Home Makeup Tutorials Miniature Doll Boots – Polymer Clay/Fabric Tutorial

Miniature Doll Boots – Polymer Clay/Fabric Tutorial

Miniature Doll Boots – Polymer Clay/Fabric Tutorial

hi guys today we’re making these miniature boots first we need to make the bottom for Palma Clyde roll out some clay and cut out the shape of the shoe I’m using this stencil and I made in 1/2 trail scale make a Halfmoon shape for the heel and attach the piece on top grunt the two together before baking completely while the bottoms were baking I found this white linen fabric and painted it with brown paint this way I can get exactly the color fabric I want and it also helps to stick a little bit paint both sides are let dry I created this pattern for the boots with scrap fabric cut out the pieces in the fabric repaint then glue them to the bottom synthetic loop starting with the back piece it’s simply a rectangular piece that’s slightly curved at the bottom to fit the heel next piece is for the funder to share it has a hole for the foot and slightly curved sides you a clue in the fold between the two pieces and press them together then cut away excess glue on the rounded piece with the tip of the shoe I’ve brown acrylic painted the edges to make it look aged cut some strips on the painted fabric and glue them on for detail drew on some golden studs for buttons I decided to close the whole book because I wanted that kind of shimmery shiny look but that’s all up to you let dry completely and the project is completed then just so much watching I hope you enjoyed this video you may like if you did and subscribe if you wanna see more bye


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