Home Makeup Tutorials Miniature Scrolls & Spell Books – Halloween paper/fabric Tutorial

Miniature Scrolls & Spell Books – Halloween paper/fabric Tutorial

Miniature Scrolls & Spell Books – Halloween paper/fabric Tutorial

hi guys today we’re waiting on these miniature scrolls and spell books first off I took some regular printer paper and stained it with acrylic paper on old look then I marked and cut off some strips in the size I wanted crumble the paper thoroughly for each look I missed it she’s up with my fingernails for the base of the scrolls I used his toothpicks and cut off the edges because they were very decorative and then I just combined the pieces when I drew them together you can also just hand carve some toothpicks if you want glue the pieces to the interview strip add brown acrylic paint of edges we’re the thin brush and black acrylic paint right out of a section in your scroll I wrote a tiny potion recipe Ronia scrolled up the amount you want to glue it in place add additional brown paint depending on how old and grammar you want to schools look I’m started to paint the ends of the scroll it would probably been better to do this ahead of time but I usually just take things as I go because I think my creativity work better that way a decoration shop a choice you you can also make a scroll that opens the other direction for very simple scroll just roll up a small piece of the strip around toothpicks the shape tied off with the string and add a decoration of your choice I glued honest piece of gold stud as usually a nele decoration these are the decorations and colors for different look onto the books decide what size you wanted pages to be and then cut out a bunch of the age looking paper stack off the pages until you have thickness you want you don’t have to be too neat because we’re going for the look of a very old book keep the pages together with a small rubber tile through the back of the pages together if you want to make an open book write a few pages and paste them front together and add them in between the others before gluing them when the first glue is dry add a little bit more and then glue on a small piece of paper to help create the back for the covers I’m using this wide linen fabric and painting it with the crating paint in the colors I wanted and right glue a piece of cash back to the inside and fold over the edges fold the cover over and make a fall for the back then gluing the pages hang on details I decided to do this after had put the backs on because I wanted to make sure that everything was in the right place arrange your spell books integrals and the project is complete thank you so much watching I hope you enjoyed this video leave a like if you did and subscribe if you wanna see more


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