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My First Video as a Creator 😊 #IntroducingMyself

My First Video as a Creator 😊 #IntroducingMyself

hey everyone my name is Kerstinne Jane Lapez  and i am the creator of the facebook page the   popular 2020 the nationwide online search for  a cause. this is my first video in a gagawin   to introduce myself and the rest of the team and  of course the reason why we created this channel   and what can you expect from our channel.

  I will give your three facts about me first   as i’ve said a while ago my name is Kerstinne  Jane Lapez and when i started the popular 2020   i’m also working as a senior accountant  in a healthcare company in makati city   second i am married 31 years old and i have a one  child her name is Stephie and the third on the   last fact about me i am proud to say that i am a  licensed teacher okay right now let’s proceed with   what can you expect from our channel so number one  we will continue to post um charity works since why we created the popular 2020 and  this channel and we will share as well   challenges especially even challenge i’m not an  expert of finances but i can share with you uh   especially the ipon challenge we we save  up 100 000 pesos in one year we save up   uh 60 000 pesos in one year so i will  share with you and i hope i can inspire you   next is tutorials i have a lot of  tutorials that i can share with you   guys so i hope you will like it lastly uh  family vlog i will share with you some of   the things that happening in my family so i  hope uh we can entertain you so okay for the   the last time po gusto ko lang e share  i know why we created the popular 2020   online search for a cause but don’t worry  we have the airport and we are allowed to of my younger brother she invited me in a photo like in contest babies it’s like an online search but it’s for a cause nothing please subscribe  and click the notification   bell so you will be updated with our latest video


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