Home Makeup Tutorials Natural Glowy Prom Makeup Tutorial for Any Dress | Roxette Arisa

Natural Glowy Prom Makeup Tutorial for Any Dress | Roxette Arisa

Natural Glowy Prom Makeup Tutorial for Any Dress | Roxette Arisa

what’s up guys today we’re going to be doing a super natural and glowy prom look and I do kind of use products that are going to last all night long and that do not inhibit flash or sorry flashback that’s what I meant to say because I know those are really important for prom night and just for special occasions in general so if you want to learn how I achieved this supernatural and glowy look just keep watching and don’t forget to subscribe before we hop right in I’m going to start with browse today which I normally don’t do but I thought it was really important to show you guys I guess products that I would choose to last all night long so the first thing I’m gonna be using is from Maybelline and it’s their brow precise micro crayon in the shade it doesn’t save a shade on it but if I remember correctly I think of either shade two or three so not the lightest and not the darkest but one of those middle ones but I’m going to start to fill in my hairs with this with just really slight strokes just to make very light natural diffused rose and you like to go in with some concealer and just clean up all the edges to make sure everything looks nice and crisp and then this part is key we’re going to use the Make Up For Ever brow gel and 00 it’s just a clear one but this brad rel i kid you not is the best brow gel I’ve ever used because it literally just blocks your brows into place and I like to brush in upward motions and this is the only brow gel that actually holds my brows up all night long so this one it’s a it’s a promise central and once your brows are cemented into place we’re going to move to primer so i’m using the smashbox photo finish hydrating primer smashbox makes tons of really awesome primers actually especially for special events when you know you’re going to get photographs because they don’t inhibit flash back at all and they make tons of different types i guess so i use the hydrating but they also have like pore minimizing and color correcting so you can really go to your needs but this one is beautiful if you really want a glowy finish then moving straight into foundation you already know doe my favorite foundation ever this is the makeup forever Ultra HD stick foundation in why 375 and I like to just apply that all over the face a pretty generous amount and then go in and buff it out with my Sigma flat kabuki s80 this is legit the best foundation i have used as far as like photography goes it leaves a dewy finish it lasts all night it is just like it kind of hits all the bullets for me so definitely a great choice for prom next up we’re going to be moving to the eyes and to really make your shadows last you definitely want to use an eye primer so I’m going to be using my kind of ride or die I primer this is max soft ochre pro longwear Paint Pot and I’m just swapping that into the eyelids with a more feet are 32 who I said that whole thing without breathing and then I was like really out at the end then for today’s look I’m going to be using the carli bybel BH Cosmetics palette and I think first I’m just going to set that primer down with this creamy beige shade over here then I’m actually going to pick up my bronzer for our transitional shade so this is too faced chocolate soleil bronzer and I’m just picking that up on the tapered blending a 35 and putting this into the crease using bronzer as a transitional shade it actually is really beautiful for more natural looks because it just looks like you know a more natural version of a transitional shade I think that was pretty obvious where I started going with that but you know I started it’s almost finish it they’re moving to the base of the eyelid I’m actually going to take this color pop shadow first so this is in the shade super hardcore and it’s from their new sand collection and I’m just going to take the exact same brush that I used for my paint pot from math and I’m going to take a little bit and place this onto the base of the eyelid I think this one is really beautiful because it just gives you a slight sheen and especially for flash photography and stuff like that i think it’s just add something really special to the eyes and we are going to set that down with this shade from the carli bybel bh cosmetics pellet this is just going to one set it into place but also again add to that Sheen that i was talking about and i do like to go in one more time with the bronzer just to make sure everything is nicely blended out into the crease now we’re not gonna be adding on a wing for this look but I am just making a small line with my smashbox always on liner in the shapes fishnet and this is really just to hide the lash band but you definitely want to have something there too like I said I’ve dilash pan then I’m just going to go ahead wow I almost like told my eyelashes out but I’m just going to go ahead and curl the lashes and then also add on some mascara and today I’m going to using this blank home grandiose mascara isn’t it so pretty I like can ever get over it whenever I use this thing okay okay when I come that is like a pretty darn good mascara I have to say but I am just going to add on some lashes because I know if I were going to prom I would definitely feel more comfortable wearing lashes just because it adds something special to the eyes like it almost complete sit in my opinion you know but honestly if you if you’re not comfortable wearing lashes then don’t you know it’s I’m not saying you have to display if I were going to prom I know that I would be so today I’m using these from kiss it’s a actually a drugstore brand and this is in the style nor when you are everyone always makes fun of me whenever say nor but yes it’s in the shade or it’s in a style more I got one lash on but i think i have to abort mission i started to pull it off of the little thing and like the middle piece legit just fell off there i think i’m going to have to go back to my said your Sienna’s i wanted something that was like a little bit whiskey but not too wispy that could still kind of be like cartels my lashes you know these are definitely a little bit more dramatic than what I was thinking but because of the loca tester julie has we’re gonna have to go back to these but these I think these will still work for the look but yeah whatever you have at home if you have something that’s just kind of wispy and long and fluttery and kind of feminine looking i think that would look best I think they should work I think there is they’ll be okay for this look honestly these lashes they can like pretty much work for any look which is why i love them but we are going to be moving rock to the face now so i’m going to use the NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade ginger today this a concealer that I would recommend for prom just because one is long wearing but it actually never creases or cakes up on me it’s very hydrating while still having that staying power that we want and once you’re done with the concealer before we are before we set that down I’m actually going to go in with a liquid highlighted this is the one that I’ve been using lately it’s the becca shimmering skin Perfector in the shade champagne pop so I’m going to just place this on the little but little but of my Beauty Blender and then put that onto the tips of the cheekbones I’ve been liking this a lot because it gives a very like lit from within kind of look which is definitely what we want for this and now it is time to set so today I’m going to be using the cover effects illuminating setting powder this will definitely help our makeup same place all day or all night i should say but it really doesn’t get cakey at all again that’s kind of what i’m going for for this look no cake enos long-wearing but no flash back as well now for contour today i’m going to be digging into the AVH contour kit which i haven’t used in ages but i’m going to be taking this middle shade down here on a more fiemme 523 and just kind of sculpting out the cheekbones you don’t want to do too harsh for this because I still do want to keep it natural but we do still want a little bit of definition because it is prom night once you’re done sculpting we can move straight into bronzer and I’m going to be using too faced chocolate soleil the same thing that I put into the crease and just taking this first on a mac 217 brush to further scoped out the face but also add some warmth into it and this helps to blend out that contour in case it was a little too harsh sorry did I say this was a 217 i missed it with a 168 but then I also been with a fluffier brush and blend it out even more because that’s pretty much the key to making this look as natural as possible while still getting that definition is blending blending blending bronzer just really brings you back to life I love a I don’t think I could live without bronzer honestly um you know when people always ask like what would you take to a desert island I always say bronzer but then when I think about it more I would probably get more tan so then I would probably take concealer so honestly I would try to you know be smuggling in my concealer and my brother because those who are like those are key so anyway now that I’ve been very distracted we are what are we going to do next we’re going to finish off that lower lash line so actually still taking that same bronzer I’m just going to place a little bit underneath the lashes on a sigma blending eat when t5 and of course adding on some lower lash mascara now for blush I think that I’m going to go with a pink blush because eyes are so neutral I’m you could definitely switch it up depending on you know your skin tone or what you think suits you but I think that pink is pretty universally flattering but even more so than that I feel like it really pulled together a natural prom makeup look so I’m first going to before we go into the pink blush i’m going to use this orange blush from Anastasia Beverly Hills it’s called orange laurens learned but the reason I’m doing this is because one blush is actually the first thing to wear off through the night when you’re wearing it to a orange blush layered with a pink blush is really going to make the pink pop so that is what I’m doing it so I’m going to take this and just place this on the apples of the cheeks first now going to mac cosmetics stay pretty blush i’m just going to top that off and kind of blend this one a little bit more backwards but still focusing mostly on the apples of the cheeks and then for my highlight i’m going to using a bh citrine highlighter this is really nice because it’s neutral it’s not too pink it’s not too cold it’s just right in the middle so I think it will suit any dress and also any skin tone oh we coming into it we told me I get so excited when I apply highlighter and IM applying this with my favorite brush this is the sigma f 42 throwing sand it really doesn’t make a difference what brush use and what tools you use i know a lot of people may not realize that but it really really does and this brush particularly makes highlight poppin hmm just like literally applying this everywhere today because i really want to glow so I’m even taking it on the forehead a little bit and also on the chin and we’re also use this as inner corner highlight and we’re almost done now for lips I do want to stick with this kind of pinky theme that we have going on so I’m going to be using one of my favorite lip liners of all time this is Charlotte Tilbury lip cheap in the shade of pillow talk look how small it is like I have used this bad boy up to the bone because it is so good very very long wearing as well even if you’re eating or drinking it will definitely still stay on so definitely a good option for prom I know this is a little bit pricey but honestly I do you think this is worth it i would tell you guys if it wasn’t worth it and this definitely is and you don’t want to over draw too much because we are doing a glossy lip today / dryer works well when you’re doing mats but when you’re doing glossy and you have the problem of it you know possibly coming off in between or during the night i definitely wouldn’t recommend / drawing too much but we are going to be filling in the middle part with mac cosmetics cream sheen lipstick in the shade appears N and last but not least you want to top the lip look off with something sort of shimmery like a gloss with a little bit of shimmer so i’m using bare minerals far out loss and of course we got to set that down this is my new favorite me and yes are both obsessed with this stuff so this is the Make Up For Ever mystics setting spray it is so good you will thank me later honey and this is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed the video and got some info for your pro nodes have a wonderful wonderful time at prom send me pics i’m like your little mom here like big sister or something but yeah definitely tag me in pictures if you recreate this look or if you just got some info from this video or from my other prom video that i did i will be doing some more fun videos as well so if you want to leave more requests this was a highly request one more like natural glowy look for prom but if you want to leave more requests down below definitely do so because i will be doing a couple more prom looks this year and other than that i think that’s going to be it i mean yeah I’ll list all the makeup details down below in the description box as well as on my grand so if you want to follow me on instagram you know you know where to find me at Roxy Teresa and that is definitely going to be it for me now remember you are beautiful inside and out love you guys so much have a wonderful frog again and a Phoenix in by


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