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Miniature Beauty Products – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Miniature Beauty Products – Polymer Clay Tutorial

hi guys today we’re making some different miniature beauty products hope you enjoy put your lotion bottles of soap etc roll out some scrap clay to the side shape and bake before making flexible molds I’m using the brand silly pad to give the effect of the bottle tops being glass fill the top bottle mold we’re clearly quickly I’m using fimo and bake for five minutes then mix a color of pastel of your choice into some liquid clay and fill the rest of the mold bake for 10 minutes before removing to make a cap roll out some silver clay cut a small slice and stick it on with a drop of liquid clay i dip the hands of the same way with a little clear in the bottom and then the cone on the wrist after pre baking and removing from the mold roll out some white clay and form the top pump you can also make simple lids by just adding a cylinder of clay on the top polishing shop jar with a glass look again stop Ireland clear liquid clay to the mold and baking for five minutes then cut a piece of colored clay slightly thinner than the mold and put it in before surrounding it with liquid clay and fill in the mold put tiny jars it’s easier to make some color into your liquid clay and a drop of that for the content to make an easy lid in the right size put some clay into the same mold and bake for 10 minutes then slice to the side thickness to form the lid just take the moon with liquid light before baking all your pieces completely finish off the place and the project is complete thank you so much for watching leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more videos hi


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