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Natural Glowy Bronze Makeup Tutorial (no foundation or false lashes) | Roxette Arisa

Natural Glowy Bronze Makeup Tutorial (no foundation or false lashes) | Roxette Arisa

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, so this is the first time that i’m filming in a while, um, obviously You know last week I wasn’t posting I wasn’t filming. Um, I was really focusing all my efforts to researching And educating myself on everything that was happening.

And then on top of that I just like did not feel right to be posting my own stuff Even though it’s my job like it just it really did not sit right with me um, and I wanted social media to be you know used to actually be able to convey information and get resources out there and You know it there’s just so many better ways that social media could be used especially Um with everything going on last week But in this video i’m really excited because i’ve been wanting to do this video for a while.

Um and you know my bronzy looks I feel like you guys really like them and When I did my glam bronzy look recently. I got so many messages asking for a more natural version So like a beachy kind of glowy not full coverage no foundation.

No lashes It’s just more like the bronzy vibe but like a quick and easy version that looks a lot more natural So I decided that I would actually use you know a ton of black owned brands just because I feel that that is a way that you know I can contribute and I can use my platforms.

Obviously i’ve been trying to do so many other things as well But you know, I really encourage you guys whatever your work is, whatever your workplace is or your school or whatever in your field like try to think of ways that Can make a difference long term because it really doesn’t end here like it’s not It wasn’t like a weekend of outrage or a week or two weeks of you know posting Things or using social media in that way like that’s great, but it still keeps going like in my mind this is now a lifetime commitment to fighting for justice and fighting for equality and Like I said, it just it doesn’t stop So whatever, you know Whatever your field is try to find ways to keep taking action to keep this momentum going because that’s what we need for real Change and you know i’ve talked about this a lot on my instagram, but you know, we have to be voting.

It’s really important to make our voices heard because You know it does make a difference and I know that feeling of like well i’m just one person like i’m what it’s what’s it gonna Take what’s it gonna make a difference if I go or if I don’t go vote? but it really does believe me like we need to put officials into place that have Our nation’s back for a lot of better terms like it’s just so important.

I can’t stress it enough and also signing petitions it takes two minutes to sign a position and if something that you feel like could make a change can Change somebody’s life or change the future for our children and the next generation and the next generation it is so important to take those two minutes to make a difference, you know donate if you are able to I totally understand that not all of us are in a place to be able to but If you are donate to causes and organizations that really speak to you that makes a huge difference in Any sort of movement, um and in ensuing change and then on top of that stay informed, you know, stay educating yourself stay On top of everything that’s happening and because of that i’m gonna actually be donating 100 of my adsense from this video To um, black lives matter organizations i’m gonna pick a couple and donate to those i’ve already donated to a couple.

Um, But through this video we are going to be working together as a little community and giving back in this way So i’m really excited for that and you know like I said i’ve been wanting to do a video like this for for a long time now, so I’m excited although look what I did to my eyebrow you guys I literally cut off that little section right there That’s okay It’s all right, because i’m gonna take my fenty beauty brow mvp.

I actually have not tried this yet, but Oh, oh It’s a little like nice Thin brow pencil and then this side has like a little brow brush So, like I said, I haven’t tried this particular product yet but I think we can all agree that you know fenty has done such an amazing job at Always like not just when it was, you know, trendy or whatever.

I hate using that word, too But like, you know what i’m trying to say, it’s they’re not one of those brands That only did it because they felt like they had to they were really being inclusive from the get-go So I really want to highlight that and even when I do this Natural look I find it’s so important to have just a little bit of brow brow shin digs going on especially on the side when I want to like Match this arch to this side so i’m going in lightly, but I am filling them in I really like this formula.

It’s nice and like hard it’s not too soft. And I do always take a little bit of concealer And clean that up. All right brows Done and the concealer is from oma beauty. Um, and it’s in the shade honey, honey.

T1 I’m also going to be using this under my eyes as well in just a second, but first one of my favorite makeup artist danessa myricks, um She creates she has a beauty line that I actually really like and this is her beauty oil in the shade Blaze, it’s a really nice bronzy metallic highlighter and it’s cool because it’s like um It is I totally lost my trait of thought it’s an oil that has obviously some moisturizing and skincare benefits But it has this like gorgeous metallic shine to it, like look at that so pretty so i’m just going to take that and Apply it all over my face and it goes a slight tint just because it is that nice bronzy shade But it also gives like this like radiance so pretty.

Okay. I had to bring you guys into the light I always change my spots because the sun’s always moving but Like I just wanted to show you guys this glow it’s so so pretty on the skin And I did use even though i’m not using foundation.

I used a foundation brush to apply which you know This isn’t clean So it has a little it had a little bit of foundation like the slightest bit of foundation That helped me get just a little bit of evenness to the skin.

I guess you could say Love it Alright, so next up i’m gonna go in with that concealer Like I said i’m using the omo beauty. It’s the stay woke concealer And then even with a natural look you do want to just like even everything out And uh put a little bit down the middle of the nose I’m, just going to go ahead and press this in with my fingers whenever I do a more natural look, I honestly like the look of concealer pressed in with the fingers better because it makes it look a lot more skin like yes, you lose a little bit of the coverage, but this concealer is Really nicely like has nice coverage while still being pretty lightweight is what i’m trying to say.

I love this color, too They make such good shades and they have a really nice like all of the undertone and you can use whatever you have left over to press under the cheeks I really like the look of this because it kind of see how it helps snatch the cheeks but in such A natural way because you’re not adding extra product.

You’re just kind of like tapping in the excess I already feel like a whole new woman i’m gonna take the same makeup brush that I used earlier. Oops I got so much oil on this. Oh my gosh, um, but it’s the a cosmetics um number number seven Heavenly luxe complexion perfection brush and i’m gonna take the fenty beauty cheeks out freestyle cream bronzer in zero for honey glaze We’re just gonna use this to warm up the cheeks Especially since we didn’t use like foundation, I feel like this just helps get some color on the cheeks And I don’t need to use uh, like powder or anything because I have quite dry skin But if you do have oily skin you may want to go in with a light powder All right Same foundation brush and i’m going in with the cream blush from um that same cheeks out fenty beauty collection And this is in the shade zero two petal popping just gonna place that right on the apples of the cheeks and blend backwards All right, and then for eyes i’m gonna take this fenty beauty snap shadows eyeshadow palette and this is the shade three It’s kind of like the warm Kind of like warm neutrals type of vibe and i’m going to take this bottom Right.

Yeah bottom right shade and just place a little bit On the outer corner in the shape of a wing. Um, no. Oh my gosh Wait, I forgot one step. I really like using this cream bronzer from fenty as an eyeshadow So i’ll just take the slightest amount you don’t want to use too much because sometimes it can start to crease but I just take the slightest slightest amount and add A bronzy tint to the eyes and I feel like this Really helps tie the look together just because it’s the exact same shade as like the actual bronzer that we use So pretty like this, then i’m going to go into the eyeshadow palette on an angled brush and make a small little line Right on this outer corner And this just helps shape the eyes into a more like cut eye shape and with whatever is left on the brush I’m just gonna bring it into the inner corner But I didn’t pick up any extra product because I don’t want it to be too dark whoa I don’t know what I was doing just gonna curl my lashes and then pop on a little bit of mascara, and then I didn’t have um A lip pencil that was from a black owned beauty brand but I did have the colourpop times makeup.

Shayla lip pencil Which as you guys can see i’ve almost used up and I love it like it’s such a good color and lip liner is a must like Even if it’s natural like you cannot go without lip liner lip liner is by far My most used product like I literally cannot go one day without it because it just helps shape the lips I honestly think that if I had to choose between like lip liner and concealer for the rest of my life, I would Literally choose lip liner like it’s so crazy I love lip liner so much and then i’m gonna hide a little bit of lip balm And like blend out the edges a little bit see what I was doing there.

It just makes the lips look so like juicy and luscious when you pair a lip pencil with a lip balm it just like so good for this like natural vibe actually i’m gonna take a little bit of the beauty oil and put it on my And that is actually the makeup done Super quick super easy and we get that like bronzy vibe All right.

I had to come in my kitchen because my lighting is getting crazy But as for my outfit obviously gold jewelry always I just slip my hair down to give it that like beachy vibe. I really love just One tone to create the vibe.

So when i’m doing this bronzy makeup, I love doing all nude or all tan Um or all white so I went with all new today and I wanted to do like a comfy but cute outfit This top is from forever 21 actually like a long time ago and then some nice baggy corduroy pants These ones I got actually from drew house But i’ll try to find something similar and link it down below if I can.

Um And then obviously I just paired it with my air force ones. You guys know the drill obviously Alright guys, so that is it I Hope you guys like this video make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more give this video a thumbs up if you liked it And comment down below anything you want cause I always read through my comments And also I love chatting with you guys on the live chat I don’t think i’ve ever said this in a video, but I always do premieres for my videos because I genuinely just love sitting there and chatting with you guys and i’m really happy that in this video we can kind of like Give back together.

So love you guys so much and I will see you in my next video Oh, yeah, by the way, i’m switching back to wednesdays and sundays because you guys all requested that some new video coming I don’t know when this is going up on wednesday or sunday, but new videos coming wednesdays and sundays from now on So love you guys and i’ll see you next time Bye Bye.

Bye. Bye You


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