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Melanie Martinez Transformation- PITY PARTY Makeup Tutorial

Melanie Martinez Transformation- PITY PARTY Makeup Tutorial

Did my invitations disappear? Why’d I put my heart on every cursive letter tell me why the hell no one is here. Tell me what to do to make it all feel better Maybe it’s a cruel joke on me whatever, whatever Just means.

There’s way more cake for me forever, forever So I’m starting off wearing my Melanie Martinez wig from wigisfashion.com Which is an exact replica of her hair, it is so cool. So the link to it will be down below I already applied my foundation, so I’m going to go ahead and start with the lips The perfect dupes to recreate Melanie’s lime crime lipsticks is the NYX lip pencil in “Ever” to fill in the whole lip And then the NYX matte lipstick in “Sweet Pink” on top of it.

This combo is an exact replica color Next prep your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer. This step is crucial. For the eyeshadows It’s really simple, take any red-brown or maroon color eyeshadow that matches the lip you just did and begin applying it on and around your eyes almost like a panda bear Melanie loves to wear her eyeshadows this way with all of her looks.

Next just lightly blend out the line to give a diffuse look. And then take a matte brown to slightly darken the outer corners of your eye, and the bottom Corners as well. Be sure to thicken up the shadow at the bottom ends for a droopy effect Next take white eyeliner and line your lower lash line to enhance your eyes and make them appear bigger Next take liquid liner and draw a medium-sized line and be sure to round out the ends of it.

Do not wing it out. To get her gap just apply some tooth pain or even eyeliner and let that dry So to make my eyes seem bigger than they really are I’m going to apply some false lashes, And then take some Mascara and coat my top and bottom lashes.

Push the lashes down to enhance the droopiness So for the face just apply some bronzer to your cheeks. And then a little more blush than usual to achieve her doll face glow Lastly just fill in your eyebrows with a slight arch and define them with concealer.

And this is the finished look. Now you’re ready to cry over how lonely you are on your birthday. So I’ve already done half so you can see. Now the first thing you want to do is apply your foundation, and then take out a white foundation.

This one’s by Celebré Hd in the color “Eurasia Ivory”. Take a wet beauty blender and stamp on the white under your eyes in a triangle shape. Kind of like you’re contouring. Then apply it around the mouth and in a triangle over your eyebrows.

Just blend that in gently without changing the shape too much And then add some over your eyes to prime your lid. Next use the nyx milk pencil to saturate the color in the center, and then pat it down to blend it in slightly.

So go into the eyes, we’re going to use a medium pink to put on the lids. Then apply a plum pink in the crease into a circle Then take a matte medium pink and continue the circle for the panda bear look that we’ve done in the last look.

Then you just want to blend that in slightly without changing its shape as well. And then you’re going to take a dark purple and line your lower lash line It should be thickest towards the end for the droopy effect For the eyeliner do the doe eye shape, But be sure not to start in the inner corner because melody does it have any liner there.

You want this eyeliner to really make your eyes appear doe-eyed. Then you just want to add a wing at the end. Next put on false lashes and take a medium brown to deepen the outer corner some more Now take a white eyeliner and line the outer corner to open up the eyes.

And apply some mascara to the top and the bottom So for the top triangles you just want to take some eyeliner and draw them in. And then take some black eyeshadow to pack it on and make it more pigmented and less shiny.

For the eyebrows take a deep purple and fill in the brows into an arch starting halfway. For the beginning of the eyebrow take a lighter purple and fill that space in. This gives it that gradient effect Mel has.

Redefine your brows with the white eyeliner again and blend it in gently. So now for her bottom triangles draw a line on your lash line in the center of your eye, and then take it down to where your nose bridge stops.

If you’re having some trouble just use some tape to make the shape. For the white freckles take a smaller white eyeliner and draw them in as small as you can. A liquid liner would work much better, but this works too.

Now for her lips take NYX in “Ever” to line them. Be sure to enhance your Cupid’s bow, and if you don’t support lime crime you can use the same pencil to fill in your lips, but melanie specifically uses lime crime in riot, so that’s what I’m going to apply since I already own it.

Lastly draw in the smile with liquid liner as thin as you can. Fix any minor details, and you’re done. Thank you guys so much for watching if you guys have any celebrity requests comment them down below and stay tuned for my next celebrity transformation which is Selena Gomez so until then I will see you guys in my next video.


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