Hi guys in this video, I’m going to show you how I do my daily makeup look by using my current favorite makeup products So without any further ado, let’s just get started First I like to use this face mousse before I apply anything to print my skin The face mess smells great.

It has a roses scent. It’s moisturizing and I like how quickly it absorbs into my skin This is my current favorite sunscreen, I like the smooth texture and it’s very easy to apply there’s no white cast It doesn’t feel sticky at all.

And it also provides SPF 50 Maxim gank tears dislike bump from dear Italia to moisturize my lips beforehand Fraida bass I’ve recently been using the perfect magic cover fit cushion from April skin It provides full coverage and it covers blemishes really Well, however suggest you to apply it thinly since it’s really thick or else it will look very cakey Currently I have two favorite counselors.

I have one that’s for covering my dark circles. And for the other one is to cover my blemishes There is and why I’m using the all arts counselor is because although the coverage is not as thick and good as the tip counselor from the same but the coverage is good enough to cover my dark circles without creasing the Tip counselor from the seam is just perfect.

It can cover any type of blemishes on top of that The price is really affordable and I highly recommend it As Free to powder the compact powder from makeup forever is still one of my favorites. It covers up my pores pretty well I like how it’s lightweight and also very buildable For either shading powder I’m using the one from too cool for school.

It’s still one of my favorites I Really love how to have three different sheets in one palette that you can use depending on how thick you want the shade to be on a certain part of your face For the holiday I’m using the mineralize skinfinish from Mac I bought this because the design of the powder pack is pretty and just a little bit goes a long way Also, once it settles down on the skin it will look more natural and you will get a healthy-looking go For eyebrow pencil.

I’m using a pencil eyebrow from a cute house I like how natural this sheet is and the pencil is very easy to control and the price is very avoidable, too Then use an eyebrow mascara from Pawnee effect and brush it on my eyebrows to match the color and make it look less bold For the eyeshadow I’m using the trees to email the eye color palette coat over take this is my all-time favorite makeup item The size is perfect to bring on traveling and all the colors can be used for a daily or party look Take the light shimmery peach color and apply it on the eyelid a little bit over the crease Then take a darker color and apply it on the outer and inner corners of the eyes Then I take this darker orange a brown color also applied on the outer and inner corners of the eyes Brush it carefully towards the center part and brush it as near as possible to the lash line Then tick that brown or black color to draw the eyeliners I Like to use liquid eyeliner Sometimes just at the end of the corner of the eyes and then apply brown eyeshadow On top of the liquid eyeliner to make it look more blendable with the whole eye makeup look This step is optional if I’m going on dates or hanging out with my friends I’ll take a little bit of glittery eyeshadow and apply it on the center of my eyelid or inner corners of the eyes Also on the lower lashline to brighten up my eyes.

I Love all the prism air shadow sparkling collection They have 12 to 14 colors to choose and my current favorite shade is number 16 Coral This step is really really important if you are having a hard time trying to make the curl of your lashes They use a hairdryer to hit your curler.

Then Korea lashes. It will help your lashes curl to stay curler and longer My current favorite mascara is the last infinite for moon shot this mascara is just perfect it’s waterproof The long lasting part is amazing and it doesn’t clump and I like how it helps the curl stay in place Fraida blush I’m using the Tracy face blushing mute pitch color.

The color is very natural in life It blends well with my skin tone color. Also, it’s very buildable Last step I’m using the trees to email it color coat mellow flower. It’s a rosy red color, which slightly pitch undertone I think this color is perfect for any types of occasion.

You can apply it full lips or gradient lips. Depending on your own liking So, that’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys again in my next video


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