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My First SPANISH MAKEUP TUTORIAL! (English Subtitles)

My First SPANISH MAKEUP TUTORIAL! (English Subtitles)

hello my people ansures airbags and dave and every time they are have the one from vermont you for a while the big time in hispanic heritage man extra help for bingos and formica nation to turn you from teguise han boiled completely in spain is en español formal latino de arte de Milwaukee Nacional de cante Hoyos on their tour speak Spanish and organic raw yesterday user who 4 am also latin dance shop 10 my man more project experience but I defend myself first let’s start with foundation you already know that I love the blues and serve and blander is already a little wet let’s start with the foundation, you know I love it see as more tanned because I love to use a foundation that It’s a little darker than my skin, although winter is coming and I want to see as if I’m tanned the whole year that look as if I was only in Miami let’s do this so that the entire face is now almost the same color See well how the foundation is already there I don’t like to use a lot of foundation because now we are going to use the corrector with silver the problem is that yes i can speak spanish but i don’t know all the words first sun game jam en Spanish is called Angela Chancellor Foundation where is my show can use the word concealer and concealing cream for me it is very important to use a brighter color a lighter color under the eyes and also in the center of the face like and we continue here because we are going to make the illusion how the nose is very fine and now we go mixing ok let’s continue with the outline I always use a much more color darker than my skin and we’re going to paint it over here this is called chestnut but I I want to continue with the darkest called coco the darkest of the difference the color that was lighter goes here and then we will enter with a darker color with two lines there it is very important that they put the outline in the prominent areas so that your round face does not see you now we are going to mix the color because you don’t want they want to look like a clown now let’s take the brush and make it thinner like thus to blend the contour of the nose it is very important that when they are doing this that they go in the direction of the eyebrows like that and that almost like that connect to the eyebrows now they see how it is they see the difference and now as the foundation is done we are going to use powder to hold what We already did cheap first I go down the eyes like this English this is called baking through the mouth and then also here to give more definition and now we are going to continue with the eyebrows a product that I want to share with you is that before doing the eyebrows they should use as a powder it can be a white powder as I am using now to remove the oil from my face so that the eyebrows much longer when they are doing the eyebrows is very important that they look natural because we are going to continue and that the forehead brows look lighter in color that behind me I love to use a pencil that also with a brush in it other side and they want to do like the illusion How much hair are they will use the brush like this so that it looks natural so that the color it is not very dark and they follow the lines of the natural eyebrows it is just more That is what you have to put a little like this to give more definition but no we want to see as if we are putting as chapin but that looks like the eyebrows that I already have but with more definition likewise they see the difference they almost look the same but this one has a lot more definition and also has a lot more color and looks like it has more hair but they don’t look hard like wow they don’t want to have too thick a I love the saying that eyebrows are sisters but they are not twins this is going to be a little bit more different than the other because that’s how my eyebrows are when I do my makeup this part is the part that always takes the longest we continue and now as we have the structure of the eyebrows we are going to use this mask now they are saying that more than now mascara is said in Spanish because we are going to use a mascara for the eyebrows it is also very important that they do not like black color for eyebrows that use something more natural like a brown color I like to use the mascara for comb the eyebrows up see the difference it looks like you have more hair in the eyebrows when they do that as more booking as they say I go no way is the stupid good artist with better security is me starting that the word busy does not exist in the Spanish language the only thing that I want to do is put a little highlight under the bone that we have Here in the eyebrows we are going to use Quechua ordes that is from Mac de Jean Pierre he is also latin joad seen different makeup tutorials where the girl says highlight well I’ll say highlight balance coco blind before I finish with the eyebrows I am going to put a little more definition and using concealer here where is the brow bone is very important that they use a brushes and little one to give definition under the eyebrows we are going to put a little highlight on that same site we end with the eyebrows now that we are going to use shadows and as I told you I wanted to do something autumn we are going to use a very natural base like this color here this color It is the perfect color for the base now as you already have the base we will continue with a coffee color like it is here and we are going to enter with the smallest brush thus using the curve of the natural thus we are going to enter here with the curve of the eye You see how he used the natural curve of my eye, I don’t even have to look at what I’m doing because I can feel where the curve is and I’m going to add more which color and that follow almost where the nose is where it begins the nose as almost here following the natural girl you see now we are going to mix the two colors and we are going to use as this color a little clearer than the other and you also see that we are using a different brush and we continue with this color it almost looks like gray and now we’re going to stick with the finer brush as day before in the color of coffee and we are going to make a line under the eyes this line makes the eyes look bigger and also it looks good good let’s put a little more of the coffee now here and ok now we are going to use eyeliner I love to use liquid eyeliner because to me is more precise for me this never has to be perfect I try to do it perfect but I do the best I can because afterwards I’m going to put an eyelash false that will almost cover all this for me doing eyeliner takes a lot practice let’s do the other one I always try to connect the corners of the eye as to connect this part to this part is not looks so bad now let’s let that dry too that they don’t open their eyes so because sometimes the eyeliner is still wet touch here and that has happened to me in shaking now we are going to use bronzer to I love to use a powder that is darker than my skin but although this is not bronzers as a disguise powder as a foundation in traffic none but i love this color why on the front let’s make like almost a shadow so that the face doesn’t look so round all the places where I put the outline we are going to go to those same places but now using powder and now for the nose I will use to follow the line of the nose that looks like the same here and now we are going to put false eyelashes they are with a little big then I’m going to cut a little bit from there we’re going to use this rubber let’s blow blow leftover perfect these lashes are great wow look at the effect what difference i I’m always pushing like this because I never want my lashes to look like going down like this because that makes your eyes fall like that I want to see the illusion like the eyes are bigger and what they go up not down when the eyebrows are drying it is very important that you use as your hands to push and to shape the way you want it as I always push the corner more here so that I do not fall also putting the false eyebrows takes a lot of practice is something you have what to practice doing because if not you will not be perfect now that we have the false eyelashes on I see that they are dramatic well I go to put a little more shadow in a color a little more and black how are we going to continue with this here in the corner and load it where the rope is in the same place as before and more in the corner and also below this same color of coffee let’s make it more dramatic down like now we have got these lashes that are very dramatic on the bottom line so we will continue with clearer how you say more want in Spanish crime also crime ok and for me it is very important to put a lot of rhythm in the lash path now as to connect the false lashes and real eyelashes so they look a little more real and now we are going to do the bottom tabs I have a tab one of my extensions that does not want we are going to use This regimen was a little natural for me, let’s continue with this one, which is more I want to see if Havana can find me an eyeliner in color as now we will continue with lip liner with a color coffee like this this mac score is already perfect this was the one that I had in my mind is called gold mine, it will be true perfect finish doing the lips ok I always put the eyeliner inside of the lips also so that it lasts longer and we will continue with this loria lipstick and it’s called explore I love brown lip color It is fashionable and I love how the color of the eyes mazzea with the lips Combine working up or go to Bobby get away from the platform schwimmer to point ok let’s try the gold eyeliner inside the eyes how cute this color looks and it is from the 20s which indie ximo has to use it as many times to see the effect I want it to be see brighter more gold color let me know in the comments if You can see that I have the color of gold inside the eyes if not now we are going to remove all this from white white powder you used let’s use this side To mix and and now we are going to use this powder to tan take out the white because it is almost like very white under the eyes to mix sorry this hair It is horrible but we care is a user for makeup not hair and now we are going to put a little bit of blas as they say blas the blush manning we are three we are going to use this peach color and then we are going to use this highlight but what it has a lot of shine and also because now we have the matte effect but this will give the shine that we want that is fashionable a little bit here on the nose in this part of the nose a little bit on the front is like mixing a little more okay and this was my makeup tutorial enjoy the world the show language spanish and live nation time life and work and water high life created on Sunday of each month part in spain dulles la caja something else face in the eyeliner arona hartmann awaits me i feel so proud to be latina on youtube the dollar extended in description one side life behind linex big man a Little kiss


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