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– welcome all! It’s Kayla! – And be! – We Davises. – Today we are going to do Mermaid make-up tutorial on Kayla. So keep watching ‘cos that is gonna be fun, easy, and, – Quickly. Very fast. It’s like 5 minutes.

(Upbeat rock music) – The first thing we’re gonna do is, we’ve got a false cap. And a wig cap we’re gonna put on Kayla’s face. (Playful upbeat music) Now Kayla looks kinda crazy. With a little wig cap on.

But this is going to create some metrics. Now we are going to apply a very shiny teal Around Kayla’s face borders. And it is called color tattoo by EyeStudio, The color is stubborn teal. We touch it gently all the way around with A make-up sponge.

This is going to give Kayla beautiful scales That mermaid would be. We can’t forget the top of the forehead. Just a few more touches and the scales will be complete. Now we’ll go on stubborn teal With another color tattoo from EyeStudio.

This color is called Strike Silver. Silver will give it a shimmer Like you see on real fish scales. And now for big revelations. Beautiful, shimmery, mermaid scales. Next we are going to apply stubborn tails on the eyelids We will place a little breakout outside on the edge of each eyelid.

Using the emory eye pallet, We’re going to put a blue light on top From stubborn teal. Using the same eye pallet, We’re going to put hot pink over tenacious teal. Using the glitter and shimmer emory eye pallet, We’re going to put on a shimmery, luminous, silver color On the entire eyelid.

Now we’re going to apply blue lipstick to the lips. Finally, we go back to stubborn teal, And apply it on the lips. We will be sharpening the edges of the lip with a lip brush. Now that we have completed the vast majority of the look, We’ll just do a little dab of mascara On the eyelashes.

Now that all the make-up has been applied, We cannot forget to add a wig and a headband. And there you have it, to finish, lovely, mermaid look. So we hope you enjoyed this mermaid tutorial. – Until next time, bye! [Tyler] Click annotations if you’re at the computer! (Playful keyboard music) [Kayla] Click on the ICards above, Or links in the description below If you are on a mobile device.

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