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MY CURLY TO STRAIGHT HAIR ROUTINE | Silk Press On Natural Hair, No Heat Damage!

MY CURLY TO STRAIGHT HAIR ROUTINE | Silk Press On Natural Hair, No Heat Damage!

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. In  this video i’m going to be showing you my   curly to straight routine. I’m starting off on  freshly washed and deep conditioned hair   You can check my previous videos on how i  deep conditioned my hair for this routine   and also you can check out my previous  video on how i blow dry my hair   When i usually straighten my hair i usually use a  thin toothed comb but i found something on amazon   that might be a game changer for me because i  can never seem to get like a silky silk press   because my hair will just poof up all the time so,  even when i go to the hairdresser so i don’t know   It’s called a thermo ceramic straightening  brush, so it’s like using a smoothing brush   but in a straighteners form, okay let me show  you what i’m talking about.

Instead of putting   the comb first you put this first then the  straightener on top and go like that, so yeah   gonna try it out today see if it works out for me,  and also i bought some new straighteners because   my old ones were ghds but they only went up to  a certain degree which is probably why i wasn’t   getting my hair as straight as possible, so i  decided to buy some new ones and this is the one i   bought.

Here in the UK i feel like it’s quite hard  to get good straighteners. I would spend money on   good straighteners if i could find good  straighteners. Maybe i need to go to the   hairdressers or maybe the salons and see  where they get their supplies from but   i don’t know, i’m just going to use these and see  how they work for me.

So this is what they look   like. So there’s the locking mechanism here, i have  to pull that unlock it. I decided to buy the thicker   plate because my hair is quite thick and i really  want to cut the time down as much as possible   It’s a wide digital ceramic straightener, high heat  150 to 230 degrees, fast 15 second heat up, floating   plate for superior alignment, automatic safety  shut off, swivel cord and heat resistant pouch I’m going to put them on 210(degrees C) to start with and  i’ll see how i’ll go from there.

Let me just   section up my hair. I like to work  in three sections on each side   So i’m gonna part them off, i don’t know i feel like  it goes a little bit quicker this way   Alright so the first thing i want to do is i’m  going to spray some heat protectant on my hair   this is the thermal shield from cantu.

I’m just  going to spray that in this section here. I don’t   want to spray too much cos i don’t want my hair to revert. I used  it in my blow drying routine as well, so whenever   i’m applying heat whether it’s blow drying or  straightening, i go in with a heat protectant before   i put any heat in my hair.

I did like the way the  heat protectant felt in my hair, it just made my hair   feel softer and more nourished rather than when  i used to use my tresemme one, that didn’t really   feel nourishing in my hair, so it was nice to have  a heat protectant that did provide some sort of   moisturised feeling in my hair.

Here we go these big  old things. Also the other products that i did use   in my blow drying routine was the Keracare Silken Seal serum and the Aphogee leave-in spray   the restructurizer. I’ll leave the products that  i used below but if you like you can also check   out my previous video, because the blow drying is  an important part of the straightening process   So yeah in this particular part of the routine  i don’t use anything but the thermal shield   just because i don’t want my hair to  be weighed down.

I just want it to be   light and airy and fluffy, you know trying to get  that silk pressed look. Alright so it’s soft   smooth, but i feel like i can up the temperature  a bit more just to get a silkier outcome Or turn them on because they turned off.

Maybe  that will help. So let me put it back on 210 That’s so jokes. Okay I’m gonna start straightening my hair  from the back towards the front of my hair   You don’t have to do your hair in  sections like i did, you can go row to row   Wow, okay, no i don’t need to go higher than 210 When it’s on, it’s hot.

Yeah so make sure the  straighteners are on before you even start   straightening your hair, that would be a good step  in your routine. So before i start straightening   i make sure to comb out the section before i go in  with the straightener because i don’t want to   snag my hair and i want it to be a smooth motion when i’m putting the straightener through my hair   And then i do fast and short passes at the roots,  to smooth out the roots without burning my scalp   You don’t want to put the straightener close to  your roots for very long because the steam is just   going to burn your scalp, so just do a few passes.

  Don’t worry about the amount of passes i’m doing   it’s not going to damage my hair it’s just short  passes. So yeah, after i do the short passes i go   in with the chasing method, the straightening brush  first and then i put the straighteners behind it Interesting So i started off by doing  one pass using the chasing method and then i went ahead and done a slower pass  afterwards, but i didn’t like the way the straight brush was tugging on my hair, so i went  ahead and done the rest of the routine doing a   fast pass with just the straighteners  alone, just to smooth out the hair a bit   then i followed on with the straightener  brush and the straightener together   doing a slower pass.

I’ll show you in real time  how slow the pass is on my hair i do try not to go too slow because i don’t want to do too much  damage on my hair. Okay and that’s one section done but it’s looking good so  far look.

It’s bone straight, it’s   light. Impressed so far. I’m just  gonna click this out the way And i be careful not to spray  any of this onto the section i just   straightened. So i’m spraying it forwards.

Now for this section because it’s  quite thick i do like to put it in two   Long ways, like that, just because it gets a bit too  much. I would usually do two slow passes on my hair   Yeah i’ve never been a one pass girl with  straightening, uh it’s never really worked out   with me doing one pass and that’s probably because  i don’t put my straighteners on the highest heat, i   always like to work in the middle because there’s  no way i’m going to try and straighten my hair on   that high heat because yes, i would probably get a  silk pressed look that i’m looking for but yes, i’m   more likely to damage my hair too, so i’d rather  have my hair healthy and less straight rather than   it being bone straight and resulting with heat  damage.

I really do like the results of using the   straightening brush instead of the fine-tooth comb,  it just left my hair feeling more silky and smooth   because there’s way more bristles in the brush  compared to the comb which means that there’ll   be more tension provided which will result in a  smoother silkier result.

So if you’ve been having   trouble with getting a silky result, maybe try a  bristle brush if you don’t have this straightening   brush, maybe that will literally be the only  thing you might need to change in your routine to   achieve a better result.

You will see some steam  coming from the straighteners but that’s okay   That’s more likely to be the heat protectant  that i put in my hair or just the evaporation   of any products that you might have in your  hair.

So it’s now 1:30 in the morning, okay… So it’s definitely not a frying hair  situation because i didn’t have any   added oils in my hair other than what would be in  my products, so yeah it’s definitely not my hair   burning and my hair reverted fine so it wasn’t  frying my hair.

And also the front of my hair   because it is a different texture, i don’t  need to go so slowly with the passes   I don’t think i put any heat protectant on this part… That’s not good. Okie dokie let’s hope i don’t  have any heat damage please oh my god, oh my gawd Oh my goodness.

.. What an idiot… Using a  heat protectant is really crucial   All good so far. I’ve always wanted to do that Woooy. Onto the next side. I was pretty happy  with the results from the straightener.

I’ve   had a fair amount of straighteners in my  lifetime, yeah i’ll say it’s up there with   some of the best ones i’ve had but i’ve always had  drugstore branded straighteners. I did eventually   buy ghds, but i just didn’t feel like they weren’t  exceptionally good compared to what i’m used to   but i do hope in the future to be able to purchase  a proper professional grade straightener, but for   now these will do and they will do a good job , so if you’re looking for some new straighteners   i do recommend these ones, and i also do  recommend the thicker plates for thicker hair   because it covers more surface area  and it speeds up the straightening time   Something always so satisfying  about seeing the last bit of hair   being straightened, and it’s all done.

It took me  roughly about 45 minutes to finish my whole hair   which is actually not that bad considering the  length of my hair and the thickness. I doubt   i’ll be able to speed that process  up, it’s just a long process guys   What i’m doing here is i’m just going around the  perimeter of my head just to straighten out those   edges a bit more because for some reason they  always get missed when i’m straightening my hair   probably because i’m not getting as close as  i need to be to the roots, but, listen i can’t   stand when that steam touches my scalp so yeah  i’ll just go ahead and straighten those out a   bit and obviously again not long passes on the  hair just short passes just get the roots done And then what i’m doing now is i’m just bumping  my ends a bit so that’s not just dead straight   I just like to have that little curl at the  ends.

But yeah that’s all done, i’m loving the   way that it’s turned out. As you can see in the  middle part there i didn’t get to my roots   so i’ve got a little indentation at the back, but  as you can see that goes away as i’ve brushed it   But yeah i’m really loving the results from  this new straightening routine.

It lasted for a whole   month. Um it didn’t stay bone straight for a whole  month but i kept the straight hair for four weeks   So now i’m taking the ORS olive oil sheen  spray and i’m just going to spray that in   my hair a little bit, not too much, just  to give my hair a little bit of moisture   I’m just spraying a little bit in my  hands and raking it through my hair   not spraying it directly on my hair cos i don’t  want to add too much.

Happy ends, happy ends. Happy endings And i also spray some of that sheen spray  on my scalp um just where the partings are showing   Obviously a little oil don’t hurt nobody and this  sheen spray is a lightweight formula as it says   there.

It don’t feel like anything, it’s just giving  me the shine. It might have weighed it down just a   little bit but my ends needed some sort of revival.  I’m not gonna dare cut off anymore. I’m already   scissor happy, i’m surprised i didn’t cut bangs  that’s how scissor happy i am.

Okay so it’s   three o’clock in the morning now and i need to  go to my bed, but i’m going to show you what it   looks like the next day once i wrap it. I’ll have  a more detailed routine on how i wrap my hair up   my channel soon, but yeah i’m just wrapping it up  and then i’m taking some more of that sheen spray   and i’m just spraying it over my hair just so that  when i’m putting the hair scarf on it doesn’t get   too dry, even though the satin and the silk helps  with that, but i just find that my hair just comes   out more glossy and more silky when i do this  step.

So i just wrapped up my hair and i go to bed All the products and tools i use will be in the  description box below. If you enjoyed this video   give it a thumbs up, it really does help me out  with the algorithm.

Don’t forget to subscribe   to my channel if you want to see more videos  like this, and any shares likes and comments   will be greatly appreciated. But yeah, thanks for  watching and i’ll see you guys in the next one.



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