion. Next I’m gonna add a thin line of liner using the same shade that I used for the outer portion, just thickening and darkening the top lash line, using the tiny brush from Roxette’s collection for lining the eyes using shadow, just smoking it and blending it out.

And one more time go over with the taupe just to blend, also gonna take a black pencil, very sharp and just run it through my lashes, I know this is kind of annoying step and you absolutely don’t have to keep it precise but this will help disguise your false lashes and it will also help to make your lash line look a little bit more smoldering, keeping the line as thin as possible going in between the lashes and just smudging that liner.

You know what I’m actually gonna add some of that bone white right here to the center just to lift my lid a little bit. And boom, next I’m gonna brush off any of that remaining powder. Hhmm gonna take that same pencil and gonna line very close to my lashes on the bottom, going all the way in and smudging that liner out, just like that it’s looking kinda freaky at the current moment but wait for it.

I’m gonna take the taupe, seal that line in the inner portion, next I’m gonna take the slightly darker taupe, add that to the middle of the lower lash line and then I’m gonna take a bit of that warm brown and add that to the outer portion of the eye, connecting with the top lash line and that outer view portion, like that.

Lashes time, I’m gonna apply some mascara to the top and bottom lashes. And now for the lashes I have chosen these new lashes from ColourPop, these are full lashes in the style Doll. Very long and feathery and wow they are bad quality, literally just came apart, let’s see if I can still use them, just gonna cut that off, cut off about the same amount on the other side.

Just gonna wait for that to get tacky, alright lashes time. Well these lashes are actually very nice kind of on the natural side, I think they are perfect for this look. Only thing is that the quality is definitely very, very questionable, miraculously I was still able to make them work.

And now for the part that you have been waiting for, actually it’s the part that I have been waiting for. Wow there is just some type of ruckus going on outside of my window; I’m not ready, go away. I’m gonna use the same MAC Russian Red lipstick that they used on Angelina, but first I need to wipe my lips.

Gonna use this Make Up For Ever lip liner in shade #41 and now I’m gonna start outlining my lip well past the lip line, because that is what you must do if you don’t have naturally occurring full lips like Angelina.

I also noticed that the corners of her mouth turn slightly up, I’m gonna do the same thing to my mouth like that and then just connect to the top lip line so it doesn’t look too Joker like, so the upturn should be very, very slight.

I’m gonna contour my lip ever so slightly, ohh yes and then using my MAC Russian Red I’m gonna fill in the lip. Hhhmm even though this is a MAC lipstick, it’s still a traditional lipstick so I’m gonna blot just once to get rid of any sheen, also gonna add that signature Angelina split right here down the centre with my lip liner.

Alright and now I’m ready for the final reveal, well, well (laughs) here she comes, I don’t really know how to laugh like Maleficient but I’m trying, yes cheek bones. Suddenly I’m feeling very much Magnificient and capable of doing just about anything, I am feeling my Maleficient transformation, I’m loving the horns, I’m loving this whole outfit that I got off of Amazon for nothing you guys, it was so inexpensive and I think it looks pretty damn good quality, I hope you love this tutorial, happy Halloween you guys, check out some of other videos.

If you wanna try out some of my other Halloween looks, they are right here, click on them and happy Halloween (kiss).


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