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Margot Robbie Hair & Makeup Tutorial With Pati Dubroff & Bryce Scarlett | THR

Margot Robbie Hair & Makeup Tutorial With Pati Dubroff & Bryce Scarlett | THR

– [Patty] Hi I’m Patty Dubroff – [Bryce] I’m Bryce Scarlett – [Patty] We are going to show you how to re-create the look that we gave to Margot Robbie. (upbeat music) – Hair we kept it soft very full, arches and shapes around the face very like 90s supermodel blowout.

I used a lot of dry shampoo at the roots. I used the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray throughout. To keep it really PC and shiny. We always have a mood board put together for like press tour, or phase that we’re going through.

And right now the mood board is all kinda late 80s, early 90s, models, some perms. Which sounds a little scary. But the more natural looking ones, that have a lot of like texture to them and really full.

And again just really like focusing on these big shapes around the face and those kind like Baywatch babe arches. I used a one and a half inch curling iron. Just kinda gently setting. I teased a lot of the roots.

Dry shampoo, dry texture spray. And then the Luminous Hairspray throughout for PC-ness and shine. That was basically it. (intense music) – Moving onto makeup. You know when I think of Margot I think of golden girl.

Its all about a pop of gold on the eye, everything else is kinda easy. Natural tones, but with a pop. Like a piece of jewelry on the eye. I first use this product, which probably is my favorite thing I use all the time.

It’s this Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour. And is use that through the crease of the eye, to create some depth. And then I’m just smudging and blending with my finger. Because it really just needs to look like a natural shadow.

So it doesn’t have to be so ultra precise. And then I also use the same pencil along the bottom lashes and on the inner rim. Once again to just create some natural shadow. I’m going to use a little dome brush now.

Just so I can get a little more smudge and blended. On top of that I use a gold cream with a flat brush. And I swipe that straight across the lid. Look at that it’s like a piece of metal, that just like showed up on her eyelid.

And then on top of that, I’m using gold powder. And I’m just pressing it on top of that, to make sure that the gold cream is set. So it has more staying power. And then the last step for the eye, is I’m just taking a little bit of like a taupey eye shadow, very matte also.

Like that first color. And I’m just giving a little more blend. And a little more contour to the crease. I’m putting a little bit underneath the eye, so the under eye has a little contour. But I’m not adding more, I’m just, whatever’s left on the brush.

‘Cause I don’t want it too dark. A swipe of mascara. And I definitely did a good amount of mascara. I wanted the lashes to really stand out. So yeah root to tip, and then a little wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

And then I’m going to use a mascara on the bottom lash too. I also did a bottom lash. But I’m using this comb, so I don’t have too much product. And then the lip is a neutral tone. Because it’s really, want all the focus to be on the eye.

So I’m using this pinky nude tone. (dramatic music) – Pretty. – Yeah, I know – So pretty. – Super glamorous, but pretty easy and soft still. (mutters) – Hope you guys like it. (dramatic music)


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