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MEAN GIRLS Makeup Tutorial | Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron

MEAN GIRLS Makeup Tutorial | Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron

shut up! …I didn’t say anything hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel I’ve been gone for about two weeks and I’m so excited to be back and filming lots more videos at for 2018 starting with this Mean Girls look! I’m sure I’m not the only one who re-watched Mean Girls over the winter break it’s just iconic it never gets old to me and I wanted to recreate Lindsay Lohan’s look Cady Heron from when she is a newbie and then the transition to cold, shiny hard plastic! So I hope you guys enjoy it make sure you give it a thumbs up if you do and comment below your favorite mean girls quote.

.. Mine is anything that comes from Karen Smith’s mouth she’s just so funny but anyways there is a giveaway involved with this, I should have mentioned that, you can win it this burn book palette over on my Instagram – not this exact one, I bought a new one for you guys! You could win one of these and you just have to comment on the photo pertaining to the giveaway and you could win, let’s get started with this video! Lindsay’s makeup was done by Mario Cacioppo.

.. hopefully I’m pronouncing that right and we’ll have a list of the exact products in the downbar but a lot of them were Mac products and some of those are discontinued now so we’re gonna use some new ones and for the skin I’m gonna start out with my favorite moisturizer this is a Charlotte Tilbury magic cream and then I’m following up with Mac strobe cream once I let the moisture sink in first look is Cady’s innocent polished look for the first day school she wasn’t super contoured but there’s always a bit of definition on camera so I’m using the gigi hadid a tinted primer just in areas I would normally contour so underneath my cheekbones and then tapering downward as well as underneath my jaw line and a touch on the forehead and then I’m going to go over top with maybelline’s up to 24-hour foundation, this is a little bit too high coverage for this look so I’m thinning it out with a more of Mac strobe cream this is also going to add more dewiness to the skin, I do love the lightest shade it’s perfect for super fair-skinned if you need to conceal under the eyes I like the benefit of boi-ing brightening concealer and this will just cancel out the darkness and then I’m contouring my nose really lightly with Urban Decay Naked skin shape-shifting palette and as always I like to take the darkest shade and I’m creating a pointier nose tip like Lindsey and then defining my bridge but you don’t want this to look super done up we’re gonna add freckles which will also make it appear a lot more natural so with the easiest way that I find to do this is just take a medium toned brow product and then dot over the bridge and the cheek bones adding little touches around the chin the lip forehead but the best thing is when your products haven’t been set yet just to take your finger and pat over the products and it really blends in and looks super natural still with my benefit goof proof brow pencil I’m filling in my brows lightly and I like to keep mine more natural I am going to add a bit more of a curved shape like Lindsey’s but hers were really thin and I don’t want to change my brows so I’m just going with what I have but of course if you have a thinner brows then you’ll be more on point final step for brows I’m using Revlon Colorstay brow mousse this is in a red shade and it helps add that Auburn tone to the brows and moving on to a highlighter this is optional because our skin is already looking really glowy and fresh but I just got this one from Charlotte Tilbury and it’s really beautiful but super natural so it was perfect for this first look and I’m applying it to my chin forehead nose and right above my brows here I’m setting the skin with Patrick Starrr setting powder there’s a reason why everyone’s raving about it it gives a nice matte finish but it still looks fresh and I didn’t add too much on the highlighted areas to make sure I keep the sheen and the original blush was Mac stained in pink lure but it’s discontinued so I mixed a gorgeous fresh pink called I’m a lover for Mac on the apples of my cheeks really built it up and then I added an extra dimension blush in Faux Sure! underneath and there isn’t a ton going on with this makeup look so blush is more of the focus especially because Cady is usually flushed looking at good old Aaron Samuels, this was an extra step but my neck was a little bit paler than my face so I brought in a bit of warmth with hoola light bronzer and finally the real star of the show the storybook cosmetics of Mean Girls palette so here’s an overview I’m obsessed with this packaging of course it’s shaped like the burn book iconic hot pink and the names are super clever they have a really great range of fun shadows and using only this palette for this first look so starting with the matte light shade called the plastics I’m applying this to my brow bone and the inner corner of the eye for a glow around the base of the lashes use you can sit with us a pretty matte peachy shade and this looks especially great on making blue or green eyes pop like Lindsay to blend this peach out use Regina George all over the lid this is my favorite shade in the palette it has a rose gold reflex to it and I’ve worked this up too at the brow bone as well I chose to add in Glenn Cocco above the crease and a rounded motion to give more depth to the eye added a bit more of that peach shadow because I felt like we lost it in there and with one of my favorite liners this is Revlon’s casual liner in fig create a subtle line just into the lashline focused on the outer corners smoked out to soften up the line and finally with the matte plum shade she doesn’t even go here had continued to blend out the lash line curl those lashes and we’re adding a volumizing mascara I love the new total temptation Maybelline mascara it has a fluffy applicator and defines the eye but keeps the lashes still looking more on the natural side you can for sure leave the liner how it is I just have very rounded eyes so I like to taper them out for a bit more of an almond shape by adding the liner in the inner corners of the eye as well I think curling the lashes after your mascara has dried also makes a big difference with the curl but please do this gently you don’t want to chop off them lashes and lips are super simple this was actually my go-to lipstick in high school it’s patisserie by Mac and I’m very minimally applying this to help complete the look keep watching to see the plastic transformation and thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed so far now we got to complete the look by adding a simple low key ponytail so keep your part slightly off-center and then it combed the back and just create a low ponytail you don’t want it too low right at the nape of your neck you want it a about an inch higher so that you still see the pony when you’re looking forward and have it slightly to the side as well also sometimes I get a lot of questions like oh how do you change your hair color for these videos my hair is definitely not as red as it’s seen on camera right now I use a mixture of sprays and then I also do change the saturation so that is kind of the editing magic of it all and the specific temporary hair color I’m using is by L’Oreal it’s their color ista sprays and this one is in rose gold it has quite a bit of sparkle in it but it’s really pretty and I found that it did make the hair a little bit harder to work with it’s best if you style your hair and then add it rather than the other way around but I love how it turned out and then add a plaid shirt maybe a khaki jacket and okay guys it’s time to get plastic with this portion of the video we’re just gonna amp up this makeup and have everything it’s just a little too much so first we’re gonna bronze I’m using my favorite bronzer at the hourglass ambient bronzer and carving out the cheekbones a little bit more adding more of a sunkissed look and then the blush I am obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury blushes they’re my favorite thing from Charlotte Tilbury this one is called love is the drug and amping up that color the highlight is also gonna be amped up but this is the gigi hadid illuminator and it has a gorgeous pink glow I chose to recreate Katy’s look here because I loved the eye makeup and I thought she looked so pretty in a light blue so I have two different options for what you can go with for just kind of different price points first I have the NYX jumbo eye pencil and this is in Pacific really similar blue and super easy to blend so this is gonna go in the inner corner and slightly onto the lid and back with the palette we’re gonna experiment with the shades again first I’m taking Glenn Cocco and I’m gonna carve out the crease a little bit and I took a bit of Wednesday which is a hot pink and I’m applying this above my crease just in the center through for a fun pop of pink I thought it looked nice with the blue moving on to liner we’re gonna heavily line the eyes i’m using the gigi hadid black liner this one is super black and really stays put and we’re gonna smoke this out trying to incorporate as many shades as I can while still keeping true to the character I’m adding she doesn’t even go here for a fun pop of purple in the center underneath the lash line and to help smoke it out so it’s not as harsh and then I also took some of that purple and carved out the crease very minimally add on lots of mascara I used bad gal lash by benefit here and then with Mac’s lip liner in Marsala I’m lightly lining my lips fading in and the gloss I went with is called destiny from buxom I love buxom glosses but I swear this was Houdini gloss I couldn’t find it after I used it so another great option that’s kind of more trendy right now is the fenty gloss it also works great so here is my a plastic transformation let’s take a look at the hairstyle got some curls in and we’re creating a really low-key half-up half-down style tousle have some front pieces to the back twist and then a pin in the shape of an X using a two decorative silver Clips I created these curls / waves with my Bellami wand I didn’t hold the curls on the barrel for a super long so that they wouldn’t be a perfect ringlets but more of a wave and then I ran through with my fingers and sealed in place with a new favorite hairspray by Marc Anthony my hair is more curly in full here Lindsey had choppy front bangs her hair was more thinned out very 2000s and she had tons of layers where her hair would curl but this is just my version and here is the full outfit first up this top is for Hollister Hollister and Abercrombie tend to have these style tops so check there first and this pretty exact skirt is from forever 21 online I’ll have as many items as I can link down below and then I also added a pendant with my initial big silver square earrings and a coach bag from the 2000s just for a fun touch vote in the poll which look you like best jungle freak or cold shiny hard plastic and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and enter for a chance to win a new Mean Girls palette by storybook cosmetics thanks for watching I hope you guys enjoy today’s Mean Girls inspired look and if you did make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe for more beauty videos if you are subscribed and make sure you hit that bell if you want to be notified for every upload because might not show up in your feeds, just how youtube works now so hit that Bell button and so you won’t miss it upload also .

.as well… woah really bad at speaking today you but check out my Instagram if you want to win your own storybook cosmetics talent thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in my next video


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