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MILLE One Brand Makeup Tutorial | Nay Chi Oo

MILLE One Brand Makeup Tutorial | Nay Chi Oo

Hi, guys! And welcome back from beautybynaychi’s page. I’m planning to do a makeup tutorial today. This makeup tutorial is a one brand tutorial with the brand available in the local area. I hope it will be really convenient for the viewers.

My makeup look today is by the products from Mille Cosmetics. Mille fans would be happy with this & my chillies would be too. And to those who aren’t familiar with the products from Mille brand, it’s a beauty cosmetic brand from Thailand.

But, their formulas, packaging, & manufacturing are all made in Italy and Korea. And among this thai beauty cosmetic brand, their best-selling ones are their waterproof eyebrow liners, their collagen primers among other primers, and their BB cushions are popular not only in Thai but also in Myanmar.

Everytime I wear Mille’s makeup on live or in photos, people always ask.. where is this lipstick from? where is this highlighter from? where is this foundation from? So, I decided to do a one brand makeup tutorial with Mille Cosmetics.

So if you guys like this creation or if you wanna know more about the products from Mille, let’s continue watching this video! <3 Ok.. first, I’m gonna use Mille’s Brightening Aura Collagen. It’s a primer.

. and it’s quite popular among Mille products. And as you guys can see, it’s really good when I use it too. So for today’s look, I’m gonna mix foundation with the primer. For foundation, I’m gonna use the new one from Mille called Super Miracle Skin Cover.

It’s lightweight but gives you full coverage. It’s also waterproof & that’s why I like it. By itself, it’ll give you a matte finished look. But mix it with Aura Collagen & it’ll give you a glowy effect.

I have these 2 colors from Mille called Silky & Glowing Natural. Their swatches can be seen here also. You can choose your similar color from these swatches. So, let’s take a look at the structure of the foundation.

It’s not usual like a glass one or pump one. It has natural rose extract & inspired by that, their cap is in the shape of a rose. And, I’m gonna take some foundation on my hand now. And mix it with primer Aura Collagen like I said before.

This foundation has SPF 30 & PA + + So, it’s really convenient for those who don’t wanna wear sunscreen under. After the foundation is done.. I don’t really have acne so I don’t need to apply concealer.

And if you need a concealer, you can use this foundation as a concealer too. What I’m wanna do now is to conceal the dark circles under my eyes. So, I’m gonna take some of the foundation.. and conceal it with a concealer brush under my eyes.

Since it’s lightweight, you’re able to do it as a concealer. It’s not thick like other foundations. And there’s no wrinkle or crack when you apply powder over. It’s full-coverage & it lasts all day long.

And, it’s waterproof. It can give you a glowy look. So for this summer, I really like this Super Miracle Skin Cover Foundation from Mille. So, let’s go to the next step now. The next step is powder over.

And for that, we have these powders called Charcoal Matte. I have 2 colors – 01 & 02. Since my skin is a natural color, I’ll choose this 02 Natural color. I wanna show you guys the packaging too. Like a Mille, packaging is a girly pink color.

But inside is not pink. It’s black. So, it’s really cool for those who like black color too. It has a mirror inside & its sponge is a flower like this. It’s so detailed & I really appreciate their packaging.

Inside has two-way makeup. I’ll show you guys.. like this. I’ll use a blusher for eyeshadow and.. I’ll be using this blusher from Mille called Le Jardin Rose. And since it’s a blusher, it has a blusher brush inside saying Mille.

The color I’m using is 06 Peonie. I’ll take this peachy & pinky color with my blending brush & apply on my whole eyelids. Now, my eyeshadow look is completed. I like glowy makeup look more. And Mille has Glitter Pots that I like.

And since I wanna show it to you guys, I’ll go a little bit korean & shimmer with this matte product. And for eyeshadow, Mille has Crystal Reflection Glowing Eyeshadow. Among them, I’ll be using these 05 & 02 colors.

I’m almost done with my eye look. I’m gonna use mascara & add fake lashes. I’ll be back soon, guys. And for eyebrows, I’ll be using Mille’s number one selling product called 6D Eyebrows. It’s really popular & It’s a waterproof eyebrows pencil.

These pencils are in the market for a long time now. Most people see these pencils when they hear Mille. And it has normally 4 colors. This one is new to the market & it’s called 6D Slim Brow. It has 4 colors too & it’s suitable for those who like to draw a thin line.

Swatches can be seen on my hands. Their main advantage is that they’re waterproof. Even though our water festival is over, we sweat a lot because of this extreme hot weather. So, these waterproof eyebrows pencils are of great use.

Now.. among 6D Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof, I’ll be using this 02 Dark Brown color. I’ll comb my eyebrows with the brush from the pencil first. The back is done and.. For the front, I like to go line by line.

So, I’ll be using this new 6D Slim Eyebrow. It’s also waterproof & suitable for any season. After the eyebrows are done, we’ll go to blusher. The color I’m using is 01 Florence. And it’s my favourite color.

Because of its formula & its rose extract, it doesn’t feel like a layer over the face. It goes so well with your skin like you’re wearing a skincare. That effect is its best advantage. It doesn’t close the sweat pores & the makeup lasts for a long time.

After blusher, it’s time for highlighter now. And for that, I’ll be using this Highlighter Palette called 07 Le Jardin Rose among the blusher palette. For that, I’ll use this blusher brush & apply it at the under corner of my eye.

This No (7) Monique Highlighter gives a lot of color so you don’t need to use much. My look is almost complete now. It’s time for lipsticks now. For the lipstick, I’ll be using this liquid lipstick called Love is on Fire.

The lipsticks come with a rose lid & the sizes are compact too. It has 6 colors and most are girls’ favourite colors like pink, nude & earthy tone. I’ll make swatches with these colors now. I’ll use this color called 03 Girl in Love today.

I’ll apply it to the inside area first. Then.. to go more gradient for today’s look, I’ll use another color now. I’ll use this 06 Obsessed color. I’ll apply this dark color like I did before with the inside area of the lips.

My creation is almost done now. I wanna change into a suitable hair for this look. I’ll be back soon. Now, my look is complete. My hair is well-styled. The lipstick, eyeshadow, blusher.. all of these are by Mille products.

You need to wear a mask to go outside during these times. And I will test how Mille’s lipsticks don’t transfer or move outside when you wear a mask. I wanna also show how my eyeshadow pops up when I wear a mask too.

Let’s take a look now. There are no stains on my mask. So, I think it’ll be suitable for those who have to wear a mask to go outside & to work. My Makeup Look is complete now & I hope you guys like it.

if you wanna know more about these products or where to buy Mille. I’ll add a detailed description with this post I’ll see you guys soon on next week’s video. Bye Bye! <3


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