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Middle Eastern Soft Glam Eyes Makeup Tutorial for Asian Girls with Tan Skin๐ŸŒž by MAMMON ็Ž›้–€

Middle Eastern Soft Glam Eyes Makeup Tutorial for Asian Girls with Tan Skin๐ŸŒž by MAMMON ็Ž›้–€

Hi Everyone! Today is the only day that I am free to film after working for a week Actually I didn’t have a specific idea of the finish look when I am doing the make up But when I am done it seems like it is more what do you guys think? I feel like I thought of middle east Arabian I tried to style myself I used my scarf to wrap I am too poor to get the actual head scarf sorry guys~ what I have imagined was a Arabian princess (LOL) but look at me now, I think I think I look better like this continue watching if you’re interested I am really tired because I’ve been working overtime lately meeting and stuff, etc I am not in my best condition I can’t really smile After applying with brush, I will gently pat again with my beauty blender to take the excess foundation away my foundation shade is darker than my skin tone today so I need to brighten certain parts here to improve my complexion actually I really like to use oil control foundation because when I get greasy, I really can’t stand it But, I think I am starting to like glowy finish now Although my skin is greasy but I feel like my skin can breath better this is my condition now and I got sensitive on my neck again Because I got really high cheekbones so I need to contour on my cheekbones Alright, let’s bake! This is the loose powder I am using Bronzer! Use your brush, and brush the areas that you have baked just now Nose contour! My work has really worn me out But.

.. Everyone got to go to work If I stay at home alone and seeing your compliments all over the comments section I mean majority of the comments are compliments… I’ll lost myself and I’ll loose the connection between me and the society I think going to work can make you stay connected to the things happen in the society and also you can learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t know if you stay at home Although going to work is really tiring Today is Saturday, I still need to film on weekends.

.. I have OT on Thursday night until 12a.m. I have not went home this late for a very long time I’ll use shimmer shade to brighten the region here or you can use white and matte shade it will make the center of your face more plump I realized eye brow powder is better than pomade it’s really easy to apply and super smooth for a broke girl like me, I wouldn’t spend money on those eyebrow stuff Just use your mascara! but before you use, wipe the excess product using a cotton pad First, use a warm skin tone shade to lay on the first layer like this~ take little amount of product and go over the eyelid darker shade to create the eyeliner effect blend out the upper part and the front of your eyes remember to take a little amount of product only take your time, layer by layer take a bigger brush and blend it out take a smaller brush, take the dark brown shade also under eye try your best to stay as close as your lash line connect to the top take a flat blush and the darkest shade here also stay close to your lash line lower lash line stay close, and add more in the middle of your iris and then center of your lid this is a soft smoky eyes look so but this step is also important in usual make up looks you need to apply inner eyeliner close to your lash line


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