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narcissus • makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards Türkiye 2019 PROUD SOUL (english cc subs)

narcissus • makeup tutorial | NYX Face Awards Türkiye 2019 PROUD SOUL (english cc subs)

To be in love is such a beautiful feeling! To be in love with yourself is even more beautiful. Every day I live is filled with love. Thanks to mirrors, I’m surrounded by beauty and grace. Sometimes, I find myself wishing to become one with my reflection.

Maybe one day… I will be starting by showing you how I made the accessories. For the feathers, I didn’t want to use real or synthetic ones because EVA is more durable and can be shaped better. So I made a base on paper of the feather sizes, I held them next to my head to figure out the sizes.

Then I used the paper bases to cut out the feathers from eva. After I cut them out, I used a pencil to shape the details such as two lines in the middle and feather bristles. But I found out the x-acto knife’s back side is better to do this as I experimented.

This becomes a work of patience at some point, because you will need to add details to all feathers you need. But it will look more realistic by the end. For them to appear even more real, I cut out small triangular shapes to give that feather feeling.

So it won’t look too perfect. I also heated the eva with a heat gun so they even curled a bit and were ready to be painted with mod podge. For the base before spray paint, I mixed acyrilic paint with mod podge.

I made 2 layers with this on feathers. This way the paint look much more vibrant and seamless. As you do this, you need to wait for the first layer to dry, then do the second layer, and as it dries you can spray paint or brush paint.

So after they dried up, I sprayed them with a gold paint. To see how it will look better, I needed to mix them up and search for the best option. Once you got that down you can just glue them together.

I used a silicone gun, but for it to be stronger you should use something like Bally. But I didn’t have any so I used hot glue. Once I glued them, I sealed it with more silicone from the back. So they won’t droop down when you wear it.

After the hot glue was frozen in place, I started to decorate it with pearls. This also helps to cover the mistakes on the insides. Lastly, I spray painted a tiara I had, so they can match perfectly. Because I couldn’t find a gold tiara.

Our accessoires are done, so let’s move onto the makeup! I will be prepping my skin with the spray from Bare With Me series. I pat on my skin so it can absorb easier. Then I use the gel primer from the same series.

I’ll be using the Pale shade from the Total Control drop foundations. It’s a very light shade compared to my skin tone, because I wanted a very light base, yet not a complete white one. For better coverage I built it up with a second layer.

Then I used the Pale shade from the Can’t Stop concealers. I used it on places I wanted to be lighter. Especially under eye area, around the nose and on the nose. And I set it with the HD Studio powder.

I especially focus on the eye area because it creases very easily there. Now I’m gonna use these two pink shades from the Ultimate palette. I start from the outer part of the eye and bring it inwards to make a gradient effect overall.

As I got closer to my eyebrows with the eyeshadow, I painted my brows with a pink mascara, so it can match the wig and there won’t be any dark colors popping up there. I focus on the blending and slowly build the color up and spread it.

My goal is the make it dark on the outer parts and fade it inside. I don’t want it to be patchy so I slowly build the color. Now I switch to this red shade in the Fire palette, It’s darker compared to previous pinks, so I will apply it to the crease.

Now I’ll apply the GO H.A.M. pigment to the inner corner of the eye with a pigment primer. After this, I blend it together with the previous eyeshadow so it won’t look patchy. Then I apply some glitter in gold on it.

For eyeliner, I’m sticking to white. Then I go back to building the color. I start to shade the nose and the chin with the similar pink now. But it will be heavier on the nose. I apply this shadow messily on my lips too.

Now I’m taking the Jumbo eye pencil in white and I highlight the inner part of my eyes. I will be drawing the bottom line of the eye a lot lower than normal with white, so I don’t go in too much with the eye pencil on the insides.

Because they are supposed to connect together. I use a very thin brush to connect them. And I also draw some lashes. Before I color my eyelashes with the eyeliner, I will curl them. Now I will be using some gold leaf foils.

I will place them under the low eye line. It’s a very thin film so it immediately tears apart. This makes it easier to work with it in makeup. Now the real patience work is here. I will be placing some pearls on my nose as if they are spreading out.

I’ll also apply some pink under it. Since they come in different sizes, I will be using less big sizes and more smallest sizes. Now I will take a break from it to add more shadows and do the other eye makeup.

But that’s the point of the pearls. Now that I’ve done the other eye, I’m adding more foil there. I also add some shimmer glitters around the foil with the glitter primer. Then I’m back to what I’ve been avoiding- the pearls! I also add some foil around the nose.

At this point I used both the vivid brights red liner, but I also mixed the dark pink eyeshadow in the ultimate palette with a mixing medium to create my own pink eyeliner. And I add small moles/freckles around the nose with them and spread it out.

I’m using a lipstick similar to the pink eyeshadows I have used. I again go over it with the shadows to set it like a powder. Now I’m using a purple shade from the same Ultimate palette and apply it to the inner part of the bottom lip.

Then I use a brown liner to make the lips wider. And now the classic in this makeup- the gold foil. I also added some to my chin to balance it out. Then I used some Duo Chromatic gloss in gold on the top lip and the sides (without much foil).

With this our makeup is done, I hope you liked it! In this challenge, I wanted to look at the topic from a different angle. I thought of the Pride in 7 Deadly Sins. So I created a character inspired by Narcissus.

Thank you so much for watching this! Then I will see you in my next video- bye bye!


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