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margot robbie “the wolf of wall street” tutorial | ‘90s makeup tutorial

margot robbie “the wolf of wall street” tutorial | ‘90s makeup tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for another movie magic make up look for today’s video I wanted to revisit a Margot Robbie look I did a couple years ago it was Naomi from the wolf of wallstreet in the iconic pink dress and I feel like I was still new to a transforming and wigs and everything so I want to do kind of an improved version but take another look so this time I went with the date nights and I love this it’s so like early 90 is this eye makeup look and lip combo is just so universally flattering so I hope you guys will try it out and let’s get into it I’ve already got on this wig which I’ll have link down below it’s not a perfect match because it’s bangs and not a flowing piece of hair behind the ear like Naomi but for a cheaper wig it is a nice blonde shade and I wanted to go bougie to start off so I’m using the YSL Touche Claw primer you only need a tiny bit of this it’s lightweight helps diffuse imperfections and smooth the look at the skin it really does make the skin feel really soft my skin has cleared up quite a bit in the humid summer so I’m going to go in with my favorite lightweight drugstore foundation the Revlon candid glow in the shade 150 creme brulee applying all over the skin it’s creamy evens out your skin tone while moisturizing and gives you a dewy finish I love this and I do have fine lines on my forehead like I will eventually get bangs like this or start across bangs but I do find that the product doesn’t make them stand out more and to highlight and to give some dimension to the face I’m using a lighter shade of a full coverage concealer this is l’oreal infallible and it’s a great shade for this look covergirl also has a similar option I like them equally so there’s lots of options from the drugstore highlighting my chin beside the nostrils up the sides of the nose bridge and this makes the contour have more contrast and look more smashed in the end under the eyes of course and above the brows while this is more of a transformation these highlight points are pretty Universal to help brighten up the face and the rest of the skin I did go high-end with the powders and bronzers pretty much all from Charlotte Tilbury I loved the genius magic powder this is the shade one and it’s light diffusing helps blur imperfections and boost radiance for a mattified smoother looking finish and I love all these products together and it’s similar to the hourglass veil powder I often use but is surprisingly cheaper this is a new product the matte bronzer in fair also by Charlotte Tilbury it’s a natural soft bronze and it’s a great shade for pale complexions to slightly warm up all over without it being orange based it’s very neutral similar to the benefit hoola light bronzer once I’ve applied this to my forehead cheekbones under the cheeks adjusted over the nose I’m going to do the Margot Robbie and nose contour that helps the transformation as I always say this part is just for fun it’s a challenge for me to do to make cool thumbnail but generally this look will look best in person if you contour your nose and your face to fit your natural face shape but if you did want to experiment with creating more of a structure defined nose here’s how I created the illusion I’m creating a diamond-like shape following my inspiration photo now a small line across the tip of the nose and I’m fading this downwards to make the tip look a little bit smaller and upturned did some shadowing under the nose tip again more structure and then I’m just blending this out adding a line through the center that’s just how our bones are structured and then I’m going to do the rest of the makeup and do touch-ups along the way another Charlotte Tilbury products for contouring and bronzing that I like is the film star Bronson glow contour duo I’m using the bronzer to further deepen the contour and I like this rather than going with more of an ashy shade like I do sometimes like in the Harlequin look I did but for this one Margot Robbie was only 22 when she filmed the wolf of wallstreet so she had more of a fuller face in comparison to Harley but oh my god I did not know she was only 22 my absolute favorite highlight is the Hollywood light wand I really do love Charlotte products for skin I there isn’t really a dupe of that I found for this one so I’m applying it right beside the contour to help pick up the light add dimension and give more of a believable contour time for blush I went with this one from Mac it’s a nice peachy pink shade and I’m going up the cheekbones also added the same spot light highlight to the very tops of the cheeks Brow’s are easy for this look I love benefit goof-proof brow pencil and to suit the blonde with a sheer roots I use shade three filling in the sparse areas and fading in the head of the brow brush these up and totally optional but since I changed my hair color and my coloring doesn’t quite match I added in the benefit 3d brow tones to add some highlights to them this is great if you have highlighted hair as well and for eyes we’re doing a quick smokey eye with a pop of warm peachy Brown in the center and smoked out liner especially on the bottom lash line then the peachy warm Brown above the center of the lid and I’m fading this down mixing peach torque and chocolate dip together patting the brush off and then fading this into the crease rounding out and upward throughout the outer V and fade it onto the lid super quick and easy I used one big blending brush and a matte highlight to the brow bone making sure the peach didn’t get too blended away in the center there and the other eye we go you can use so many different drugstore palettes I’ll have a couple on screen that you can get the look with this onto the lashline we’re gonna smoke out and it really brings the look together start with the deepest shade we’ve been working with and add this to the inner corner under the lash line and then smoke downward at the outer corner most of Naomi’s look have this liner shape I love it because it creates more of an almond shaped eye balancing out the roundness of the center of the eye with a black liner pencil deepen up the lash line you can also line your waterline and tightline for a bolder look with a liquid liner one of my favorites is at the feline flick it’s a very black very matte and I’m keeping the line close to the lash line all the way from the inner corner to the end of the lashes we’re not dragging it into a wing but softening up the line over top with some black eye shadow mascara time quick coat on the upper and lower lashes boom I love this look it’s not sexy but not a ton of makeup you can add falsies for more of like a clubbing vibe not that that’s a thing right now but that popped into my head I love the applicator and since I’m not over lining I’m just using the lipstick without a lip liner in the actual movie scene the shade looks like this in dim light Naomi also looks a lot more tanned in the candlelit lighting and scenery I tried to replicate that in the intro but based on the more well lit image the lip had more of a pinky magenta as well so I mixed Velvet Underground also by Charlotte Tilbury and I’m pretty sure I used this in another Margot retro look that she had in terminal did so here’s the whole look put together obviously the wig isn’t perfect the way it sits I couldn’t get volume up and out from the part but the ballin definitely gives that Naomi vibe more than my brunette hair and the poles are going away soon on YouTube and I love doing them so let’s do a voting in the comments which margot robbie role has been your favorite for hair and makeup Naomi Harley or Margot Robbie a Sharon Tate thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did it makes you give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more pop culture tutorials I got these earrings that are not exact but pretty close from bauble bar so I’ll have them linked down below and then this jumpsuit it’s not a dress it but like a full jumpsuit I am sweating right now but it is from pretty little pretty little thing and it has a very similar top it was like the only mesh top that I could find it that was quite similar to naomi’s in that scene also I have a couple of fun videos that I have planned so let me know what you’d like to see first up I was thinking of doing another very summery look similar to at the Brooke Shields Blue Lagoon video like this loved last year but I would do Candice want to pool in this at Vogue Brazil she did because I just love that image and I would love to know if you’d want to see it that one as well as the 60s at that I have sad say forever so those are two ideas and the labyrinth video as well for labyrinth fans because I know some of you were really excited when I mention that one it’s just taking me a while to make the dress it has always here are some of your recreations I love it when you guys tag me on Instagram so I can feature you and I will see you in my next one


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