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MyMissAnand Does My Voice Over – Glam Makeup Tutorial | Shruti Arjun Anand

MyMissAnand Does My Voice Over – Glam Makeup Tutorial | Shruti Arjun Anand

I’m Shruti & I am Anantya Anantya is my niece i.e. my brother’s daughter Anantya also has a youtube channel named “My missanand” today we are going to do a collab so today we’ve brought for you a glamorous makeup tutorial so what’s special in this!!! that I’ve done voice over in this & she has done makeup but I told little bad to your makeup don’t you mind that hmm.

. I ‘ll mind then its ok… as you are my aunt (bhua) you’ve to love me & if you like this video do like & share this video & watch Anantya’s fun video on her channel also don’t forget to subscribe her channel she make so awesome videos!! as got famous & due to her I’m also getting famous in my society ok now let me tell you that how to do a real makeup you don’t know how to do makeup I told you so many times that ok then plz you tell me so today i m going to do my makeup for that you’ve to apply primer first all over the face as i am showing you ok applied all over there.

… she is showing her hand god knows why… now we’ll take little foundation on our palm just put dots like eggs on all over the face… also on the neck area too now with this egg like sponge we’re going to mix this foundation from everywhere at the neck oh.

. my forehead is left now i’m looking beautiful now i’ll apply this concealer its like a lipgloss now apply it where we apply eyeshadows or under your eyes don’t apply it on your lips now we’ll with the point side of that egg like sponge.

. blend this concealer from everywhere now next is my fovourite i,e. compact powder also we apply it on our eyes… nope!!!! where we apply eyeshadow again under our eyes & also on the nose like this ohh.

. don’t know what we’re applying here applying it with the help of this brush wherever you want to apply this ok apply it to make you look beautiful to shape your eyebrows you use that brush like stuff & make your eyebrows as you want I’ve made it little strange as i don’t know how to apply this and.

… now really I am looking like a ghost now we’ll comb our fake eyeshadows & just comb from everywhere oh,,, its just wow!!! now we’ll take this pinkish & orange colour & properly mix with this brush here like here.

. now we are going to make this color worst with this purple one ohh,,, yey,,, wow….!!! now we’ll pick white one don’t know why!!! just as to make myself beautiful now with the help of our finger just to tap like this to blend this I think then we’ll complete with this makeup now again take the brush then we’ll take the eyeliner then apply it as i don’t like to apply it under the eyes but i want to make myself look like a ghost & beautiful too thats why I am applying this now its turn to apply liquid eyeliner this is my favourite I am applying it like a snake hiss.

…. and to this…. again applying eyeliner don’t know why!!! now either we make it rubbish with this purple colour or making it beautiful you’ll tell this now i am fixing this fake lashes then god knows!!! what’s i am applying here etc.

.etc…. with making annoying pout now I am applying lip balm just in a way like the old ladies now you tell me that how I am looking?? now don’t know what I am applying here on my fake lashes god knows what’s this? let me know by commenting me now I’m wearing this earings Wow!!! I am looking so bad wow.

….. so thats was today’s makeup so that was our today’s video as you liked our video ” Types of Mom” for that thank you so much if you want me to make a particular collab video with Anantya plz suggest some ideas in the comment section below so will see you in my next video with Anantya till then take care n bye-bye


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