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Nadia Khan Makeup Tutorial For Morning Show on Jago Pakistan Jago with Sanam Jung | Outstyle

Nadia Khan Makeup Tutorial For Morning Show on Jago Pakistan Jago with Sanam Jung | Outstyle

Today I am with my favorite makeup artist sajjid I have to go to a morning show I am the guest there.. so I have to do a glamorous makeup I don’t want to do it myself… I want to feel and look special I asked sajid to do my makeup.

and tell me what is the latest things and gadgets in the market Because he knows what is out there. Therefore.. for many products we are going to do first impressions Sajid come here and say hello. Sajjid does makeup for the elitest of elite celebrities.

and I am one of them. So.. tell me what is this.What are you starting with- Fasali oil. There are so many things. That I haven’t try. They are in the market making a buzz Whether these are effective or not.

because I take his opinion very seriously. He is my Guru It is an Organic oil basically It moisturizes your skin. It give it a glow and a shine and settles the base. So it is a very necessary thing I don’t understand this.

. Is this a primer? It’s not a primer.. But it works like a primer.Its a Organic oil and it have a Elastic thing inside it in the oil so it protect and it going to be like the layer on the skin So.. if you are not using primer and only this, then you need to use a primer Nowadays.

. I myself talk a lot about beauty oils. I really like them and I heard about it a lot Somehow I never use it. I feel that there are alway ads coming on facebook Buy this thing.. and I feel..it a scam.

How do we have to put this You have to message it I am not putting on the T-zone. Do I have apply it around my eyes?-Whole face My hair are little bit flat from the above. After bazillion blow out. I need a little volumn for the show.

How will sajid do that. and I only have 30 mins you guys better watch Yes..quietly and I will be quiet also. The way sajid apply the foundation. This is amazing. He mixed it.That too sajid taught me.

. to mix foundation together. to make own special recipe. Keep on showing the product.. that you are using. What is this? It’s a crystal blender and it is for the shine-basically. These are the custom drops I even did a review of it.

Enhancing drops.. what is the company name? O.TWO.O I think its a canadian brand. Why are you putting it with a foundation? Do you want to bring a lot of shine? No.. it’s for a bit pink complexion. the glowy one.

and you mix it with the foundation? Just one drop.And this? It shade is something like this. Hum Tv has the fresh light.The last time we went there was the different light. Now We aren’t going to make it too much fair.

Shake it well.Before use. Can I use it now? If I ever felt like! running away with somebody stuff!-That person going to be Mr.Sajid. In Aisi Hai Tanhai.. A lot of people praised me for my makeup The way I was looking.

The way my hair was made. and the huge credit goes to sajid it was the first time. I met Sajid there. Normally, I don’t like the work of makeup artists. But right after his first makeup. I said, Now I am your responsibility.

I am not going to do makeup on my own. He used to bring so much stuff. Loads of things. Cross the limits. and it was my comeback project. that why I was bit worried. How I am going to be looking. and sajid made me look amazing.

Thank you sajjid. Aisi Tanhai and Ghani is doing really good. and in Ghani too.. he did the makeup All the makeup of Sana Javaid. She is looking gorgeous in the drama btw. She is MashAllah. Even though if your are pretty.

. but applying makeup on the fair skin is really hard. On my skin it is easy. As I am already photogenic. I am already pretty! But when a very fair person comes on T.V doing their makeup is hard. She is so pretty.

. she is looking really gorgeous. all of the two projects are his.. that is my he is very “arrogant” now I pray it never happen like this But with friends.. for friends I can even wake up at 6 AM Come to do their makeup.

If the clock is working alright.it 7 something and by 8:50 we should leave. After applying base. then only two minutes work is left-I Think. Oh alright! How many pumps of foundations have you applied? Three maximum, Not more then that.

Moments aga. you felt you were looking too white. Slowly it will all tone up. So you don’t use beauty blender? I don’t like beauty blender. I love beauty blender, Guys from here our clash starts. because beauty blenders.

. we have in our hand you know.. it absorbed a lot of foundation I think it wastes it a lot. the amount which is required by the skin. and with hand.. the exact amount of the base can be applied. the excess comes out.

the base apply would be as much as it is required by the skin Now you are applying the poweder. It a mac powder. I really like it very much. tap it lightly. Which powder of mac? NC 35 that is your favorite shade? This is made by my own hands.

. just look at how many concealers!! Which company are these? these are nars and some of them are some of mac these are different stick bases. a lot of my under eyes show up.. what should I do? The drama which we worked.

. it required you to have dark circles. No.. I am talking about my other drama. Conceal it.. after the base. take a small amount of good base just little bit.. before that need to apply foundation properly.

and on the top of it. Can concealer be apply over eyes? No eyes primer is for the top of the eyes When you applying base.. and you brush slighly over the eyes.. then you don’t need to. because the depth reduces completely Meaning the foundation that we have applied only little bit of it on the eyes? Yes very little The excess I have on my hand.

. I did it like this on your eyes. Which shade you are applying now? I am applying on you! Very nice shade.. this one Because we are going in the morning show My dress is really amazing by Rozina Muneer.

My designer..my friend. She made a very interesting dress for me. It’s a long in blue Highlighter from the same kit the light shades I am applying that. What are you mixing now? liner? What is the liner? it’s a black liner.

Many people say that there’s no liner like crayon Yes they speak the truth. I knew that… You have not given shape to eyebrows yet? you are blending the liner with what? With a different color! The thing I like most about the sajjid He is such a great fan of products.

When he does makeup.. he uses such a high quality products. authentic and original brand.. it is amazing. He has a passion for it. a lot of makeup artists.. to avoid spending so much. they buy cheap products.

they use useless things In dramas.. they say you have to apply a lot of makeup there is no need to bring good stuff. This is wrong. So In drama.. whenever Sajid does some character makeup. Be it a lead to normal.

he uses the good stuff. Lighter shades for undereyes.. look above Is this? its a bit pink After the makeup.. I will quickly change my dress. after that I will do my hair. All of sudden.. my look is changed.

isn’t it Sajid? Now I am in Karachi.. Right.. after putting on mascara.. the eyes becomes wide. For eyebrows.. Sajid is using a shades. Powder shades. What is its name? is this local? Yes it a local brown You can do contouring and eyebrows Very reasonable product I have seen a lot of people use it.

look should be natural.. not too scary vamp like look Vamp look This is my favorite Kiko mascara. Have we try it Price is also reasonable. Kiko brand is really good. and when you apply it.. it gives a really good look.

as if I put on the lashes.. even though I haven’t Are we putting lashes or not? No The color which is of dress.. I’ve put little bit of it with the eyeliner. It order to give it a look like it. You need a perfect job.

. if it was somebody.. they would simply use a blue or black makeup Saying” Since you are wearing a blue dress so your makeup should be in blue and black. and look.. he haven’t even touch it. you need use blue.

. maybe only in blending with eyeliner. Rust I am so happy.Because this is so in right now. All of my favorite youtuber like Jeffry Star and Nikki They all are using orange these days Rust Orange.. I’ve put on the lenses.

Now the color will show. Eyes started to shine My face become soft. So you mix them both? Orange rust with gold. Why are you making it light? Ok.. now you are applying gold? Should I curl my hair or not? Should I let them straight or curl? My hair are so flat from the front.

You have to see.. them should I keep them flat? or give them volume? The interesting thing about Sajid is He is such a great makeup artist and also a great hairstylist too. and this is a very rare combination.

We are going to give slight curl at the end. What are you going to do here? I am going to give a proper body In exactly ten minutes.I have to go. I am getting late. I am loving your hair color. The hair color.

. really? and thank god this is not a single one color. will my curls opens? I am making them tight thats why. I don’t put liquid lipsticks but But sometimes Still it is similar to the paint. They made this from grinding chalk.

.isn’t it? Lakme This an Indian Brand. It is found here too. After this.. even your hand can’t go there..look There’s the wall right there. If you want your hair to remain this for longer period of them then you should have this Lak me Chalk powder This is not topic powder.

. this is chalk powder. chalking. Now.. My hair won’t move.. I am tension free. Sometimes.. its like when you go with back combing.. after a while your hair get flat. This for those who have limp and thin hair.

Now.. I am going to be showing you my final look.


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