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My own creative makeup tutorial

My own creative makeup tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my channel is  your girl mina my name is mina if you   new make sure subscribe and like this video and  also comment you know whatever you like do and   follow our social media will be really link in  deposition box so yeah so today I’m going teach   doing you guys how to do the makeup look like  looking like crazy makeup it’s not gonna be like   natural, soft girl e- girl, all the stuff type  of makeup I’m gonna teach you guys how to do   crazy makeup like i usually  does like that’s how I do that   so I’m going to teach you how to do  it and yeah let’s get into the video I have two thing the first step is really  really important because I’m gonna tell you and   yeah I’m gonna tell you okay first stop it’s  sunscreen is like super super super important   because you don’t wanna be  look really really really   I don’t know if I don’t know if I should say it  or not if you don’t if you do not use sunscreen   I swear gone and you’ll be looked so bad and  it’s can make your face be like real old you   don’t look old or you also you have um wrinkles  because it’s gonna make you look really bad   so you don’t want to be looking old or a little  older that you may want looking nice and possibly   it looks young make sense? I recommend you guys to  use sunscreen every time so yeah it’d be possible   I could put a lot because it is important so  you want like just do swabbing and put all your   face also use your neck too, you don’t want have  wrinkles make sure you put your neck too so yeah   me looking like more pale which  is okay I’m not super proud so I’m put primer and it helps um my foundation  so good because foundation does helps with   like take all um make sure you don’t feel like  feel like itching oily or whatever you feel like   it helps I recommend guys use this because it  does really helps you so I’m just put in my face I am actually running out now because I always use  a lot of makeup all the time because I love makeup   which is why because I may get more in Christmas   or or I will ask my mom buy more so yeah so  here we go next step is I usually do makeup sometimes I use um primer oh my goodness  sometimes I put in the foundation or I do   eyebrows sometimes it didn’t really matter but I  just decided I’m gonna do put the foundation on   so what I do is just I use it from here or here  or my face because I just don’t want like too much   foundation or just looking really increased  whatever it does not really matter   so some people do that so it’s  up to you that what you prefer   so I’m just pulling foundation on and make  sure it don’t look like super increase about it   so again sadly I do not have setting power  which I usually does but I don’t have it   anymore because it’s run out t so  let me just move on I usually use   um matte s power I use the other one  that I really like and then what I use this is what I use   I like it but you probably gonna see the eyeshadow  thing um uh a eyeshadow because I lost the cap yes it’s broken it’s fine I need to get new stuff  it’s okay it’s broken don’t worry about that it’s   fine and it helps my skin not looking pale one  that you guys see right now it’s looking pale   you’re like i don’t want me to look pale  okay I just I’m so hot that how I use make you just tap because like  always do then I do the under   because top is for highlight so you  want to put like this like same thing so it goes like it taking forever I probably  need to get new one first of all you’re thinking   you’re gonna see it’s like why is paint why paint   because it helps my eyebrows being more  thicker makes more easier i don’t like   small I don’t like small because I like it and  then make sure you guys do why the hair on there sure you guys comb your eyebrows because  you want to make sure it’s good not like   like messed up you know you see messy  you want to comb in make sure it’s clean   make sure it looks looks more nicer I mean  the best ever I don’t know what’s called   I forget call it’s like dip eyebrows like  that and then I do this my eyebrow and I   go over here like close to my eyebrows and i want  to make sure it go line you want to use your line you want to do your line you want to make sure it goes to line here you know i will fix later  you do the second layer just top two same thing to see like this but i don’t like  how it does because it looks weird like this this is not my the actual eyebrows because   my eyebrows don’t really think like like this it  goes like super thick i don’t want to be looking   super thick and i use the foundation i  don’t have a concealer because i don’t   have it and my mom just told me i don’t need  it so i just basically put foundation anywas like to make sure it’s like does like  seem to be look like not super thick you know i do like this it looks better  now and i use two different shame   i use different brush and i make sure it’s like like this yeah that’s all i can do and then  you see here I’ll do this and i just   like like this thing I’m taking  off and that’s how i do it so if you like the shape like the  eyebrows shape do that the same thing i do   and i would do this the same thing i did in  the browser whatever so now i do my eyeshadows   which it’s like very simple but yeah i usually  do tape you’re probably wondering why tape okay   tape makes a little bit easier for me to make me  become expert and also it covers my messy thing   because i like to do that and it makes my life  more easier because eyeshadow make just like   makes the crease looks really bad so  i did the tape so it looks more better i just want to do like this it helps to train  to go look better and if you don’t want to do it   it’s up to you it’s up to you if you want  to tape or whatever you want to do it’s up   to you guys so then red? but my hair is like  really blue so it does look good everything so   I’m thinking I’m gonna use blue purple a pink yeah no i won’t use actually i changed my mind  to shade i will use red purple purple pink   i think it’s a good shade so it goes like this why all right i just want to be like i mean  I’ll do it a little bit yellow  okay purple because it does  really good with highlighter and onto this (blush) thing and that’s it and that is so thank you for watching this video comment  below if you guys actually like my makeup look   make sure you subscribe and like video  because if you want to learn how to get makeup   become our part family because i would love to  teach you how to do makeup and like i wanted to   teach you guys i would love to teach you and  to be part of our own family because we love   each other and i love you guys so much like like  i do genuinely love you guys so much and then yeah   be sure you guys follow social  media it will be link depletion   so you can see more of being you know not be  posting video and just be like do we vloging,   travel whatever you can see what I do in  social media and i love you guys so much so bye


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