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Minimal Makeup Tutorial – Rosy Flush

Minimal Makeup Tutorial – Rosy Flush

hi today I’m going to do a minimal product look just kind of an everyday look that’s good for weekends or if you just want a simple look during the day for school or for college or whatever this is the look that I’m doing on myself everyday at the moment simply because it’s very quick and easy and it’s low maintenance which we love so I haven’t got any skincare on yet I’m going to start by using the serum by chordally which is a brightening serum I use this I often use serums anywhere like serums but this one I’m using the moment it’s good for pigmentation so I tend to always have little pigmentation marks where I’ve previously had spots and things and I know I’m sure this will sound familiar to a lot of you that if I get a spot the mark the spot probably goes in three days but the mark stays for months so I constantly use SPF and brightening serums and things just to kind of lighten it a little bit then I’ll either use an SPF on top of that if I’m going to be outside even in the winter because it’s quite sunny or um most days at the moment I’m not really outdoors a lot I’m either going to a studio and then you’re indoors all day or I just go to meetings and things I’m not really walking around outside so I’m just going to use some moisturizer next because my skin is quite dry and dehydrated on my cheeks but it’s still quite combination a little bit spotty on the chin so I’m going to use just some moisturizer this is a me red one hydrating one but and I only use that all over my cheeks and for a little bit of Sheen on the top of my cheekbones so it catches the light for my base I’m using the new Clarins foundation called ever mapped there are some really fantastic foundation launches I’ve got a few other ones here that are coming out which I’ll use in films no upcoming films but there’s some really amazing very natural almost imperceivable foundations the a whole new generation of technology so I’m really impressed with all of the ones I’ve seen so far now this one is nice because it’s matte I’m only going to use it which is what I do during the day around this area which is where I need coverage I’m gonna just buff that in a little bit with them this is a flat top kabuki brush which is this brush I really really like it’s a Sigma one people keep asking me about those brushes I don’t love all of them no but it’s the same as all ranges of brushes some I really like within the ranges and some I don’t I guess the only time I’d ever loved every single brush in a range would be if I had my own range of brushes so I’m just gonna buff that in just where I need it nowhere else and also because this is aimed at combination skin and oily skin I won’t need to use any powder which at this time of year I wouldn’t use anyway but at the same time I don’t have to worry about the center of my face getting all shiny you really this foundation is so nice it smells of cucumber it’s quite refreshing and you really can’t see it on the skin I’ve looked at it in my magnifying mirror and really just can’t see anything it doesn’t emphasize pores either which is good so that’s applied just where I need it nowhere else and if you can get away with that I think for everyday minimal kind of makeup look then just use foundation where you need to if you need a layer all over then go ahead but if you can get away with it I think it’s quite nice to not go crazy okay the next thing I’m going to do is use blusher and this look really is all about pink blush because in january/february well particularly in England is such a gray dull month and during the day I don’t want to wear tons of makeup but I find the one thing that really liven the skin up is pink blush on it more or less suits everyone different shades of pink depending on your skintone but it just instantly lifts the skin so I’m going to use this limited-edition one by number seven which I did design so it’s slightly biased but then again I designed these things for number seven from my own makeup bag that tend to be things that I really want and I really like so going to just put a couple of dots on there it looks incredibly bright however as most cream to powder blushes are they’re very easy to blend and they sort of evaporate out to nothing you can really build up on them I’m going to do my concealing in a little bit afterwards so again on the other cheek if you’re someone I’ve said this before with red cheeks naturally then just use your thin layer of foundation over your red cheeks and then get rid of all the not so attractive redness so down here or sometimes people are very red here and leave the the natural sort of flush coming through and you can even still use pink blush I mean I know sometimes on people that I work with that I have quite red cheeks I’ll use a foundation take the redness down get rid of the sort of not great redness and then go over with a powder blush that’s much sort of paler and shimmery pink so it just slightly corrects the redness but it still gives that lovely bloom now I’m going to leave that for a moment because like most cream to powder blushes after five minutes they’ve worn in and settled in a bit more and often you find that you need to add a bit more color we might need to blend it a bit more or whatever so now that I’ve got most of the color on a good base I’m going to use some concealer this is Clinique airbrush and a little bit at the outer corner get rid of any little bits of redness there and a touch just around the mouth next I’m going to use some of my Laura Mercier secret camouflage for concealing this is sc3 and just things like a little marks where I’ve had a spot I’m not going to go crazy but I’m just going to get rid of anything that I’d rather wasn’t there next I’m going to do my brows I’m going to use this Laura Mercier eyeshadow sort of a brownie grey shade it’s called coffee ground which are don’t think they make any more but anything whatever you normally use for your eyebrows I’m going to just give them a little bit more shape not too much just fill them in a little bit keep them looking nice and full and then with the same brush a little bit more powder on I’m going to use this exact same product along my lash line so just pushing in these brushes are quite rough for brows so you don’t want to be scratching like that but if you just Pat it’s a nice quick way to get some definition along the lash line without having to bother with another product or to change brushes or what-have-you whichever color you’re using for your brows tend to suit you anyway so if your blonde and using a lighter brow powder than it’ll it’ll sort of match anyway I’m going to curl my lashes next we’re gonna do your mascara I’m using the Dior show new look mascara because it’s a tiny brush which I really like nice for daytime it gives you quite big lashes however even when I do a natural day look I do like to be quite lushy so I think you can get away with them very minimal makeup when your eyelashes look good okay so that’s my lashes done if you want to with what’s left on your brow brush you can again very gently Pat at the root of the lash especially if you’re similar doesn’t like to wear too much mascara on the lower lashes because it comes off or just doesn’t suit you a tiny little bit from there just finishes off and gives the illusion of thicker lashes for my lips I’m going to use this Rouge jolly by Clarins which is a sheer lipstick I like it because it’s a sort of plummy shade that on the lips on my coloring it just looks like a nice stained lip on darker skin it looks really natural and beautiful as well and it seems to suit a lot of people so just a last-minute check and because this is a really pink cheek look I’m going to add a fraction more not too much though quite high up onto my cheeks there I find that having pink on your cheeks also makes the whites of your eyes look sort of whiter and your eyes look brighter if you go too far with this and you suddenly have bright pink cheeks go in with your phone whichever type of foundation brush you’ve used or even concealer brush and just with what’s left on the brush it should be hardly any you can always just very lightly soften any edges if you’ve gone really too far you can just go over your um blusher and blend it in with a tiny bit of foundation just to soften everything down and keep it looking as if you’re blushing from within so that’s the finished look and it’s a look that I’m doing pretty much everyday on myself because it’s easy for meetings the pink flush I think always looks pretty and it’s simple what I would take with me to keep this look going to maintain it throughout the day because doesn’t need much is I would take the lipstick in my handbag because its sheer I won’t need a mirror and it’s really easy to touch-up everytime my lips are dry I would just do it I would also take the blusher because I’m quite shallow I can get quite a little bit tired looking so for me personally a little bit of extra pink in the cheeks is always nice and I would take the concealer palette because I often need although I won’t need powder because this is a matte foundation and it’s very long-lasting actually it’s very good sometimes I need a little bit of concealing around my chin gets what a couple of spots might show through few hours later so I’d use it for that but very minimal I shouldn’t need to do much at all and I love a kind of fresh pink glow on everyone a partner she incredibly red obviously then you might want to avoid this look although you can still play up your redness and adapt it into a pink flush if you want to but yeah I just love the simplicity of it so I hope you like the look and you


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