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Mikan Tsumiki makeup tutorial

Mikan Tsumiki makeup tutorial

Hello! I’m Kayla and I am going to be showing you guys how I do my Mikan Tsumiki makeup. So, first of all. I put on a wig cap because I have bangs and I don’t like to get them in my face. Why is it actually easier to put on a wig cap with long hair? Now that I have my wig cap on I am going to start with my makeup.

Um the products that I use are very cheap. I literally just got these at Target. I don’t use foundation. I use concealer. I use the Almay Skin Perfecting Comfort Concealer. I use this body crayon that I got from Spirit Halloween.

But any white….eyeliner works. Uh this is just like a white body crayon. Any type of liquid eyeliner. I use… I go back and forth between these two. I just grab random ones. Uh so either Almay Liquid Liner or Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

Both work. For mascara I use Rimmel London. Whatever that is. It’s in this. I basically just pick out whatever there is at Target and use it. And I have this black lipstick that I got off of Amazon by searching “Black Lipstick”.

And it’s by Revlon. The highlighter I use is by Wet And Wild. It’s just the jelly one. This pallet. The Warrior III by (Im gonna butcher this) Juvi- Juvia’s. And it just has the main colors in it. Okay! Onto the tutorial.

I am going to be doing Despair Mikan. Not regular Mikan. And there isn’t much of a difference in my makeup besides just.. black lipstick. Okay, so the first thing that I do is grab the angled brush. So I just take some of the purple.

.. from the pallet. And use it for eyebrows. I start from this angle to make it a sad type of brow because Mikan is a sad person. I also shave my eyebrows so there is less hair. Um next I use my concealer.

And I just put it on my eyes, underneath my eyes. Next, I do eyeshadow. I use this brush. Dip it in purple and kinda just do the corner like that. And then bring it in. So I only do half of my lid. I then grab my body crayon.

And… do this. After blending I end up with this. I use the angled brush again. Grab purple and angle it out so that it is more of a triangle up there. Now, I re-conceal my under eyes because I cleaned it up a lot with a wipe.

And I use this Nyx White Eyeliner. So it makes my eyes look bigger. I finished both of the under eyes and now I am going to use the angled brush again. And use more purple but go underneath the white.

Trigger Warning eye pulling. So it goes right here. I then use eyeliner and do my regular bottom eyeliner here- bottom eyeliner? Top eyeliner. Then I wait for that to dry. I then make the wing. And I just start from the corner and make a line.

Like more upturned for Mikan. And right below here make a line down. And then fill in the line. Once it dries just touch it up a little bit. Oop that was a great touch up Kayla. *mumbling* and go like that.

So you just. It’s hard to explain. You just have to try to fade it out by doing that and then you’ll get that. Once I am done with my regular wings I am going to do my under eye. To do my under eye I just do something similar to this.

The purple. And I outline it here. Once I have that I am going to draw eyelashes with the eyeliner. I do this. Kind of similar to the eyeliner and just dragging the line out. Mkay I’m done with the eyelashes.

I’m now going to use this brush. And… use some pink eyeshadow or any bright pink blush works. Do circular motions right here on your cheek. Make it kinda bright, like that. And with your finger just kinda blend it out with it.

And it should end up looking like that. Then you grab more blush. And do it on your nose. On just the tip. And then blend it. I then use my highlighter. Put it on the tip of my nose. Make it really shiny.

Some right there. Put it in the corner of my eye right here. Then, this is totally optional on if you want to do a makeup- Mikan makeup, crying, or what. You can either use black eye shadow or purple.

I am going to do just a line right here. Then I end up with this. And lastly, I am going to be putting on my black lipstick. And that is the finished makeup look. I am not gonna put on the outfit yet because I am going on a walk now with my friend.

And she is probably going to sleepover after. She might, she might not. So, in the next clip when I am in full cosplay um if she is here, enjoy that. Hello, I am in cosplay now. Oh you can’t even see my what the heck? *Bella (my friend) laughs* Bella – Ow Bella – Are you possessed? Kayla – Yep!


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