Home Makeup Tutorials my 5 go to monolid makeup looks! quick and efficient tutorial 👍

my 5 go to monolid makeup looks! quick and efficient tutorial 👍

my 5 go to monolid makeup looks! quick and efficient tutorial 👍

here are my 5 go to monolid makeup looks since you guys know i pretty much do the same thing everytime. thank you to O-lens for partnering with me you guys probably know them because BLACKPINK is their ambassador but if you don’t they are a colored contacts brand from Korea and using their lenses I’m going to show you my 5 looks starting with “spanish brown” for a very light & natural eye.

as you can see the spanish brown lens makes the super dark brown color of my eye into a lighter brown. and it does it in a really subtle natural way especially because the size of the lens is not too big.

to compliment this i put a shimmery warm toned eyeshadow all over my lid (eyelids) and then some mascara. to finish off the look i just put on a soft lip color like “cashmere creme” from em cosmetics.

and that’s it! this eye look is so simple and something i do if I want to do a quick and light look. The lens is also really perfect because it really brightens up the look with the lighter brown color and if you’re wondering these are the 1-day lenses and they’re so comfortable i can wear them all day and they’re perfectly hydrating.

this next look is a warmer version of the previous look. it’s also perfect for everyday but it definitely adds more dimension to my eyes. I’m using spanish circle brown (lens) for this look and you can see the “spanish circle brown” (lens) on the left and “spanish brown” (lens) on the right the spanish circle has a dark line around the edge witha gold/brown iris pattern.

so that kind of gives my eye a little more intensity and also a more doe-eyed look. just like the first look just put a warm shimmer on the lids (eyelids). and then you’re going to blend a dark brown color on the outer parts of them (eyelids).

A tip i always go by is find the socket of your eye which sounds gross, but blend the color up to there. it helps the eye color show up on your eye when your eyes are open but it’s not too heavy looking – if that makes sense.

for lips i like using a dark brown rose color and i think it looks so great with the “spanish circle brown” lenses the lens is so natural. it has a kind of subtle striking feature about them kind of like if you have brown eyes and you let the golden hour (timing of sun) hit your eyes and then you get that nice honey brown color that’s what this lens does.

now this look is way more intense. but it’s because it’s my “go to” night out look. i’m going to wear the “spanish gray” lenses for this look and they’re the same type as “spanish brown” but these are gray .

..obviously it definitely compliments a night out (look) when you want to be that chic but edgy mysterious character in a drama so keeping the makeup i did before i just intensified the brown color on the outer parts of my eyes; to make it more kind of brown and smokey.

and then i’m going to go over and add a warm shimmery color on the inner to middle parts of my eyelids for some sparkle. so all around my eye i lined a black liner then i just added a wing. by lining it super intensely like this it really brings out the gray color of the lens and i think it looks so cool ok so, after putting on lashes – to make it more glam – i put on my favorite lipstick, which is “shawty” from Fenty Beauty.

it’s a dark brick color and i just chose it because dark lips are the staple (most used) night out color. and it’s just so pretty. so this is the finished look. i love this eye look with these lenses i think it looks so sophisticated and it’s just so striking and mysterious i just feel really cool.

Again, the lenses are super comfortable they are one day lenses and i can wear them all day long. so this fourth look is very different. this is the eye look i do for kind of a pink and sweet romantic like feeling or.

..느낌… you know? so i’m going to be using “vivi ring pink” for this eye look because it brings a natural hue of pink to my dark brown eyes as you can tell first i add a pink shade all over my lids.

then i go in with a light shimmer color and i put it on the inner to middle parts of my eyelid to make kind of a bright and sparkly feel. then i’m going to blend the first pink color on the lower lash line to balance out the eye for a soft look.

then add a pink shimmer color to the inner corner. i really love adding these shimmers for kind of a bright and youthful look. the “vivi ring pink” is super comfortable to wear and it’s a bit bigger than the “spanish” lenses but i like it because it makes my eyes look a bit doe-eyed (a little bigger) which is perfect for a cute and sweet makeup look like this! oooh okay this next look is going back to warmer tones specifically orange which is my favorite color for eye makeup so i’m using “vivi ring brown” for this look and if you want to pause here you can to kind of look at the difference between “vivi ring brown” and “spanish circle brown” you can.

but to start the makeup look i’m putting on an orange shimmery color and then just blending it out. just use the eye socket tip! then i’m going to take a dark brown shadow and lightly blend it on the outer parts of my eyelids.

instead of eyeliner i’m using the same brown eyeshadow as a soft liner i want this to be a creamy soft warm toned orange eye look. and then i’m just throwing on “faded clementine” from em cosmetics. and a Fenty Beauty gloss bomb on top.

i thought the gloss would just brighten up the look a bit! but that’s it. i love “vivi ring brown” for this look because it’s just a soft and warm color brown for a lens but it’s a bit more intense than the “spanish brown” lens less striking than the “spanish circle” lens so i think it works really well for this look.

thank you thank you so much for watching you gusys i know i don’t do voiceovers a lot but i thought it would be more efficient this way. a lot of you still ask me how I do makeup for my eyes because you have the same shape so i thought this would be fun and unique (way to show you and integrate lenses) to show you guys and i really hope it helps i know our eye shape can be pretty tricky i just – again i want to say thank you because sponsorships wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for you.

So Im very grateful. It’s helping me so much. hi guys really quickly i wanted to mention that i have a discount code. it’s “HANA10” you get 10%off. and also they have another thing going on and i wanted to mention it because i think it would be really fun for christmas they have a favorite box deal going on basically it’s a box and you can get 5 different kinds of lenses in it and it would cost $43.

originally it would be about $72. so i think it’s a really good gift idea to yourself or to someone else. Whatever you like. i just wanted to mention it. It’s only going to happen in November. i will have links & everything down below so you can check it out.

but anyways that’s all i wanted to say. i really do hope you guys enjoy this video. and again thank you thank you so much. i’ve just been…my life has been so weird lately it really means a lot to me that you guys are watching my videos and supporting me and i worked really really hard on this so i hope you guys enjoyed it but yes.

..okay bye!


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