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My Everyday Makeup Tutorial 💄(KOREAN/THAI Subs)

My Everyday Makeup Tutorial 💄(KOREAN/THAI Subs)

hi guys it’s me sort and you were back with producer today is a very special day because today is my first day filming my own beauty contest I recently decided to start doing my own Beauty content because a lot of you have been asking how do I do my makeup every day how do I get my hair done how I get my face done and all that I know it’s not really interesting but I guess some of you are really interesting about well how I I do what I do I will be telling you guys from the beginning until the end about all the things I do to get this so don’t forget to stay tuned and let’s go so this is my bare face some of you might have seen my bare face on eddies channel because of course he did my makeup I’m not good at makeup myself so if you want to follow follow if you don’t just want to watch his watch I start off with using a toner this toner is from cos 4x this is my second bottle would cost over X right here it comes in a pad like this so it’s really really easy to use I don’t want to use a lot of cuttings and like just have to pour in too much toner cuz it’s such a waste put it on my face I feel like using a toner is better because my skin feels way better but to be honest I’ve heard from someone saying that if you clean your face right then you actually don’t need a toner okay we drift to kind of dry off I want to have the best skin right now to be honest because I haven’t been sleeping really well these days I have a lot of acne scar I have freckles up here I have a lot of scars on my t-zone on my chin not I’m down on my toner I will be using a moisturizer hello hi allure on from Lac vert basically used up everything I’m not the type of person who uses a lot of bougie products I just use whatever there is at home and whatever looks okay on the shelf next I will be using my power tan formula vici effector from its skin I actually don’t know why I’m using this product but the funny story was I ordered this for my sister and I accidentally order like four bottles because she wanted only three so I just kept one for myself and I just have been using it ever since to really get that face really moisturize and really put on some makeup next is a very important product that you always have to put on when you are in your house when you’re outside I really recommend you always have a sunscreen intensive anti-pollution sunscreen SPF 50 plus PA plus plus plus plus this is the product that I’m using I guess a lot of Innisfree product I really like it this sunscreen is one really light and two I love the smell now that I’m pretty much done with my skincare I’m going to put a bit of lip balm you gonna bomb it up this is from iOS miss Minnie from gee I just bought this for me I really like it so cute and this even matches today’s theme pink I’m sorry if I look really tired because like when I don’t have makeup on my eyes are really droopy so that’s why I always have my cat liner if you look at my face for too long you can get really sleepy so I’m really sorry for that I’ll try to get on to the makeup as fast as I can not I have prepped my face I will be doing my foundation so I’m the type who I don’t really like to use foundation I feel like foundation is way too thick because I have work every day I always have foundation on my face 24/7 anyways when I’m on promotion so I feel like for an everyday makeup a cushion is enough and the cushion that I’m using right now is from too cool for school art class to do Sonia and elke is also using this product today I will just be using a cushion on my face it can look a little bit lighter than my actual skin because I am the type of person who I like to use my foundation one color lighter than my actual skin cuz it makes me feel good so don’t you guys dare judge me about the color that I’m using pause in real life it looks good so I was using a cushion that was way darker than this but recently after I dyed my hair I decided to change the color that I was using I would like to apologize in advance if my angles and everything looks kind of weird because I actually don’t know what I’m doing I’m just gonna do it because this is my first time and as I warned you guys I’m not a professional now that I’m done with my first step with the cushion I will be going on to the next product that I use another product from Innisfree it’s called no sebum mineral pad tap-tap-tap and just put it on my face and after this I am going to put some concealer on my face a concealer crayon from ma collage professional talked about this a lot of times I’m going to use this to conceal all the problems in my life I will be putting on my blush on I feel that I need a little life to my face I feel like right now I don’t have any life on my face so I’m using a Revlon naughty nude number six I got this from my mom I stole it from her makeup this when I was in Thailand last time whatever brush you have this is also another product from tool cool for school our class by Robin shading this product a lot of Korean people uses this and I’ve been using this for many many years this is basically the only shading that I use I am the type of person who if I use a product I will never change it if I like it I will never never ever ever change it because I don’t like to spend my money on and you make up make my face small and then I’m gonna control my nose also I have a brush bag like this all my brushes it looks pretty dirty by hand using these two colors I’m going to use fashioned brow by Maybelline New York I’ve been using this product for many many years comes in a powder like this with three shades I use the shade in the middle right now because I just added my hair so I have to keep my eyebrow really light I normally dye my eyebrows but I didn’t have time just kind of fill in the shapes first and then I’m gonna use a smaller brush just like this to draw the ends of my brows both side of my brows are really different so it’s really annoying to make it look the same the brows actually takes me the most time for my makeup because I have such different brows and I’m gonna brush it off like this I wish I had a think about my brother so small someone no he was like a little baby well and then to make my brow look a bit softer I’m going to use this heavy rotation coloring eyebrow product it’s a brow mascara that I’ve been using the eyeshadow that I’ve been using for this whole year is 16 plus color bomb eyes number 2 volcano I’m going to use this color as you can see there’s not a lot of product stuff over there because I’ve been using just this color this is from week me I think I’m going to get my eyeshadow brush I’m not so good eye makeup so the only color that I use is pink pink as my base and then use some glitter pink in the middle I don’t think all of you can see the color tool because I don’t really use a lot of makeup on with it I’m trying to make it visible and then I’m gonna use the pink over here pink over here to put it in kinda like the middle of my eyes I am using a slim tech pencil liner 1.

5 mm from Clio professional I’m going to use this to fill to drop my eyeliner super slim super super easy to use I will just something like this this is a really scary so for those of you who really cannot take this you can skip this part if you guys are okay with me doing this with my eyes then you guys can watch it what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use this pencil I’m just gonna pull it up and I’m just gonna fill it in I am going to draw a winged liner before I was using a liquid eyeliner but I just recently changed to a gel liner with a liquid eyeliner it can be too fierce too strong I want to make sure that I have this stuff in kind and cute face I’m kidding I’m gonna use this Maybelline New York gel liner this is the color brown the gel like this going to dump the product onto my brush so I look at myself in the mirror and I just draw a line up like that to use a gel liner you really need to practice a lot it’s really hard for some people to use a gel liner to draw their eyeliner but for me I’ve been using this for a while so I think I’m getting really used to it and I really like the feeling of it no I mess it up guys no this is going to so this is a good thing about using a gel liner because you can always erase it whatever you want to yeah I think I really went too far for the first one yeah we got it we got mm-hmm so this is one side of my winged liner I’m going to do the same thing to the outside so a lot of you have been asking what kind of mascara did I use how do I get my lashes to go up like you just like that well for me I don’t really use anything that much but what I do is it’s really important to know how to use a eye curler to curl your lashes probably what I do is I put it as close to the skin as possible and then I don’t crazy go on like put on full power or not if I just do it bit by bit by bit softly softly softly and then you kind of pull it up and then that’s how you’re gonna get some curl for your lashes I’m using a she Sato lash curler it could be really triggering so be careful I put it close and I look down Oh crying again as close as skin as possible look down tada you guys see the difference I can’t see myself right now so I’m not sure because it’s you different I’m gonna do the same on this eye that’s close to the skin as possible and then you’re gonna start I’m going to use a doctor mascara fixer from A to D it helps with curl fixing volume up and coding fix something like this I’m going to apply this on to my lashes to make sure that I get my mascara ready to prep my lashes I’m gonna do something for my bottom lashes so a lot of you have been asking what kind of mask are I use I am using Maybelline New York as always it’s called Maybelline the rocket volume Express looks like this looks like this but uh this is the outcome I feel like a lot of people try to put on too much mascara at once I feel like if you want to have a longer looking lashes you really have to you have to really let the products it first for the first layer and then you start adding more layers as it dries up I will do my bottom lashes with the same product I’ve kind of been training myself to apply mascara without opening my mouth now I feel like I’ve lent my lashes sit for a bit I’m gonna put my second lay you’re on and also at the bottom last one more time you guys see my lashes pretty long and dope right and then the next thing that I’m going to do is the last thing I’m going to be putting on today is my lipstick this is a product from PR I think the color is good all good all this type of color gonna use my lip brush like this apply it on then use a brush okay so this is the final look that I have I don’t really use a lot of makeup on my face I don’t really use a heavy makeup I’ll say I just have pink shadow have my eyelashes curled up I have my nudie lipstick like I also do my brows I do a cushion a little bit of powder contouring I use a lot of products that you guys can really find anywhere I will also link out the product that I’ve used today down there so don’t forget to check it out for those of you who are curious about my makeup anything you want to ask don’t forget to leave the comment down below because I really read all of your comments produce ORN and I will be uploading more videos more Beauty content from now on so don’t forget to stay tuned to that and thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you then thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time on produce or have a nice day guys bye


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