hi guys and welcome back in today’s video I’m talking you through how to do this Megan Markel Dutchess of Sussex inspired makeup look I was so freaking obsessed with the royal wedding and I loved Megan’s makeup look and how natural it was I wanted to recreate it are we going to start with some skin prep and I’ve already cleansed and moisturized my skin and then I’m going to be using the wire style instant moisture glow to just prime my skin and for my lips today I’m using the by terry creme de rose and lip balm for my skin today I wanted to go for a little bit of a California glow so I’ve gone for the Laura Mercier candle glow soft luminous foundation in the shade linen and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that using my Real Techniques brush and you can definitely see the glowing difference between each side of my skin stickin with the laura mercier theme i’m going to be using the fusion concealer to just cover up any of those pesky breakouts that may still be showing through and then going for a lighter shade this is a shade 1/n I think I’m just going to highlight and just add some lightness back to the center of my face take your time don’t rush and it’s always better to use less than more when you’re happy with how your base is looking just set that with the small amount of translucent powder next up brows I’m using the benefit precisely my brow pencil to add a bit of a base color before moving on to the make up forever brow liner to add a touch more color and texture take your time and blend them out and for my eyeshadow I’m using the Chloe Morello pixi by petra romantic radiance palettes Megan’s neutral eyeshadow looked so good and to recreate that I’m starting off with the brown tones as a base before moving on to those slight shimmer shades across the lid people going back to those darker tones and smudging them along the lash line applying our eye shadow in this way gives us the same depth that winged liner would without looking too harsh this way we still get the drama without any of the bluntness and to finish up my eye shadow I’m adding a touch of highlight into the inner corner from mascara today I’m using the benefits Batgirl bang mascara and I still freaking love this mascara and for a touch of whimsical beauty and add in the Emma Willis earlier trick siliceous three-quarter lashes using the Too Faced natural face palette I’m going to take the shade sunny honey and add a little bit of bronze and California glow to my skin followed by the shade pink sands to add a touch of rosy glow to my cheeks and to finish up I’m taking the shade satin sheets to add a touch of radiance and glow to the tops of my cheeks my nose and Cupid’s bow move it onto the lips and I’m using the Bush rocontour Edition lipliner in the shade coral to add some shape and definition before adding a touch of the wire salcat your matte stain in the shade 23 and this is the finished look it is my Megan Markel Dutchess of Sussex inspired makeup look thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video I had so much fun just enough like a princess I mean I’m still a little bit sad that Prince Harry didn’t choose me it’s fine everything is fine I will get over it thank you so much for watching guys let me know in the comment section down below which celebrity inspired look you’d like to see me do next and maybe I’ll give it a try next week thank you so much for watching make sure you hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys soon bye


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