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Model Toni Garrn’s Wedding Day Makeup Look | My Beauty Tips | Vogue Paris

Model Toni Garrn’s Wedding Day Makeup Look | My Beauty Tips | Vogue Paris

It’s what they always do. Hi Vogue! I’m Toni Garrn and, today, I will show you how to do my natural wedding day makeup look. I am married, actually, but I just did a small courthouse thing. When I got married, I did it myself so I’m going to walk you through the small little natural things I did on my “Yes, I do” day.

First of all, this is how I actually started my day. I ran around with a mask under my eyes for a few hours I was very, very nervous, so this is quite authentic. You start with the mask, just to relax your face and make all the puffiness go down.

Then you can start with covering everything up. So, let’s get going. I like to start with nothing too heavy. Especially for my wedding I don’t want a huge cover up. I’m just going to use a tinted moisturiser.

Sometimes you need two dots. I think on your wedding day it’s allowed. Go a little crazy! I love making this little guy wet because everything stays better. I think one of the most important things after you do the base is to, actually, cover up little bits and pieces that definitely shouldn’t move, shouldn’t get cried off, shouldn’t get sweated off.

So, I like to start with covering up under my eyes. And, again, a very light concealer. This is also good for highlights. I always like to highlight my nose, under my eyebrows. It’s something I picked up from lots of makeup artists backstage.

It is your wedding day so I think it’s OK to cover up a little more. I’m going to use another one that covers up a bit more that’s less shiny to really get the redness. And, then, I always have things around my lips: they crack very easily, they’re very dry.

I like to go around my lips a little bit before doing anything else to them. I think it’s a good base. It’s important to use a little bit of powder. And just get it everywhere. You might get really hot.

You might get nervous. Just to make everything sit. What’s next? Eyebrows. I’m going to pull them in a little bit. For me, it’s important because I have eyebrows but they’re more in the middle. They don’t really pull all the way through.

I like to add in here at the front. The most important part for the eyebrows actually comes now, which is the brushing it through. Again, I think this is something I see my friends do completely differently.

They always, kind of, go with the direction of their eyebrows. In fashion, somehow, they always go up. They always go up, up, up. They even put gel in them, make them go up like crazy, so I can never pull them to the side.

I always push it up. OK, now, the most important thing for me always in my life: mascara. And, before I do any mascara, I have to curl these babies. I feel they just don’t stay up. I remember on my wedding day, I just sat there like this for five minutes.

You can push as hard as you like but do it a few times and then really carefully let go. Really carefully and see ok, they’re all loose. Then remove. I’ve seen some really bad mistakes backstage with girls going like this while they were on here and they do not grow back quickly.

Then you just go for it. I’ll talk to you guys in 20 minutes. I’ll be here for a while. [laughs] I actually do my mascara first because it gets so messy. With mascara, I’m just more is more. If I do the bottom, this was when all the girls have a beautiful face.

I don’t know if any girl does it differently than this, but I don’t see how. Alright. Tada! You’ve got to clean up. I think good old spit is best. I’m going to give it a little bit of an eyeshadow around the eyes.

Not too much. I’m going to start with a bit of a gold contouring. Whatever I do on the eye, I always love to pull it around. I feel like it makes the eyes pop. I think it can take a little bit more darkness.

It’s, like, a brown-grey. It’s a little bit of a darker tone. To make it pop. This is what I did. The most important thing is the eyelashes and you just saw me do it for a second. After I use the eyelash curler, then I do the mascara.

I still walk around the house like this for a while. Just to make sure they stay up. And they really do. It works for me. Now I’m going to use a little bronzer. I think it’s important to go into the roots with whatever you do so that there’s no ending to the makeup, beginning of the hair.

But it’s important not to do too much because it’s your wedding, don’t overdo it. You don’t want your parents or anyone to be like: “Who’s this?” I do like lip pencils. And I’m going to follow my lips with it.

And I’m just going to go around it and then fill it in after with some lip colour. It makes it stay. For me, it’s very important for every look I do to have, like, a really beautiful nude lipstick as well in my kit so it always can tone down whatever colour you put on.

You do kiss a lot during a wedding so you don’t want too much on there. And also what I love to do… I think this is another thing we learn doing shows. The last thing was always you had a thing on your face and you went around like this.

It’s a good trick because everything stays a bit smoother. You still have the colour but it’s not going to go falling. I put, like, a light little bun in the back or something pretty. Tada! All right, so this was my how to do my own wedding day makeup look.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you all for watching. Hi Vogue! This is Toni Garrn and, if you enjoyed this and would like to watch more videos, subscribe here.


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