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Nadia Khan Without Makeup! OMG! Everyday Party Makeup Tutorial Using Magic Glitter Drops

Nadia Khan Without Makeup! OMG! Everyday Party Makeup Tutorial Using Magic Glitter Drops

Are you guys ready? I have so many products to show you guys. These are brand new products. Recently, I brought so many products. It’s all went way over my budget.. Don’t ask because I am just so happy.

During summer. All the international brand launch so many interesting things. In a way… you are bound to buy them Now in today’s makeup tutorial What I am going Lets start with my base. I love the foundation and this time.

. lot of people order this. One of my follower… I won’t name her… but she is getting married. and Mashallah all of her drowry makeup All of it… I arranged it myself. I did all that and some of the things she had ask me she was like “Nadia appi you just decide rest of the things” I want this and that.

The one used in my videos. plus other very interesting products. There was a consultation session. In which I got to know. What will suit her. Everything got delivered to her. and she is so happy.. orders like this Something very personal.

.. sometimes when people say “I have some occasion and I want things according to that. So these type of orders. I go out personally. I ask my team You are not going to take orders I will go Something I am like ” even though you order this but my opinion is this.

..” Before that… I am going to tell you about the primer. That I have already put on the primer. Coconut primer by marc jacob I applied this. Before that I applied Nivea cream very little. So that skin moisturize little bit But for eyes.

I applied it beneath the eyes. Because all of those anti agent creams All of it repairs should goes here. This area here is very important. All of your age is hidden here. But when you apply cream like this.

This is a unforgivable mistake! I take extra care of my skin. Under the eye area. Around the eye area. I am going to tell you something. No matter how good the palette is. It has a fall out. You will have fall out here.

. and because of this. Your base is ruined. What I am going to teach you now is that you put the concealer at the end. Put your foundation first then you do your eye makeup. Even after the mascara. then you have to apply the concealer.

This is one shade lighter than my skin tone. it looks good in the videos. In real..I have become very fair. But don’t worry you will thank me later. When I apply the concealer after the eye makeup it will have a really amazing clean look.

Slightly wet the beauty blender. squeeze the extra water Then you have to bounce it like this. and for eye primer. you can use a good concealer. Look now my eyes area is brown. Whatever shade I apply.

. it will bound to change. If I apply pink… it will go towards pinkish brown. I will never get the exact pigment. That’s why it is important. That above the eyes. you have to give white coverage. These are really amazing tubes.

If you want something like concealer you can use this. There are some for moisturizing. If someone has dry skin around eyes. Create a white base.. than apply the shade on the top of that. Compare the base before and now look how well it blended.

The account name is Outstyle with Nadia. and beneath the eyes. Even if my eye-shade fall down. I can easily remove it with a tissue. Because you don’t have a concealer on. Now, I am introducing you to a very good friend of mine.

In makeup. translucent powder by laura mercier and secret eye brighter powder. One thing, It will become mattified. All bake I don’t think there’s nothing more luxurious than this You just can’t pamper your self more.

It has a very nice feeling… when you touch it. you feel like to keep on touching it. It same feeling adults get as when the kids like to feel his teddy bear. Soothing sensation.. its amazing. Here is the amazing translucent powder by laura mercier These comes in two forms.

This one is Universal laura mercier powder. Invisible loose setting powder. The other is translucent powder. This one is only 11 g the other one is 29 g But there’s a huge difference in texture. That one has 3 times more But what can we do about it? Can you able to see this? Just wow.

Delicious! This is white translucent. Which is making my foundation base matte. and nothing else. I can’t tell you how good I am feeling while applying this. It so light. As if there’s nothing. You can buy this on Outsytle.

It can come at your home. and you can use this yourself. Change my name… if you don’t like it. If you don’t like it.. just change my name. You can see my foundation shade did not change. For now just ignore my eyes.

I am only going to put the concealer on the top of my eyes. and when I will apply the concealer at the end. you will be amazed. Just to show you guys- on one eye I have apply So that whatever color that I will apply.

Think about it… why we paint on a white board So that whatever the color we use appear in full form. This brush you can use it for the the concealer too. Soon I am going to be making a video on brushes.

I am using morphe brushes.. just got them. I am crazy about brushes. Contouring there are so many palette on the market. Cream I think is little hard to contour. Powder form is much easier. There are so many palette in which the shades are so scary.

You need a palette because it is important.. light to dark shades. So that you can contour some part where you want to put light and some part where you want the dark contour. The shades are really pretty.

its a contouring palette. These are really nice shades, not to dark. The shades shouldn’t be darker than this. Palette is really gorgeous. When I am holding this I am thinking why Huda don’t have palette like this.

Her makeup is so good. Why she make her palette so boring? You must invest in a good heavy palette. You can play with it. Little bit of this With this I have such a nice contouring. Not too much.. because I don’t want someone look at me from a distance and thinking “too much contouring” The brush should be light.

Please on youtube videos.. when you are seeing people using black lines in excess. Don’t do that… it look really scary. and they are visible if you didn’t blend it properly. This is best for our skin tone type.

This is my Morphe brush. Which is ideal for shaping. for cheekbones Now I am mixing this two shades. and create that hollowness. From top to the bottom. but if you go from bottom to top.. lines will appear.

from top to bottom.. dark to light then no problem. then you have to blend it from top to bottom. it will give you a very chiseled look I am telling you one secret, Slightly draw a line like this one time.

there are some cuts like this. along with this I am going to do little bronzing. but matte. Can you see my cuts? Now we are going to do eye shades real quickly. Macara is also new. Many things are limited edition so order it quickly.

or sometime they are not in stock anymore The shades are beautiful. The mirror can comes off I have little bit of powder pink I have no fear as I have not apply the concealer yet. Don’t mind any fall out.

Without brush cleaner. I won’t apply any eye shadow. There’s no use. You can quickly Two shades don’t have to mix together. First put it around edges then I am going in. Apply this shades on crease and corner.

You you can get light and dark variation with just one shades I will blend it with my mark jacob brush It blend creases really well. This one because this is so pigmented. You don’t have to stoke it strongly.

.. very lightly instead. lightly in circular motion. Little more over here. This fit exactly for my eyes. I don’t want anything more or less than this. though there are brushes bigger than this if your eyes are big We are not going around the lid.

The more shade that we have.. we are going to take it around the corner. Then after we blend I go up. so the lighter version of it will go above. Now I am going to use the darkest shades Which is 180.

I am going it with shades. I am only going to touch it and not blend it. You need more shades at the corner. So apply little bit more I am observing this shade is little bit hard to apply. Rest of the shades are really good.

they are all light but this dark one I have to work hard for it. The heat palette of Urban Decay I love its dark shades. See the fall out.. we have no apply the concealer yet. Now I fix it. The shade was fine but it was trouble with the brush Instead I should I use the morphe brush This one is M166 The color is settling with this brush very easily.

Not an issue of shape as it is of brush. Let find out about its result. Now we are trying this. The one I was using before was moisturizing It was little bit oily formula. This one completely is high coverage and matte.

Either it will really look good or I will look like a ghost. You already know that you don’t rub the concealer. It is drying very rapidly. Now to further seal this Translucent powder for the face and for eyes brightening powder.

Its feel.. I haven’t showed you guys from inside. The formula is just so soft. Completely invisible. Normally when you apply loose powder- they are visible from the outside. The best I think I have use is this one.

There is something simmer inside it. Today my concealer is matte and my powder is matte too. I am also loving my Morpphe brush this one There’s a huge difference between original and fake. I know a lot of sites won’t deliver at your homes but we do.

I am going to finished it with liners. Now my eyes are prepped. I am going to do little bit of makeup and then apply Liquid lipstick my Huda The design is amazing. It suits the theme.. because it says demi because half of it is matte the other half moisturizing.

You guys know I don’t like liquid lipstick because it is very drying. therefore I have applied the gloss. and my lips are soft now This is really amazing lip plumber of sephora. Now I am going to tell you one more thing which have been launched by Smashbox Vlada One is pink the other one is gold.

You can apply it over the lip or cheeks First I am going to be applying the Huda’s lipstick, Going to remove my lip plumber. One tip is that you have to clean around your lips with a concealer brush.

You will have a very neat look. This is a Sephora pencil. you don’t need a sharpener for this. Even with just lip liner it is looking amazing. I am now using Demi Matte by Huda. Lets see how drying or moisturizing it is.

There similar shade in her previous collection like this one Smudge brush by mark jacob that I am using. The shade that I applied is WTF Under eyes you have to go along the line After lightly touching you can glide like this.

For shine under eyes you can I can’t decide between these two.. what you guys think? I am back ! yes I am fine! I think curve is better. In this video. I think my nail is going to be super hit. Look how amazing are my nails.

Check them out. Not really showing it is very light Let me do something else. See the difference between this and that. This shade is fly by twilight. I am applying this.. just see the comparsion Can you see this? This is rightly applied, The other one was not visible.

What is left is my blush. and the mascara. First let completes the eyes. Then we will apply blush on. then I will apply the highlighter. I am a fan of it. This has a smaller brush. This is quite reasonable rest of the mascara are just so expensive.

I buy some strange strange toy from sophora When you have your mascara on the skin.. leave it there/ Until it dry, and when it is dry then You can peel it off with the cotton buds. Don’t touch it otherwise your makeup is ruined.

I think your mascara should be so good that you don’t need lashes. Mascara is on the light eyes left one does not have it so that you guys can compare. To find out how good is this mascara. Now I am applying it on the other end.

There’s a visible difference. I am going to be applying on the nose. I am taking highlighter from this palette. Can you see anything? Now I am going to give it a little feedback of demi matte lipstick It is very nice.

I remember the earlier version It was so drying. but you can put little bit of Vaseline to soften the lips or apply lip plumber. and I am about to tell you this…. you guys have been waiting for this.

Smash box. What it does.. I don’t know ! It is written that it is for lips and cheeks so lets apply. So much glitter inside it. Just look at this one drop’ It is giving the gloss effect. But it does not have gloss in it.

In fact i think in matte lipstick.. the strobe effect has come What is stobe? Strobe is when you put a lot of glitter in your lipstick so these are really nice glitters drops I am loving them.. see and how long it will last.

. you can get this in any shade. You can apply this over any lipstick and you will get that strobe effect. Make sure you click on that little bell. Click on the bell icon so that you can get notification whenever outstyle put a new video.


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