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Mini Sephora Haul – MAKEUP BY MARIO Liquid Liner & ONE/SIZE Gel Eyeliner + Demo | 6issel

Mini Sephora Haul – MAKEUP BY MARIO Liquid Liner & ONE/SIZE Gel Eyeliner + Demo | 6issel

Hello everyone, my name is Gissel and today  I have a little Sephora haul including like   a mall haul I guess because I went to Macy’s. So  if you’re interested just keep on watching okay so let’s start off with what I picked up at  Sephora so the first thing that I picked up was   the One/Size point made 24 hour gel eyeliner  pencil in bodacious black and I also picked up   the Makeup by Mario master matte liquid eyeliner  in super black.

Along with some dry shampoo   from Living Proof and a mini travel sized  perfume. I will start off with the eyeliner   and I will actually do a little demo because  I haven’t tried it. I’m gonna try the One/Size first.

  I haven’t opened these yet so it looks like  this, so cute. Oh! it’s actually pink I thought it   was white, it’s pink guys, pink. Anyways I’m gonna  tight line I’m gonna do my waterline I’m gonna go   in with this except for on the top so I can  see how black Makeup by Mario’s eyeliner is so first off it is freaking soft I thought it  was gonna drag or like make my eyes teary   but I’m just getting a little like  watery-eyed because well it’s something in my eye   so this is how it looks tightline.

  I normally don’t tightline mainly   because it’s just a whole process  to get in my eye but whatever all righty so this is it tight lined I  know I got a little bit on this side but   might as well start the bottom right so this is how it looks I normally do  not put eyeliner on my waterline because   it always smudges it always gets everywhere and  it doesn’t stay this one actually is very creamy   when you start off and it will dry down  so this is actually really nice.

I’m gonna   keep playing with it because this is obviously  my first impression it is just really nice it   glides on very, very, very well and I chose this  one over the Makeup by Mario one just because   this kind of has more reviews as of right  now and the reviews are just they just   they’re pretty good so I was like why not  give it a shot.

Also um I don’t really like   if I had to choose between One/Size liquid liner  and Mario’s liquid liner. I would go for Marios and   then if I had to choose between the gel liner  I guess I would choose One/Size just based on   what I’ve seen and reviews and people and just  everything put together it just seems like   I would like to separately but  yeah so far so good I hope, I hope   I don’t look like a raccoon but so far I like it I  like I said um and I will definitely get the brown   if this turns out great because I’ve been  looking for brown eyeliners.

I do have a couple   but I like I said I don’t really use them all that  often um plus they’re also really hard to take off   sorry this thing isn’t coming out  um whatever I’ll open the back   so like I know there’s eyeliners that clearly like  they fade and which is why people don’t freaking   buy them but then there’s a whole like you take  a shower and and like where did all this makeup   come from because it’s not your mascara you  already took off all your mascara so it’s like   where’s these raccoon eyes coming from but  anyways I finally got it out.

I love it! It   feels like a pen literally like a pen if I mean it  feels plasticky the top feels like um oh it’s nice   the top feels like you know the big pens the BIC  pens caps that’s what exactly what it feels like   I really like it oh it doesn’t make a clip  is that is that good for the liner? like   is it gonna dry it out? I mean it’s pretty  tight but this is how it looks very simple so let’s try it out.

I can’t wait. I love  eyeliners. Normally I wouldn’t have mascara on   but I did another video oh I just love the point so far it is so precise look at this beauty. holy  crap is it matte, it’s black   oh my god that looks beautiful, oh no regrets  anyway ima just do the other side oh well that happened, don’t know why, don’t  know when but it happened.

Do the other eye I’m just I’m -I’m amazed by this eyeliner like I recently  tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills one but this   holy shit is it wow it’s freaking great I my  first impression is just I’m -I’m blown away.

I am   haven’t been this excited over a freaking eyeliner  in since Stila steel is like probably my favorite   one so this is the Stila one and honestly it’s  just another felt tip it’s really nice um let   me compare this is them together the Makeup  by Mario one is a little bit fatter but still still good.

I haven’t been impressed  with eyeliner since the Stila one and   that’s like my favorite. It’s waterproof,  smudge proof all that unless you’re falling   asleep in it then of course it’s  gonna look like shit the next day   but it’s really good and this I’m gonna test it  out to see how well it works with like smudging   and waterproof or like you know all that  good stuff but ah so good I love it, I love it! what do you guys think? continuing um I will definitely keep you guys updated on this oh and by the way even though it had like some black  marks around here um I mean it is a white pen um so even if I did get that like let’s say on my  Stila one or on the Anastasia one they have black everywhere so I wouldn’t be able to tell  if they were like leaking or something you   know even for like mini ones like this like  the benefit roller lash or the Kat Von D one   they are all black so you can’t tell if it’s like  the liquid is coming out to be honest like if   you’re gonna be like picky about that then maybe  you should consider looking at your other ones   because they probably do that too and we don’t  notice because it’s black but anyways I’m not   completely bothered by it unless like it  completely like starts leaking somewhere I’ll definitely let you guys know the other thing that  I picked up was this dry shampoo and it took me a   while to run out of this and honestly if you have  if you’re putting your hair up you don’t need dry   shampoo your hair is going to look greasy and  nice and sleek back so for me I personally don’t   need dry shampoo if I’m gonna just put my hair  in a ponytail but if I’m gonna have it like on   day three or four or something like that this  is really good so this doesn’t leave buildup in   your hair unless you use it two days in a row in  my personal experience but it’s really good and   the smell isn’t terrible i’m very picky about my  dry shampoo smells because sometimes it kind of to   me it kind of makes my hair stink I’m like ew but  this one wasn’t so bad um not in love with it but   it works so I use it if you guys have any  recommendations for dry shampoo please let me know   because I’m definitely looking into it.

So I also  got this perfume by Giorgio Armani and it’s called   my way. I got a travel size just in case it doesn’t  mix with my body chemistry all that well, it is   a spray bottle and it is really really fruity.

  When I -well when they sprayed it for me in store   um it smelled nice yeah again I had my  mask on so I was just like kind of going   like this smelling it from the bottom with  the little stick it’s all nice so I was like   okay I’ll get a travel size.

I sprayed  it as soon as I got out the store and it smells like grape soda in my opinion I  don’t want to spray it right now because   I’m going to do a perfume video.  so stay tuned for that but um   it does have a really long staying power  because even when I was home laying down   I could smell it on myself and I have a terrible  nose like I believe like my perfumes only last   like two to three hours in my head but  like other people say they could smell it   this freaking lasted almost five hours of me  trying to smell it I was like this grape-fruitiness   has to leave because I want to not have that in  my face the whole entire day anyways point is it’s   not a bad purchase it’s just I don’t know if it  if I’m keeping or giving it to my mom.

I also got a ga vinci -Givenchy am I saying that weird?  anyways I also got this in Macy’s I actually   got in stores when I went to the mall and it’s a  set and I will talk about it in my perfume haul   so I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

I will  definitely keep you guys updated on the eyeliners   so that way I have a little more time to play  around with them. I don’t just want to play around   with them for like two days and be like hey these  are like that no.

I want to have at least a good   week or two experience with them because you never  know how this will dry out or if this will dry out   you know what I mean you want to have that full  wear test and sometimes days don’t go as you plan   I hope you guys enjoyed my mini mall haul yeah stay tuned for the perfume video and I hope you guy enjoyed Do not forget to subscribe if you  enjoy watching me I guess or my videos you know   but yeah um thank you so much for  watching and until next time bye.

in black line underneath my line my outlines right.  oh, I’m not making sense. I just you know ah okay what is that that I’m looking for? but I am looking for like other ren -recomen wow I can’t say that freaking word recommendations, recommendations why am I saying it weird? recommend like I said like I’m  about to say raccoon and rectum at the same time like


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