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My Mom & I React To My First Time Being Drunk/SUBTITLED

My Mom & I React To My First Time Being Drunk/SUBTITLED

hi sisters james charles here and welcome back to  my youtube channel for today’s youtube video i am   absolutely terrified because we are doing a  reaction video which i don’t do very often   but it’s what we’re reacting to that i’m  scared about and that is my drunk makeup   video by the time that this video right here  that you’re watching is live you guys have all   already seen that video if you have not  definitely click right up here i hope   that you guys loved it i hope you enjoyed  it i hope you got a good laugh but today   the day that i’m filming this i have not only  not seen it yet but i also literally remember   nothing from the night that we filmed  it because i completely blacked out i thought it would be really really fun to sit  down watch it for the first time and react to   myself getting drunk also for the first time  my friends that unfortunately had to be with   me during the night of filming are all sitting  in the room ready to react and watch as well but we also have a very special guest to today’s  video you’re supposed to come in oh you didn’t   tell me that what am i looking at the camera the  camera okay hi sister kristy b is currently in   town and are you excited to react to this video  today yeah i am really why because i’ve never   seen you people yeah no you would not have  wanted me to get drunk for a very long time   not drunk yeah no i just wanted you to have  a few drinks and yes you’re very intense   as everybody knows so maybe if you had a drink  you would just relax a little bit and we’ll see   if you relaxed yeah and your birthday yeah yeah  yeah yeah okay should we just get started okay   just to clarify as well okay so i filmed  the intro to this video completely sober   and then we went downstairs took a shot or five  and then came back up to start filming the video   because i wanted to be a little bit tipsy when  we first started but it didn’t kick in for quite   a while and then it really kicked and then it  really kicked out being drunk is kind of fun look at james right now oh no that was at the beginning no that was that  that was a teaser that’s a teaser for what’s going   on hi sisters james charles here and welcome back  to my youtube channel if you’ve been subscribed to   me for a while on my social media platforms you’ve  heard me talk openly about the fact that i do not   drink alcohol is just not really my thing i never  went to parties in high school and i’ve just never   really felt the need to but that being said today  is that you proud i never that’s not a lie i never   once went to a party i know all the times did you  ever think that i was going out somewhere with   friends and was lying to you about where i was  no i always knew that you were boring i never did   this i feel like this would be a good time to tell  you if i ever did go out but i actually did that   i know i don’t i believe you have my brand new  bottle of dawn julio’s 1942 and let’s get started i think i’m starting to feel it yeah like have sex with one person in this  room i would definitely pick trevor i’m gonna my eyes are starting to have trouble we actually left the room and went to  bed before we even finished filming this piece yeah like watching this back i remember  parts here and there of what has happened so   far throughout the video but i remember nothing of  eye shadow i think like this is where like really   i think i don’t remember eyeshadow either oh  geez good boy stay there i know i’m drunk i know it was embarrassing a date yeah oh my god stop oh god okay i remember you guys telling me  that i was yelling a lot yeah okay this looks you a disgusting yeah okay a little bit  of blending tap it off the excess and   a little bit of blending okay  oh that’s actually pretty okay i’m going to take a little bit more of this  brother and i’m going to blend it with my 456   brush underneath the eye oh excuse me then gets  three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner   finn has lots of friends british  friends with hannah and koa and cali and oh my god it’s can you come follow me no how do you feel so far  i like you as a joke i like drunk james you’re   welcome can you come first on me in australia  right now suck asha and what would you do then   suck moral don’t think it looks that bad yeah it  looks good right i am such a good makeup artist   this is a pretty cotton candy inside the  look i like the view you’re my best viewer chopstick vibes strawberry  chopstick like debbie ryan okay what are you doing sorry happy birthday edition from tick tock and just you are a mess oh gosh okay three two one this is okay you guys  this is my finished drunk makeup tutorial why am   i posing like debbie ryan we were actually done  with the video and you called me back upstairs   and yelled at me so that i could film you just  doing the debbie ryan thing with clapton what my   soundtrack for behind the scenes myself is james  charles an extra s after charles and if you’d like   to text me on my personal phone number i normally  hold up my telephone but lewis took my phone so i   don’t send any boys any stupid text messages my  phone and one final shot to end off the night but you didn’t have a chaser or anything no never  drank one the whole time what okay we’re done how   do you feel watching that video um good you were  you were funny you weren’t so intense you were   having fun you’re always so high strong and so  intense so you think i should get drunk more often   no i no no no honestly that was not as bad as i  thought it was going to be but regardless okay   i do not plan on drinking it anytime soon to me  in the moment i guess was clearly a great time but   the next morning i woke up over the day i started  to feel a little bit nauseous and i didn’t feel   the best okay but i definitely do not have like a  full hangover but regardless okay it was not worth   it i don’t remember my 21st birthday and that  kind of sucks thank y’all for a great great time   and for taking care of me because that could have  gotten real bad real fast and thank all of y’all   all of you sisters for watching today’s video and  the drunk video if you guys enjoy it please don’t   forget to give it a big thumbs up and leave me a  comment let me know what was your favorite moment   in the video and if you are above the age of 21  what is your drink of choice that could be a fun   question of the day i guess if you’re not ready  make sure you click that bigger subscribe button   and come join at the sisterhood we are 19 million  sister sean and i would love to have you in the   family and also click that bell icon so you can  notified every time i upload a brand new video ryan don’t put that in there put it in no if you’d  like to follow me on my makeup journey you can   follow me instagram twitter check out my facebook  or all the same charles my snapchat for more   behind the scenes update challenge and my actual  personal phone number right here on my phone   for live text updates about new videos photos  merch and exclusive information is 310-905-8746   if you want to follow her and see very  embarrassing photos from me and ian’s childhood   and the occasional update it’s kristy you got  it yeah i know this video is just a shout out   goes to sister ruby thank you so much love for  always following and supporting we love you so   so so much and if you at home watch we’d like  to be the next video’s sister shout out don’t   forget to always retweet loading links and also  to my youtube post notifications alright you   guys thank you for watching this video today  we love you and i will see you in the next one bye you


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