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Natural Makeup Tutorial for 2020!

Natural Makeup Tutorial for 2020!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! It’s me again, Sanly, and in this video I am going to show you a make up tutorial since it has been a while since the last time I did a make up tutorial Over here I have products which I’ve been in love lately I’ve been carrying these products when traveling as well since you know how much I love minimalistic especially when traveling, I just love to pack lightly then I found this brand and I was like “wow.

..where have you been all this while :’)” because this brand has not had their individual store in Indonesia yet but they are available in all sephora stores throughout Indonesia and look at how many of their products that I have now! I haven’t even mentioned the brand yet So these products are from nudestix and they really adopt the concept of minimalism the packaging are small, but they last really long I am now wearing all nudestix products for this make up look and the theme of this look is simple but looks good on you so without further ado, let’s get into the tutorial! The first step is to prime my skin I am using nudies tinted blur stick, which I think is one of their best products Not only it preps your skin for the makeup, it also makes your skin look blurry, as if you are putting a filter on your face and they are tinted, here I am using shade medium 5 they have many shades available so you can adjust it to your skintone You can directly apply it like this, and blend it with only your finger or you can blend it with a sponge too The thing about nudestix is that you really don’t need any brush or sponge You can blend all the products just by using your finger I am done applying the tinted blur stick and you can see that my skin still looks natural like I haven’t applied anything on my face But it somehow seems smoother So now I am going to apply the next product: foundation The foundation is of course from nudestix too It is the Tinted Cover Foundation shade Nude 4 I am going to use sponge to apply it The Tinted Cover is medium average and feels light too Now to conceal and contour, I am going to use concealer pencil crayon corrector I am using shade light 3 for concealer, and shade deep 8 for the contour Nudestix actually has duo type that consists of both concealer and contour on each end so it is more practical But to me, these two products are practical enough They are in the form of pencil and easy to be carried around so they always come with me when I travel I always conceal the area under my eyes on my nose a little on my forehead and chin I also cover the soft hair near my eyebrow so it looks neater As for contouring, I contour my nose by drawing these two lines I also do it on my cheek For my nose, I am just gonna use my finger instead of sponge Blend it slowly Next I am going to use Nudies Matte All Over Face Bronzer for blush on If I am not mistaken, this is used by Kendall Jenner and it looks really good on her you will get the blush on on this side and you get the brush on the other side to apply the blush on I usually use a sponge to apply it and I usually build it up so that it does not look too much Having to remove the blush when it is too much is quite a hassle The color is bronzie, so it does look a little brownish I prefer it this way because it makes my skin look more toned as it looks somehow like contour, but it is actually blush on Next we can’t forget about eyebrow I am going to use Eyebrow Stylus Pencil and Gel in Blonde for the eyebrow This is my favourite because it has the eyebrow pencil on this side and brow gel on the other! and their brow gel is really good! I like my brow bushy, and this really holds my brow up I am using shade blond, because my hair is obviously blonde I will apply this as usual I am applying the eyebrow gel after I am done with eyebrow pencil Anyway, I forgot to tell you that Nudies All Over Face Bronzer can be applied to.

.. literally all parts of our face that’s why it is called “All Over Face” you can use it as a blush on, eyeshadow, lipstick So I am going to use this again as eyeshadow The color looks so nice and I am only blending it using my finger Next I am moving on to one of our favourite makeup products, highlighter This highlighter is one of the newest product from nudestix It is the Magnetic Nude Glimmers By the way if you visit nudestix stores or sephora stores for those living in Indonesia You will see some of nudestix products have ‘magnetic’ on the label If you are looking for products that stay on your face, you gotta try the magnetic ones from nudestix The magnetic products will set and stay on your face once they dry up I will use this in shade 99% angel I am applying it to my cheek bone I will blend it right away because this is magnetic, so once it sets it will be hard to blend I only use super tiny amount but it looks good! I also like to apply it on my chin so that it looks sharper on my cupid’s bow and my nose last but not least, of course lipstick Nudestix has so many shades for their lipstick They also have the all over face series which can be applied as lipstick I am quite confused which to apply because there are so many options But for today I am gonna use one of their newest product Nudestix Lip Glace This is similar to lip gloss The color is nude pink so it makes our lips look healthy Now this is how it looks on my lips you can of course apply more, I only applied a very thin layer it feels minty so this is the final look of my try on nudestix product I hope you enjoy the video! If you realise, I did not use powder at all Because all nudestix products are cream based But if I do this, the make up is not transferred to my face because it has set on your face If you try this look with the products that I just showed you I assure you the final look will be really good and fast too It takes like less than 10-15 mins to do the whole face makeup That’s it for my video! I miss you guys! It’s been quite long since I created a make up tutorial I will make more of videos like this You just need to comment down below what video/tutorial you’d like to see next Let me know what you think about nudestix and also comment down below what nudestix products you like the most! If you have not subscribed to my channel, please subscribe so you don’t miss any video in the future See you guys in the next video! Bye!


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