Home Makeup Tutorials my go to summer makeup tutorial! | Madelaine Petsch

my go to summer makeup tutorial! | Madelaine Petsch

my go to summer makeup tutorial! | Madelaine Petsch

Hey guys, it’s Madelaine, welcome to my channel. if you’re new here, don’t forget to sub- *annoyed scream* *beep* If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe for weekly videos, I put videos up every single Wednesday! I am here in my bathroom today to show you my everyday makeup look.

It’s a little bit more summery I feel like umm… So if you want to see how I did… this. I’m wearing a shirt. *bleep* Let’s do it! First step is I like to get a damp Beauty Blender that I’ve already dampened, and then get this witch hazel with rose petal extract inside of it.

I love anything that is rose scented so, this just makes me happy! Okay, so right now I am still living for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. I use the shade “Fair” And i just put that all over my face.

I end up looking something like this. I generally don’t do a full face of foundation because I don’t know I feel like in my head It’s too much or like I have too much product on my face, but in reality that can’t be the case.

That stuff is all over my face. So In explaining this to you, I’m realizing that my nothing to my madness isn’t really a method. It really is just madness. I like the way this looks I like a more sheer coverage.

So doing just concealer. This is the way to go for me on like a nice summer day I know you’re not supposed to move the Beauty Blender around like that and like swipe, but that’s usually what I do so after my first layer of concealer typically look Something like this and then I just go back in again and just hit these spots right underneath my eyes and for the second round Typically go back in with my ring finger.

So, I have this really old Elf eyebrow kit I still use but I love it so much this is the shade “Dark” and I use the lighter color if you can’t tell. And just this flat angle brush from “Ecotools” I kind of like fill in the spots that need a little extra help Again I am by no means, Makeup artist or a beauty guru, so I’m probably doing a lot of this wrong but I’m gonna go do my other eyebrow off-camera and i will be right back second eyebrow done I kind of touched it up a little bit with this hourglass pencil.

In the shade “Auburn” i just gave myself a couple little brush strokes and Brush through it a little bit with the spoolie and much more under Wanna know why? your girl’s drinking coffee! Anywhoosers you don’t care who lately which I never used to do.

I’ve been Doing a kind of more of a glowy bronze you look on the eye this Brand is called blonder beauty, but I’m really loving the cash the light Highlighter and Glow-tion There’s shade on this in celestial and I just twist yield cap off Let’s connect this little ball thing and I got a brush and just dip it in there So I’m just getting this little I think im supposed to tell you what brush I’m using This is the morphe e 18 brush Morph morphine Ah just gotta smear it a little bit more Repeat on other eye Just very soft and natural Something like that.

What is my next step? It’s called wander beauty on the glow blush. And I love these new little blush sticks I’m still not somebody who loves putting it directly on my face every time I fell back I’m like the clouds this rub it all over The back of my hand and then use my fingers to get it on my cheek my hand then i kinda just wing it Sometimes you need the beauty blender itself WOAH.

Even sure. Okie Dokie, now i’m gonna go with highlighter. I am also sore today. 🙁 Good news I found a cord that works for my camera. Why is it flashing at me again? It’s plugged in Okay, so I just had to go and charge my camera battery for 30 minutes because I’m prepared and I do this every week why I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m gonna put some dang Brown gel on I’ve got this stunning brow gel by Pacifica. It’s a really nice cruelty free brand in the shade “Golden Brown”. So I’m just kind of like lightly brush the hairs up for a nice full brows that i dont have naturally That you can tell.

I should have just quit i should have of just when the camera battery died I should have taken it as a sign that It wasn’t meant to be. So now I take this little spooley thing. I’m on an eyebrow journey guys.

Hopefully I end up at a good stop. Got a little thing! I used to never use eyelash primer I have the opening act lash primer from Tarte. I’ve basically scrubbed off all the words on it Cause i use it so much.

Remember the dual mascaras I have like the lash primer on, one side and the mascara on the other side I see you shaking your head over there. What! So I do love actually baking, like making food but baking on my face I’m not a huge fan of.

Me putting powder all over my face. I dont know i feel like i always look cakey So I’d still like get a little bit of this Laura Mercier powder. With my beauty blender just a like a little chunk .Blonder my eyes with it Chin gets a little oily.

So I do it there a little laughs one and a little bit more for my forehead Still waiting for this lash primer to dry, because it takes forvever. Anastasia glows hit In sugar and they love the little starburst color Beep beep! You know how it goes.

Cheek bones. Eyebrow You know something like that again not a professional makeup artist! Last but certainly not least. I have the Tarte “Gifted” mascara. Wiggle at the base of the root (of your eyelashes) Something like that.

Yeah. I like the iconic nude shade of the lip cheat by Charlotte Tilbury I have no idea what i’m doing, but if you enjoyed the video, Don’t forget to give it a big ol’ thumbs up. Subscribe for weekly videos, I put on videos every single Wednesday! I’m sorry, this is just how I like to do my makeup every single day when I’m off work.

Follow all my socials to keep up with me day-to-day. I love you guys all so much and I will see you next week!


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